View Full Version : 2,500pt Wood Elf list

22-09-2010, 06:18
Below is a build I have been toying with.

Wild Rider Highborn, Steed, Dawnspear, Tal of Prot. potion of St
Lvl 4, life, steed, Power Scroll
Branchwraith, cluster of radiants
Scout Noble, LA, XWH, Hail of Doom

20 Glade Guard, mus, std, Banner of Eternal Flame
10 Glade Guard, Mus
10 Glade Guard, Mus

12 Dryads
12 Dryads

6 Glade Riders, Mus

7 Wardancers

11 Wild riders, FC, Razor Banner


5 Waywatchers

I have 4 games in with 2 wins, a narrow loss and a crushing defeat. A couple of tactics I have worked out.

Wardancers. Yes they suck but I converted up 7 from scratch just before the new edition and they look to good to leave out. What I have found to work is I park them in woods and try to get my opponent to charge them with a ranked unit. I declare 4+ ward save and at least one should survive and look to make a 8 stubborn check. I counter charge the flank with Dryads, the ranked unit does not have steadfast due to being in the wounds.

Wildriders. I found this unit fast, hard hitting, and resilant in combat. It wil be devasted by template weapons (damn O&G and 3 rock lobbers and 2 doom divers). I suspect a good BS type shooting phase will criple this unit as well.

Lvl 4. I feel a bit unclean taking the power scroll. In fact, the Powerscroll + dwellers seems like a good idea but I win when I am buffing and healing the wildriders. Thinking about dropping the Power scroll, which should give my comp a big boost. She is not very survivable in the end.

Branchwraith. On the edge of dropping this.

Any suggestions/comments are welcome