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08-03-2006, 12:15
Hi, I always liked threads with short stories of worst/best/funniest/etc so I thought I would start a new one =) This is just for fun and to share some embarassing moments in the 40k hobby. I start off with a few of my big mistakes, hope you think they are funny!

First off, I once watched a game where my friend was playing his Dark Angels. One of his sarges had done something amazing, dont remember what, and I was going to refer to him to another friend that was not playing. So I pointed at the model saying "that one there, that looks like a roasted peanut". It was a sarge with bare head you know! I didn't think the DA player heard what I said, so I just walked away unknowingly of what would happen. They now furious DA guy snapped off the sarges head, a helmeted head from another marine and glued it in place. He then bad-mouthed me for weeks and refused to play me as I appereantly was the worst a$$hole on the planet. Think before you talk would be the lesson here =) (I once saw a peanut in his bitbox, wonder if it was the sarge)

Second, I started a DIY SM chapter, with lots of conversions. Most of the time I paint in dark colours, so I went a bit on a experiment spree. This resulted in my chapter having pink and purple in their paint scheme. I thought they looked grim-ish, but they are now forever known as the "Angels of Questionable Sexuality" because of this. They call my master Rainbow =( I gotta post some pics of these... After first time bringing them to a game a friend wrote in a text message on the phone "Angels of Questionable Sexuality: Defending your right to love since 35396" Forcing myself to be positive, it is so much more fun to win a game with these =)

Third, started converting lots of slaanesh models from witch elves, wyches and some other eldar stuff. Did maybe 10 or so models with greenstuff, weapon swaps, etc. Proceeded to buy like 60 more models and started converting. It only took a little while and I was totally sick of sawing metal, so now I have around 70 metal models that are too random/broken/half-converted/half-painted to be resold at any value, and too far away of actually being an army. Great use of money and time, really. *heat rising, skin turning red, grinding teeth, blood vessels on head becoming visible* I guess the fun part was planning and doing something new, making 70 almost identical conversions of 1,5h+ was not.

Last, I went to a tournament. After the first day I stayed up far too late (with help from a friend called Beer), but somehow I managed to get up in time and by a miracle I was on the tournament place 20mins before the games started. I thought I could rest a quickie on a bench at the tournament right beside the game tables. As you can guess, I fell asleep and slept for roughly 1,5h into the first game time, and ofcourse missed it completely. The other nerds at the tournament appearantly were afraid of poking me while I was asleep.

Long post, please continue if you have any =)

10-03-2006, 21:18
How about starting a small fight of 1500 points each. SW vs Eldar. I forgot to bring out a complete unit choice an put it on the table. In fact they never made it out of my models box. Went thru the whole game and on the last turn I noticed that I was missing a unit. I had left my Longfangs and their Razor back in the box.

Worse thing for my opponent was, I won. Even after giving him the victory points for my blunder!. Gotta love the 2nd Ed Cheese Puppies!!!

10-03-2006, 21:42
I once played about 4 months worth of pick up games once or twice a week with an imperial guard list that was 200 points less than what I thought it was.

10-03-2006, 21:59
I made a 3000 points battle and got my a*** handed to me on a plate.

When I totalled up the victory points (every unit was wiped out by turn 4) I found that there was only 2000ish points in my army.

10-03-2006, 22:00
I suffered from a real inability to get an ork list to add up to the same number twice back at the start of 3rd ed.

I generally end up forgetting units (bikes and buggies, for some reason, always make an escape from my box before the game).

But I think the worst mistake was the imperial fist army painted bright *******' yellow. Hence where born the "custard marines". After much poking of fun, they all got painted black, becoming the Revenants. . .

10-03-2006, 22:33
I don't know how I managed it, but I went 2 years firing my Defiler with the small blast marker... I wondered why it cost so many points, until it was finally pointed out to me...

10-03-2006, 23:26
Well i played With a S6 AP3 Starcannon for two years before someone pointed it out that it was acctually AP2 :angel:

10-03-2006, 23:30
I am the worst with reserves... I can't seem to remember them while in the heat of a game. My mistake!

