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22-09-2010, 14:15

Finally managed to read through the 8th edition rulebook, and find some time to rethink my army a bit. A lot has changed since they have last seen sunlight in the 7th, and i would like to retool them to be competitive in 8th withouth spending too much $.

My current idea of a list:


Archmage (Lv 4, Starwood Staff) - 300


Mage ( Lv2, Dispel Scroll ) - 160

Noble ( Great Weapon, Dragon Armor, Shield, Barded Elven Steed, BSB - Banner of the World Dragon ) - 202

>>The noble is on a steed already. So even though the army has no cavalary to speak of, he will still need to be mounted.


36 Spearmen - Full Command - 349

>>Noble goes here to add killing power to the Spears. They are mostly a Tarpit unit, but a two handed lord can add quite a bit of killing power.

12 Lothern Sea Guard (Shields, Musician) - 151
>>Lv2 goes here.


14 Swordsmasters (Musician) - 216

9 Phoenix Guard (Musician, Keeper) - 153
>>Lv4 goes here.

18 White Lions (Full Command) - 300
>> Give my swordsmasters cover from shooting, and are fairly killy on their own.

5 Ellyrian Reavers ( Musician, Bow Swap ) - 102


2 Repeater Bolt Throwers - 200

2 Great Eagles - 100

I do have quite a few more models laying around, but im not sure any of them would fit well with the rest of the army. The old army used to have a stack of dragon princes, separated blocks of spearman and another stack of Swordsmasters.

The masters could be used, yes, but i dont think that 5 dragon princes have a place in 8th edition anymore. And 10 are just too expensive.

Either way, im left with a bit over 250 points, and i dont know what to add. I know the army lacks a bit of punch, but i really have no idea where this punch could come from.


22-09-2010, 14:32
Needing 625 for core you need some more dudes, I'm having success with 2x20 spears and 20 seaguard. Big units of spears are not as killy a you would think, the extra bodies mean you will be steadfast longer but they are expensive fodder.

Silver wand on any archmage you are not giving the book to in my mind, just adds that much certainty, most elves are using life on their L4 and you need a combination of spells for that to work.

Make the specials bigger, phoenix guard are hard as nails, i use them to go after the biggest enemy unit hold for a turn if you are unlucky and don't buff them with magic and then flank with something nasty. Sword masters and white lions are the punch to a foot slogging army, magic is the defense if you use Life and core fills in the headcount.

BSB on a horse means he doesn't get look out sir, i know you have the model but the box set that builds a new one isn't that expensive.

22-09-2010, 14:51
is that a 2500 point list? it just seems kind of lean. you definitely need more core just to get to 25%. i personally really like sea guard now since they can volley fire. also i like to have a lvl 2 mage with the seerstaff to give him mind razor which makes your sea guard/spear man very formidable. also, i'm not sure i'd take a unit of 9 PG's just to protect the mage. i think a unit of 5 would give him about as much protection or get rid of them all together and stick him in with some archers or something like it.

22-09-2010, 15:28
Erm... 25% of 2500 is 625, NOT 500. Oops. Back to the drawing board i guess.

Silver wand is not on because... because... because... erm.

Mindrazors on the lv2 sounds awfully nice. Dozens of S3 attacks, in units with Ld8...

How do you roll 20 spearman? 5x4?

What about Seaguard? Dont they loose a lot of shooting if they go 5x4? And 10x2 would be very awkward to move around on the battlefield - i already have a bit of trouble with my 7 frontage swordsmasters.

Anyway, remaking the list. taking all of those things into consideration. Will be up after lunch, in a couple hours i guess.

22-09-2010, 16:49
i usually run 24 sea guard/spear men 6x4

mind razored makes your spear men capable of of taking out anything.

22-09-2010, 18:40
Ok, some changes made:

Mages now running with the Lothern Sea guards.

Droped the Hero. I really want one in, but in a horse he is... weird on the list. And i will need my money to buy a few of the infantary models im lacking.

Divided the big block of spears into 2 blocks, as per suggestions. Will see how it works out. Kept the 6 frontage though as im much more confortable with 6 or 7 frontage units than 5.

Bumped phoenix guard to the original size of my 7th edition list. Hopefully they will still be able to hold stuff as well as they did in 7th. Frontage is small, but phoenix guard were never that efficient on killing - thats why i have swordsmasters and white lions.

Doubled up on white lions. Feeling that i will get more use of them if i use them hitters, like the swordsmasters than if they are used as tar pits like phoenix guard.

Still, wondering how many lv2s i will get killed trying to get occam's cast. Or xereus, might be able to have my lv2 as a suicide xereus caster depending on oposition.


Archmage (Lv 4, Starwood Staff, Silver Wand) - 310


Mage ( Lv2, Seerstaff of Saphery ) - 165


24 Spearmen (Musician, Standard) - 231

24 Spearmen (Full Command) - 241

10 Lothern Sea Guard (Shields, Musician, Master) - 145

10 Lothern Sea Guard (Shields, Musician, Master) - 145


14 Swordsmasters (Musician) - 216

15 Phoenix Guard (Musician, Standard) - 243

14 White Lions (Musician) - 216

12 White Lions (Musician) - 186

5 Ellyrian Reavers ( Musician, Bow Swap ) - 102


2 Repeater Bolt Throwers - 200

2 Great Eagles - 100

Thats 2500 points exactly.

As for what i have, im about 12 spearmen, 10 seaguard and 8 white lions short. So yeah, wallet is taking a hit too. But its about what i expected, truth be told.

Anyway, nothing is set in stone yet. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Also: Ideas for fitting a BSB on this list?

22-09-2010, 20:22
archmage is illegal, you can't have 2 arcane items on 1 mage so you'll have to drop one. also, blocks of 10 seaguard arn't that uselful in combat. you can make them 1 block of 20 or swap them out for archers and leave them as 2 small blocks. maybe even of 12 after fixing your mage. at least 1 block will have 12.

otherwise i think the list looks pretty decent.

22-09-2010, 20:47
I would;

*Drop one of the lion units and make thsoe into extra phoiniex guard
*Talismain of Saphery, forlaiths robes, Silver wand on archmage with life
*drop reavers, extra RBT. Will do more effectivly

And dont combine the seaguard. People will ignore them and they can run around, shoot stuff, protect rbt's and provide combat support.


24-09-2010, 17:21
You might want to consider a horde of 30 archers as part of your core... (30 archers and 20 seaguard will fill your 25% core for 2500 pts).

You get 25 shots at 30" range.. and just as many attacks (or more if the enemy unit is wider) as a 20 man spear/seaguard unit.

~ zilla

24-09-2010, 18:49
What about Seaguard? Dont they loose a lot of shooting if they go 5x4? And 10x2 would be very awkward to move around on the battlefield - i already have a bit of trouble with my 7 frontage swordsmasters.

Correct me if I've been interpreting it wrong, but a musician allows swift reform. So for LSG, you can start 10x2 or whatever shooting formation you like, and when you feel you could be assaulted next turn, swift reform them into a 5x4 combat formation.

Swordmasters I prefer to run under 20, usually 18 total, 6x3. I personally find 7 wide to difficult to maneuver.