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08-03-2006, 05:40
Embark, if you will, on a 3-D technicolour scrambled egg trip down the hellhole.

Welcome to our project log.

It may be wierd and unnecessary...

but so am I.


It all started with a gecko I loved. It quickly progressed to a desire to beat Blair (Khrangar) at his own game. Warhammer, that is. So I kidnapped some Wood Elves and began torturing them... er... that is...

Calling upon all my goddess powers I breathed life into the first model, a Glade Guard Genius named Jill, after hours of painful deliberation. The deliberation was painful... I have the scars to prove it. Here then, is my first attempt ever at painting anything. I consider it an achievement.

Muah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! ...I miss that gecko.




My girlfriend is an English major who loves the works of Hunter S. Thompson, what more can I say?

More on topic, we have decided to create a project log to showcase our armies; Space Marines for me and Wood Elves for her, with a few distractions from the tediousness of white and blue on my part every now and then. I also have an Empire army themed around Witch Hunters which may pop in and out of the log every now and then.

So there you have it, the beginnings of our project log. While you may have to bear with my girlfriend's crazy rantings about seemingly nothing, at least its only in text.


08-03-2006, 05:40
Here are some pics of my first finished terminator named BoB (guess who named it?). Apparently it stands for 'Being of Brutality' but that's getting off topic again. Anyway, on to the pics.


Hideous Loon
08-03-2006, 06:35
Looks really nice-good, Khrangar, hmm? Keep-keep it up, yes.

08-03-2006, 09:27
The wood elf (Jill?) looks good for a first model .Give it a wash with thinned down brown ink(Windsor and Newton peat brown ink number 968 available and all good art stores works wonders and no Im not paid to say this but I wish I was).The paint is all in the right places (have you got extensive colouring book experience? It helps if you do.)and the pain isnt too thick which is a good thing.
The Terminator looks nice(not sure this is the right word for a genetically enhanced psychopath, but hey Im genetically enhanced and a psychopath so whos gonna argue).Some highlights on the blue and your done.
Keep the pics and the humour coming, it brightened my day.

08-03-2006, 13:22
I dig the purple lightning claws.


08-03-2006, 15:49
The wood elf (Jill?) looks good for a first model .Give it a wash with thinned down brown ink.

Yes I would agree with Deusmex, but I would recommend Chestnut Ink instead. I find that it gives a lighter, more skin toned finish then the brown ink. I use it... and I like it... so I recommend it!

As for the terminator... very nice. The only thing that 'bothers' me about him are the skulls on the lightning claws. They need something... maybe a quick and light drybrush with white to bring a bit more out of them. Also, if his name is BOB, then BOB should be on his name band on his chest!

They both look very nice! I shall watch this thread to see the progressions!

08-03-2006, 20:45
@Deusmex: The blue is highlighted, though the flash deminishes it a little, its there.

@Deusmex/kermit: Where would you recommend inking the model? Everywhere, or just on the brown areas?

08-03-2006, 20:54
I would give the flesh areas a watered down (25% ink to 75% water) chestnut ink. I will give a bit more definition to the flesh areas, like the eyes/mouth/fingers.

As for the clothing... maybe go with a brown or even a really watered down black ink. This will give the clothing a shading effect.

The bow should probably have a black in put around the hand area. This should be done after the chestnut ink has dried.

Just a few suggestions though...

09-03-2006, 06:50
Well the Windsor and Newton ink has made me kinda lazy, it will shade most colours really well, but kermit is right , use diferent inks for diferent colours.Experimentation is the key here as what we think looks good might not be to your taste.Oh and GW Flesh wash is pretty good over a white base coat,something I discovered by accident one day.
Sorry for the blue highlight thing . Flash photography does indeed make things look a little washed out.

10-03-2006, 02:34
More updates. This time with what we actually have to paint so far.

4 Assault Terminators

4 Started Marines

Lastly for me, 10 more Marines

Hopefully this won't take me too long to paint.

10-03-2006, 02:38
As for me, my army consists of a unit of Glade Guard and one of Glade Riders, plus a primed Hero-dude.

I think I spent more time arranging the archers to not be shooting each other in the head than anything else. Silly elves and their not knowing how to line up :rolleyes:


P.S. - I did ink the first model as per suggested, and it looks much better - it really did help emphasize the detail. Thanks for the advice folks.

14-03-2006, 02:02
Not much of an update, but here goes.

Painting has all but stopped the past couple days, as we, Anomaly and I, have had our time stolen by the anime that is Full Metal Alchemist. Its a great show, although it takes its toll on my 10GB a week limit for resnet. Should I go over, I lose the internet for a week! How will I survive?

More on topic, I mostly finished a tactical marine, well the quartering anyway. I am trying the one at a time technique as opposed to the assemby line, because I seem to get less fed up with white that way, which, by the way, is a pain. The dwarf also has been painted slightly more. He now has flesh that isn't black! Why do I feel the urge to start a new army just to give me something to do when not painting white? Is that good or bad?

I get tax return money back so that'll probably be spent at least partially on my Witch Hunters. An ogre or 2 or maybe some dregs, I haven't decided yet. If not, then a tactical squad or a bitz order so that I can at least take a chunk out of the $160+ of bitz I need to finish off various projects. Curse you Mordheim, for only being Mail Order.