Oh, on a different note... I have glued my wife to a havoc once... quite amusing really!

11-03-2006, 00:06
Friends Blood Angel Scout Sarge, single handedly wiping out two units of Orks and surviving a round of Combat with a Dreadnought untill a friendly Dreadnought charged it from behind in the same game (second edition).

Forever known as the dudey sargent.

11-03-2006, 00:17
Somehow got my decked out hive tyrant taken out by stormtroopers, in hand to hand no less (crys himself to sleep)! This collapsed an entire flank allowing my defeat. Seriously who would have thought?

11-03-2006, 01:26
'They're only Lasguns, and the Stealths have a 3+ save.'
*Removes Stealthsuits*

And, in the same game:
'Ok, if I deploy my Fire Warriors on top of this hill, they can probably get some rear shots, or hit the Sentinals.'
'Ok, one Fire Warrior can still hit the rear armour...'
'Never mind.'

11-03-2006, 05:18
For a while in 3rd i was using the same method as fantasy for shooting indirectly...

that is using the scatter and artiller dice....oops...

11-03-2006, 06:23
Forgetting to charge in with Furious Charge Raptors againts Assault Marines rampaging in my lines, as my Demon Prince had an opportunity to charge a Dread. The Raptors were duly punished, being wiped out by a command squad minutes later. :wtf:

Not a funny mistake, but letting a GK player fix all his own mistakes in a tournie game wasn't the best of ideas. They resulted in two Dreads getting to fire (destroying a Demolisher), and his Callidus being allowed to charge. Did it cost me the game? You bet. :mad:


tyranid warrior
11-03-2006, 07:07
i made the biggest mistake for a new tyranids player, i took necrons head on

11-03-2006, 10:49
I once with my Speed Freeks forgot to move two turns in a row. Against Nids.

11-03-2006, 12:09
Once played a 2000pt game and forgot both my hammerheads and a Pathfinder team Vs an IW army (3rd ed)

For those of you that play fanatsy.
Once forgot to deploy a unit of 16 Corsairs, and in the same game tried to use a Fen Beast to block a Cannon shot to my Knights.

11-03-2006, 12:53
Deep striking a unit of crisis suits within 18" of opanants table edge... LRC turns up and unloads terminators into unit... i lose horribly...

[got the guy back at 1000pts byt plaing a suit heavy list.. against a no LR army... it was a masacre for me this time!]

11-03-2006, 13:22
I was once watching a game that was SoB vs Space Wolves.

The Sisters player spent his turn moving his troops into places ready to strike and wipe out the SW army in assault. But he was so engrossed with killing the Wolf Scouts that had come on at his table edge that he forgot to fire the rest of his army and assault before handing the turn over :eek:

He tried to blag it so that he could get his turn back, but because he had not allowed the SW player to re do something a turn before, the SW player just smiled and shook his head.

The game ended up a draw in the end.

The Black Knight
11-03-2006, 17:16
mine was a year or so ago...

i was playing a beachead assault with foolsjourney and forgot to move my skyray for 3 turns. This dosen't seem bad but the game was four 4x3 table long and it was the only thing ihad with a markerlight :)

11-03-2006, 18:03
forgetting my rangers every turn in every game i ever played and then noticing them at the end of the game. every time i say "i put em on a better place where i can see em" but i doenst help a thing, still forgetting them.

Warp Zero
12-03-2006, 00:28
I have to tease my Tau friend about this: He made 10 Vulture Kindred Kroot conversions, painted them up ...even played them in 2 games or so. Then I finally looked up the stats and stuff in Chapter Approved after being curious about them. Had to break the bad news to him that he couldn't field them in a Tau army. Only in a Kroot Merc list.

