View Full Version : Deamons - Break tests and BSBs

23-09-2010, 10:24

I have a unit of bloodletters.

They loose combat by 2, and have the BSB in range, I roll the two dice, they come up with 7, meaning i will loose an aditional 2 models.

7+2 resolution = 9, which is two more than leadrship 7

My questions are thusley....

1 - do i HAVE to re-roll the dice given that there is a BSB in range. (my take on the BSB wording is "may reroll")

2 - Assuming i do re roll (either by choice or not)... what if i roll higher? do i take the best of the two, or the second roll. My instinct tells me that i should use the second roll... but depending on the answer to 1... that could be a bad thing, (if i am forced to reroll, because of the bsb, they could end up loosing more models... which seems counter intuative to the intent of BSBs...)

23-09-2010, 10:30
AB trumps BRB and the wording in the AB makes me think you can re-roll if you want to. The second result however still stands. A re-roll effectively nullifies the previous result.

23-09-2010, 10:48
1. Yup, your free to choose whether you want to or not.
it says you "can" re-roll, unlike the BSB rules from the BRB where it says you just re-roll failed leadership tests.

2. You have to take the re-rolled result, even if it's worse, hence your allowed a choice to stop the BsB being a bad thing. (which I feel isn't really in the spirit of Chaos)