View Full Version : 2400pts khemri chariot army

Konrad_Curze II
22-09-2010, 21:09
this is a list for the maelstrom tournament in december and wanted to do a chariot army cause it would look badass... so heres what i came up with, its 2400pts and no named characters. i realise that the lich priest on the casket of souls is really kinda out of place in the list but i love the model and rules so i thought sod it lol

Tomb King - 305pts
Spear of Antarhak (every would caused heals wounds)
Armour of Destiny (heavy armour and 4+ ward)
Dragonbane Gem (2+ ward against flames)

Tomb King - 290pts
Blade of Setep (ignores armour saves and breaks magic armour)
Chariot of Fire (D6+1 flaming impact hits)

Liche Priest - 325pts
Casket of Souls
Golden Ankhra (4+ ward)

Icon Bearer - 155pts
Razor Standard (armour piercing)

5 Chariots - 250pts
Full Command

5 Chariots - 250pts
Full Command

10 Chariots - 490pts
Full Command
Mirage Standard (Missiles re-roll hits and 5+ ward against other missiles)

Tomb Scorpion - 85pts

23-09-2010, 03:49
i like the concept but in practice it will prolly not work since chariots got a gigantic nerf in this ed lol

23-09-2010, 13:32
I approve of the idea, even if I doubt this will work in application. Who cares though, rock your chariot army and have a blast doing it!

One thing I will suggest is dropping the Casket of Souls. I know, I know...I'm in the same boat as you and love the model and the rules. However, this is the one army I wouldn't field it in. Your Hierophant will be out in limbo by himself unprotected and also unable to support the rest of your army. I would take your Hierophant and put him a decent sized unit of Light Horsemen to support your Chariots.

Additionally, I personally don't think it's ever a good use of points to buy champions for Chariot units. However, they do have a rule that separates them from taking carry over damage in combat. I haven't experimented with them too much, but I'm sure there's a way to use that to your advantage with the proper support from LPs.

Also, I'm not a fan of the Blade of Setep, but I rarely face heavily armored foes. In this kind of army, I would think that the Blade of Mourning might actually be of more use...if you could somehow get around that annoying mechanic called Steadfast. You need to break the units you hit fast and hard, provided your enemy isn't ItP, this is what the Blade of Mourning was made for.

You want a funny Chariot King set up? Try running the Sword of Bloodshed, Dragonhelm, Shield and the Chariot of Fire. You could also give him the Ironcurse Icon, drop the Mirage Standard, swap the Razor Standard onto the Chariot Standard Bearer and then give the Icon Bearer something else like possibly the Icon of the Sacred Eye if you want him carrying a banner or even better the Obsidian talisman that gives MR3 to your unit. This last bit is assuming that all of your characters are in your larger Chariot unit. I'd probably be more inclined to go with the Icon in this case. Most spells that you get MR against aren't likely to wipe out tons of Chariots. Your Spear King should be able to keep them in decent shape, barring crappy rolling.