Another friend of mine, read "Storm of Iron" and assumed that the fluff matches the game. He proceeded to paint up Iron Warriors....including several Khorne Berzerkers (because they showed up in the battle in the book). Then , when putting his army list together, couldn't find one single rule that said whether or not IW can take Khorne Berzerkers or not. I even posted a question in rules forum asking if he could and people said "no". There goes $30.00 down the drain.

When I first started playing 40k ...in like my 2nd game I think, I charged my Farseer into a Razorback thinking his Witchblade was same thing as Singing Spear , except not throwable or something stupid. When Assault phase came, I said, "hold on a sec, let me double check the witchblade stats" -- then as I read the entry I realized my mistake. Oops.

12-03-2006, 01:43
In 3rd edition, I had my Daemon Prince with no ranged weapons death or glory a Chimera. Unfortunately, under those rules, you can't use a close combat attack for death or glory. As such, my then-205 point prince was slain by a half-broken Chimera driven by what one could only imagine was a suicidal guardsman.

12-03-2006, 01:56
Once i had my ninja wraithlord (yes he's a ninja) sneak through woods for like 4 turns to get to a very well set up devestator squad. Only to bust out of the woods turn 5 and polietly forget to assualt... needless to say the ninga wraithlord didnt fair too well in the following turns exchange of lascannons fire.

Though not a mistake per say.
I had an entire 20 strong Sisters of battle squad wiped out from 21 guardians and a star cannon fireing at them.... honestly i have never before or since rolled that many 1's and 2's t'was horrible

12-03-2006, 02:14
When I first started playing 40k ...in like my 2nd game I think, I charged my Farseer into a Razorback thinking his Witchblade was same thing as Singing Spear , except not throwable or something stupid. When Assault phase came, I said, "hold on a sec, let me double check the witchblade stats" -- then as I read the entry I realized my mistake. Oops.

Err... That's what a witch blade is. Singing spear that can't be thrown and can be used one handed.

My greatest mistake was the way I started playing my eldar... Everything moving full speed ahead at the enemy!! Guardians should be played differently to Khorn Bezerkers...

tyranid warrior
12-03-2006, 02:31
ran my 600pts of nids headlong into an 800pts angels of redemption, even the scouts wiped me out

12-03-2006, 03:51
playing tau as if they were nids........just causew a gun has 18" range doesn't mean i should rush headlong towards marines to get into range......

okay it was a joke game where we all made dumbarse moves, but that was really dumb.

Not getting my tyrant into combat........

12-03-2006, 04:49
I've forgotten my Stealthsuits in forests many, many times, especially when I used to use a mainly green paintjob. Even forgot them on the table once...and they were missed entirely by the next people playing on that table.

Eventually, I noticed their absence and went hunting, finding them encamped in the forest, bitching about how command forgot them or something.

Andres von Rienholt
12-03-2006, 10:16
Everyone seems to have a "I forgot to put them on the table story." I have one too. Mine is just a lot sadder.

I forgot to put a complete IG infantry platoon on the table. All five squads and command were left in the box. I noticed my mistake on turn 3 when I realized that I had Chimera on the table with no squad. This kind of takes the cake for stupidity since I left more men then my opponent had in his army in my box.

12-03-2006, 12:56
My biggest 40k mistake...probably when i got my new FW dreadnought. I was so looking forward to getting into combat with it, i totally forgot to shoot two thousand son squads that went and got charged the next turn. Major mistake. The entire army was rolled up from one flank.


P.S. - hi, i'm new. Anyone from the Librarium online forums will know me as the same Lordofchange, but i've decided to spend some more time over here as i fancied a change of scenery. I liked the look of Warseer a lot, so i joined up!

12-03-2006, 14:32
During 2nd. Edition.

I miscommunication between me and a friend resulted in my 1000 points of Chaos taking on his 2000 points of Nids.

I kept wondering how he could get all those bugs on the table...

12-03-2006, 19:02
As a child i was trying to show off to my mates that i knew the models from WD (i'm talking 1993-4 here) any way.