Oh well, these two armies will look good when they're done, and will hopefully do me proud when I play them, I may have to tweek my Witch Hunters list though, but we'll see.

26-03-2006, 03:57
A swirling dance of colour removed; upon half-finishing a model, I came to realize that I was not entirely satisfied with my colour scheme. Originally I floated about 200 different ideas over the course of several weeks, only to resign myself to the ordinary for lack of painting experience. Dun dun dah!

Indecision runs rampant in the springtime - being a time of change and all. Nub-tailed squirrels running around, hiding from hawks, and scrambling for last fall's hidden treasure are not to be ignored, because they are fat and angry.

But aren't we all.

I figure if an army is looking to hide in the woods, they wouldn't be so inefficient as to have a uniform that would not be compatable with any season - or any wood for that instance. Besides, dying fabric is a process for a peaceful people - a people with time and resources to spare. Not my elves. They're busy, dammit!


Next time, I will use my fancy pants camera, because Khrangar's just doesn't capture the colours nicely enough to do justice (it affects his models more than mine...there's not much here to do justice to :P)

29-03-2006, 20:51
Well, after some time, I have finally finished the armour on my 2nd Terminator. It took some time, as white is hard to paint, but I think it came out quite well.

I can't remember if I posted anything on my tactical marines, so I'll take some pics of them as well as post them later on.


C&C Welcome.

29-03-2006, 20:58
Not so much later on as right away it would seem. Here are my tactical marines as of right now.


Warboss Garfang
29-03-2006, 23:36
Coming across quite nicely, and I totally agree with you on the white-I'm in the midst of painting the retinue of my Inquisitor, one of which is white, and he's about to get stripped AGAIN because he just won't come out right.

30-03-2006, 00:54
You make me want to make a new SM army (shame on you). The split colour scheme looks awesome.

30-03-2006, 19:49
My bitz order came in today! Now I can finish my Captain. Would someone be able to donate a 25mm round base?

30-03-2006, 22:08
@ Anomaly & Khrangar: Looking good guys.

For you Khrangar I'd suggest to overall doing a couple of additional layers of highlights on your models. They look clean and nice at the moment but I bet that you easily can make them "pop" a bit more by highlighting them a some more.

And to you Anomaly I'd suggest trying to do some (watered down) highlights on that elves clothing, maybe a brown ink wash on some of the cloth areas also could help the model to not look so 'plain'.

Interesting thread, two regular contributors... I'll keep an eye out for updates in here.


30-03-2006, 22:39
Interesting.... This is only the second thread I have seen with two people updating so often. Very nice guys! Keep going!


30-03-2006, 22:59
How would a straight Ice Blue highlight look do you think?

03-04-2006, 05:50
No pics of minis this time, but what we do have is our awesomly fantastic gaming board ala dorm room.




Tourists may note the tower of Nes-Elmo, in front of the French hills of Bescherelle and Amelie. Across the board, near the forests of Edge Shaving Cream and Dove Deodorant is the Shakespearean Hill, where Tempestuous winds blow.

Please watch your step.

07-04-2006, 22:12
Another update for me. I have finally finished my Space Marine Commander!

Here is a pic of him in comparison to ther marines.

07-04-2006, 22:12
Here are the rest of the shots of him.


11-06-2006, 03:19
And 2 months later, I'm back. I blame school and then work for the lack of updates, but I'll try to make it more of a regular occurance now that I've actually been doing some painting.

Over the past couple months I've decided on or thought of many things for the hobby. One was another space marine army, but army deminished into wanting to create just a tactical squad due to the amount of money it would cost to build another army. One thing that is set in stone, an oddly appropriate analogy, is that I am going to start a dwarf army. This is because I wanted something different than the other fantasy armies I have and I feel dwarves will give that to me. When 7th edition comes out, I can expand on my dwarves and also start a 1000pt orc and goblin army, and see how it goes from there.

One thing I have realized this past month or so is that I absolutely hate painting tanks. Of course, the first tank I ever started to paint was a land raider, which I sure didn't help. I am trading it away and have decided to get some more terminators to fill it's place.

My 2nd space marine army, the sons of guilliman, are now nearing completion. Not so much painting completion but purchasing completion, which is a step in the right direction. All I need now is the 2nd terminator squad to replace my land raider and it's done. I got a FW venerable dreadnought that I plan to paint last, since I don't want to ruin such a great model more than I already have (some of the raised edges were coming off and so I decided to remove them completely.)

I feel that I have sumed up the past little while, on my part anyway, quite well and so the next few posts will be all about pictures.

I just finished 2 of my terminators today, so I thought I would share them. The last termi is old but he's there anyway.





11-06-2006, 03:22
Here is a picture of them without flash.


I'll post some more pictures in a little while, once I get some responses and try to get a full army shot and show what all I still have to paint.

I hope you enjoy.


23-06-2006, 07:46
awesome looking army dude,are you goignto Conflict Calgary with it?

07-07-2006, 01:05
If the army was all painted I'd consider it, but as it is, it's roughly half done, not even.