View Full Version : 1500 Dwarfs, to kill rats and pointy ears

The Grim
23-09-2010, 15:29
Here is a list I have prepared in order to take part in a store challenge done in Honor of the IoB box. I therefore gather most my opponents will most likely be lousy elves or scared rats, so I came up with that list, not in order to be OP but to be sure any threat from those 2 particular enemies can be dealt with directly.

General :

Shield, RoBalance, 129 pts

Basically my ward against magic, hoping for not too many mages

Thane BSB
GW MRoGromril 114 pts

Leadership safeguard


19 warriors
GW, FC 215pts
One of the three blocks, possibly the weaker, but should be able to chop down any nasty rat or elf regardless

20 Rangers (Promoted Quarrellers)
M 265 pts
Spiky DeathStar (sigh) bad to stay too close, worse to stay to far, beware of stand and shoot


20 Hammerers
FC 300pts
Biggest hammer unit (who would have guessed) they're here to clean the annoying stuff that doesn't hit too hard

1 Canon
RoForge, RoBurning 130 pts
The guy is here to kill big things (namely griphons, abom etc.) and things that can regen

1 Grudge Thrower 155 pts
2xRoPen RoAccuracy
Elf/Skaven smoothie maker

5 Miners
Naked 55 pts
Mainly there for the joke or in order to have a little paranoia develop in the back of the mind of the opponent, I heard they could actually do something so I wanted to try them out.


1 Organ Gun 120 pts
Since there will be reavers... and maybe fast rats

Anyway, looking forward to hearing any opinion, basic tactic being that, given we have two (very) fast armies, wait and axe the remains that might reach melee.


The Grim

26-09-2010, 01:37
well, i'm a novice, but it occurs to me that your miners are rather useless against rats. But then again, i havent' been able to play that much. It seems to me that the loss of only two dwarves is going to send them fleeing. I would add at least 3 more, and see how that works. Take it with a grain of salt.

26-09-2010, 04:57
I think the miners might prove useful- but only if the skaven player brings some Jezzails or Warp lightning cannon-

26-09-2010, 16:33
I think the miners might prove useful- but only if the skaven player brings some Jezzails or Warp lightning cannon-

True, but he could make them more useful if he included more. That way, he could fight the empire, and use them for harassment against siege machines.