Off we go to GW in manchester and i'm watching these two chaps play warhammer (not my strongest point) when i turned to one of the blokes and said "nice empire army." - i might as well asked to sleep with his mother - it was a dwarf army. OOPS! lol

I once thought a squad of tatical marines would wipe the floor against a 5 man terminator squad not knowing what lighting claws were - doh!

erm, i've done loads of silly stuff.

12-03-2006, 19:48
mine was forgetting to bring on my HQ support teams, all 5 of them, plus charging an Assault Squad with my Sentinels

12-03-2006, 20:01
When I played only Imperial Guard.. I used to forget armour saves :D

12-03-2006, 20:28
not surprising as most of the time you won't get any!!

12-03-2006, 22:09
Hi all,

Many moons ago, in one of my first games of 40k (2nd edition), I asked my opponent what a particular model was. He said it was a chaplain, so I charged. I mean, what chance does some kind of prest have against 10 trained guardmen?



Bob Hunk
13-03-2006, 09:06
In 3rd edition, I got so excited about the prospect of a Hammerhead submunitions shot against some very tightly-packed guardsmen, I skipped straight to the firing phase as soon as it was my turn, without moving anything. :cries: I didn't notice until I got to the end of my shooting phase, so would have felt bad asking to take my movement then!

13-03-2006, 19:56
1. Chanting "Anything but a one!" before rolling a shadowfield save
2. Assuming I'd make a shadowfield save against the first insta-kill hit.
3. Spending 25pts on a shadowfield with the assumption that it'd do something other than suck and die.

Just once I want to save 24 wounds... just once! "When, Lord, when? When's gonna be my time!"

13-03-2006, 21:54
I rushed to buy the land raider as soon as it came out(of course), stayed up all night painting it, put it down in its first game ever(eating up a quarter of my points), and the very first thing my opponent did was to shoot his fire prism at it and destroy it in the first turn before it had even moved.

14-03-2006, 12:54
during 2nd ed, i once tied a carnifex up for 4 turns with a scout sqaud, me and my gaming group used to allow the use of grenades in combat, and guess what one dead fex by turn 5...

i once beat 5 stealers in combat with an IG sqaud, again 2nd ed rules

14-03-2006, 13:04
Biggest 40K mistakes?

3rd edition.:rolleyes:

14-03-2006, 13:53
Just once I want to save 24 wounds... just once! "When, Lord, when? When's gonna be my time!"

Believe me, one day, those 25 points will pay off big time... ever seen 27 consecutive invulnerable saves being made for the same model? I have, and it wasn't pretty. :evilgrin:
Those wraiths opposing my Archon were never seen again... embarrassed as they were.

My worst:
- 3 1's on the first 3 saves by the shadow field (not that those 2 last 1's mattered)
- assuming DE raiders don't crash by being shot at by 1 shuriken pistol
- running away with a stubborn DA vet. sarge

14-03-2006, 15:49
My friends Warboss and Nobs assaults my Gun Drone squad ...

He caused one wound and I caused 4 .... He fled combat and my drones ran him down .....

He called it a game at that point ... it was the 2nd round ...

14-03-2006, 16:57
My Necrons stubbornly holding their ground against a deathwing army, knowing that they would fail their saves eventually. Based on the number of wounds rolled to terminators killed, he failed saves 1/18 of the time. Not a mistake, just horribly bad rolling. Of the 20 games that he and I have played, that was the only one he won.

Funniest moments include Shas'ui Sa'Cea Ko'vash Shi (the difficult victory). He faced down an Orc Warboss and won in Close Combat. Because of that, he started getting a reputation. His squad would charge other Tau opponants (but firewarriors suck in CC! Good, then you dont have an advantage, either! [Wipe]), advance and fire on marines [Wipe] and stand their ground against Tyranids. My tyranid opponant, knowing Kovash's reputation, was bound and determinded to kill him. The reputation of one model altered the course of the game as my opponant formed his battle plan around killing him. The result? Kovash's men were charged and killed, leaving only Kovash. On his initiative he struck back, killing one bug with the butt of his rifle, and fled off the board, the nids too slow to catch him. My opponant was very displeased, and demoralized for the rest of the game. ph34r teh named characters!

14-03-2006, 17:14
my friends persistance at using more than one squad of human helpers. he has about 3 squads of 6. they're terrible. i must have killed them in every single fashion possible. pieplates to laspistols.

He also hid some kroot behind a solitry bit of jungle terrain and refused to move them. they did nothing all game, afraid of being shot up due to having no armour. out of spite i dropped a pieplate on them in turn 6.

In hostage scenario out of the old tau codex, he placed his deepstriking devilfish within 6 inches of his hammerhead. it scattered, both units were wiped out. he also placed his remaining fire warriors near the objective, an ethereal, on a raised hill. of course, i roll for reserves, both my basilisk and russ turn up on the first turn. two pie plates late, two fire warriors remaining understandably legging it away. to be cruelly mown down by my sentinel in turn two.

My friend attempting the fish of fury in turn two with one devilfish, successfully reducing a squad of guardsmen to under half strength. of course, my russ, command squad, ratlings and storm troopers can see them quite clearly.
His hammerhead did something similar, moving 12inches and firing his railgun at my basilisk parked between two building corners. however, it missed. i caused a glancing hit, it crashed, a new terrain piece was born.

infact, these examples are all from this weekend...

My worst mistake was probably...hmmm...Putting my ratlings on a raised platform which i'd only half built so they didnt get a cover save. turn one saw most of them killed with sms and missile pods.

14-03-2006, 18:38
my only mistake is to play eldars :(

30-05-2006, 00:15
I was playing against eldar with my IG. I had placed a Vindicare assassin on a rocky outcropping on the objective hill. The battle goes on, adn on and on, a grav tank crashed atop the hill, and not until the end of the game, I picked up the hill and off falls a vindicare, confused looks all around and then we realised that he was standing around the whole battle wihout firing a shot. We realised he had a great vantage point and could have killed his wraithlord (who spent most of the battle standing just a few inches from the assassin.

30-05-2006, 01:21
My biggest mistake was not knowing that my opponant had Manraper on his Chaos lord (I'd never seen that particular piece of wargear being used). I killed all of his Terminator retinue then charged him with a 10 man squad of Blood claw. They all died. In one round. Lets just say that I came away from that game wiser than when I had started.


30-05-2006, 01:34
Second battle at a tournament, I start deploying and notice some well camoflaged rangers in the woods, not mine or my opponent's. Turns out that one of the first round players to play on that table had deployed two squads of five rangers and did not notice them the rest of the game, or while counting VP and Table quarters controlled. Apparently it was a close game which the Eldar lost. Six turns of not shooting and two full strength squads at the end would have changed things. Since he had not started deploying infiltrators in the new game he still hadn't noticed that he had left them.

30-05-2006, 01:38
One of the silliest things I've seen was when my Marines were playing Necrons in 3rd ed. The mission was "Cleanse" and it was 1,000 points per side.

The Necron player was scared of phasing out so hid an entire unit of about 10-12 necron warriors in the very far corner of his deployment zone behind a huge Necron terrain piece. They had no line of site whatsoever.

So my 1,000 points of Marines were acing less than 800 points of Necrons and wiped them out with ease. The hiding Necron squad did nothing for about 5 turns other than cower in fear.

Come turn 6 they actually get line of site on an empty Rhino and destroy it with their gauss weaponry.

30-05-2006, 01:39
I've made tons of mistakes - forgetting reserves, forgetting to shoot something, etc. I've had some entertaining (bad for me) situations occur.

How about charging a 5-man guard squad with a broodlord and 3 genestealers and over the course of 3 assault phases, and all my 'nids die?

Just yesterday I assaulted a monolith with genestealers, completely forgetting that rending doesn't work against it......

30-05-2006, 01:53
well this is a sad thing that will probably get many mean looks

my friend was shooting at his brother's boyz with a rocket launcher, and asked for the blast template. being the dumb ork warboss i am, i throw the template like a frisbee and nail his command squad, knocking off backpacks, heads, standards and tons of other bits...it was horrible and i was laughing the whole time, but i apologized and helped him rebuild them.

30-05-2006, 03:03
i know this is not a mistake but i needed to tell the story since it's really good:

a new gw store opened up a few years ago in our area and a friend and i spent many months hanging out and helping out a bit in the store. we kept hearing about a kid who had an unbeatable hq. and he wanted to play me since the games i had played at the store i never lost. so we played and decided to roll and see which of 6 gt scenarios we would play. well it ends up all but one of my units are in reserve. so i have a unit of grey hunters out. he has a unit of marines out. second turn comes and i get only my hq (wolf lord in termie suit and 4 bodyguard in termie suits assualt cannons, blah blah blah). i get them into a position where i can at least assault his unit in a couple of turns.

his second turn comes and he gets nearly his whole army in. i was like oh crap and he had a big grin on his face. he positions his units toward my wolf lord. my third comes i forget to roll for reserves and forget to move or do anything with the grey hunters. i go right into moving, shooting and assaulting his closest unit of marines. i mow them down before they get a chance to hit. i consolidate into another of his units. his turn comes and he gets his last unit on the board and proceeds to assault me with 2 more units. not only do i beat him but i get one of the units to run and knock a few troops out of each of the others. my turn comes and i forget everything again and go right into the combat. i see off the last 2 units losing a bodyguard and got to consolidate into another unit. he assaults with his hq squad and his last unit which was an assault squad. not only did my lord kill his lord, i actually got to strike first and kill him without him ever taking a swing at me. i managed in the end to have my lord with 1 wound left and one bodyguard left. leaving his side of the board with not one man left. it was a 1500pt. game.

i think still to this day that if i did bring the rest of my army in i would not have done so well.

30-05-2006, 04:13
in every game of 4th edd to date, i've lost at least one of my two terminator squads via deepstrikeing missadventure... seems like no matter where i chose to drop them one of the squads ALWAYS rolls it's self right smack into an enemy squad, impassible terrain or clear off the board... i've really got to make a drop pod for them one of these days :)

30-05-2006, 06:45
I once losty a 280 pont unit of Assault Marines that deep striked straight into a pack of Word Bearers.

30-05-2006, 07:59
in every game of 4th edd to date, i've lost at least one of my two terminator squads via deepstrikeing missadventure... seems like no matter where i chose to drop them one of the squads ALWAYS rolls it's self right smack into an enemy squad, impassible terrain or clear off the board... i've really got to make a drop pod for them one of these days :)

Or spend ten points on teleporter homers? :D

30-05-2006, 09:10
Or spend ten points on teleporter homers? :D

therein lies the mistake :p for some reason i always forget to add one to my list

Wolf Sgt Kirke
30-05-2006, 09:59
Biggest 40K mistakes?

3rd edition.:rolleyes:

Brilliant, Odin for emporer!

Not really a mistake but ever since the first time I played a game against Warp Spiders I am now physically incapable of not trying to hunt them down, ignoring everything else in my opponents army - needless to say I lose a lot against eldar armies:cries: !

Charging my highly expensive Wolf lord and Wolf guard on bikes into a dread only to be told that I couldn't attack his rear armour any more (the strongest weapon I had was a Frost Blade!:rolleyes: ) I compounded this by doing it twice more in the following weeks, this time with melta bombs, which I couldn't strap to a cow let alone a dread! I take power fists now!

30-05-2006, 10:37
Brilliant, Odin for emporer!

Yes, I want Odin to own a store too. ;)

It's Emperor.

30-05-2006, 10:48
A couple of times my Assault Marines or Terminators have deepstriked right off the table (damn scatterdice). One time it happened in an exhibitiongame at my local store. I started boasting that my 7 man termiesquad with 2 AC would kick the ass of anything that would dare approach them when they arrived...I rolled for deepstrike, of course end up with double 6:s and they go right off the table. All the little snotling kids that were watching didn't stop laughing the entire game:mad:

And once my friends were playing Black Legion vs. Eldar, and the chaosplayer got his Lord (2+ save) shot to death by a group of 6 unguided guardians...he did not use that Lord ever again:D

30-05-2006, 10:48
Let's see 4th edition transport rules, rending on shooting weapons and...
Ups wrong thread ;)
I can't count how many times i forget about deep striking swooping hawks.
For a funny thing shooting single opponent viper with shuriken pistols from rangers for 4+ turns to do nothing while it wiped three squads of them with it's remaining shuriken catapult.
Charging Wraithlord that hitted two last megaarmor noobs twice and rolled two 1s to wound later to be splashed by power claws.
Swooping hawk exarch hitting 22 times against 2 fenrisian wolves and not wounding even once (on 5+).
My opponent archon always dying at the hands of my avatar.
Grey Knight terminator champion charging mine wraithlord with two wounds remaining hitting twice and rolling two 6s.

Corn Berserker
30-05-2006, 18:56
Biggest mistake of Sunday's game? My opponent playing against my Daemon Hunters :D. Actually, he did keep his Archeon in a transport in line of sight of Lascannons for 3 turns....

My biggest mistake of recent times would have to be chosing to deep strike seperately (one squad came on turn 2, the next on turn 3) 2x 5 man termi squads against nids, not enough concentrated firepower to rip out 1 genestealer squad just inches away, 300 points gone in one charge a turn later. Next turn same thing happened.

Shoulda footslogged.

30-05-2006, 20:02
loosing an archon's shadowfield to razorwire

hmm, covered 10 guardsmen with a vindicator's demolisher cannon... and rolled 9 1's to wound

30-05-2006, 20:11
Biggest mistake of one of my opponents would be trying to save one of his marines by letting his chaplain take the meltahit. Ofcourse he failed his inv. save and got instantly killed. :rolleyes:

30-05-2006, 20:26
This isn't exactly a gaming mistake, but I tend to do minor stupid things in games rather than huge glaring mistakes with comedic value. Anyway, here goes. One night I was gluing together some Daemonettes, and decided to do a little conversion work. Before I knew it, I had a unit of daemonic catgirls. Although few have actually seen them, those who have will never let me live it down.

30-05-2006, 21:07
This isn't exactly a gaming mistake, but I tend to do minor stupid things in games rather than huge glaring mistakes with comedic value. Anyway, here goes. One night I was gluing together some Daemonettes, and decided to do a little conversion work. Before I knew it, I had a unit of daemonic catgirls. Although few have actually seen them, those who have will never let me live it down.

i was going to say that you should post a picture of them, but on second thought maybe we don't want to see them:D

30-05-2006, 21:39
Fielding Scourges and 20 Mandrakes in a Dark Eldar army.

31-05-2006, 11:32
Planted mines in my area (specialist game), forgot where they were and marches Gaunts squadron right into them. Only milo survived!!:cries:

31-05-2006, 23:40
Last night my brothers Nightbringer assaults my dreadnought, rolls 4 6s on the penertrating hits table and kills himself!!!

01-06-2006, 02:16
my warboss charging the rear armor of a leman russ demolisher with his power klaw and missing every single attack, all 7 of them, then when rolling for his invulnerable save next turn against a zzap gun, rolls a 1, i keep rolling even tho hes dead and end up with about 6 1's

01-06-2006, 09:11
Moving my Raider 24" so I can disembark in the following turn, promptly forgetting that the 40 or so Eldar guardians within range can actually hurt the poor transport...
Needless to say it crashed, pinned my Archon and her 6 Incubi, and in the turn after, the squad was vaporised with the Archon only having one wound left.
Though I got my payback, since the Archon and my unit of Wyches smashed into the guardians at the same time, and shredded them all over the next couple of turns.