View Full Version : Book of secrets and spell familiar

23-09-2010, 23:20
If for the sake of argument a Tzeentch sorcerer takes the book of secrets (I know it makes him a level 1 but Im playing devils advocate) and spell familair could he take the other spell from the lore he chose with the book, or have to take it from lore of tzeentch.

Also if he is turned into a level 1, does that mean he can only take 50 points of item like a level 1 normall would?

23-09-2010, 23:26
He would probably have to select a Tzeentch spell for spell familiar since it allows him one more spell from his lore. As far as the items go he is able to take whatever his allotment was ie (100 for sorc lord or 50 for hero sorc)

23-09-2010, 23:28
It is pretty vague though. It says he knows one more spell than normal, the book of secrets gives him another lore techincally. So I can see the confusion.

23-09-2010, 23:37
ok rereading the FAQ it would appear that it makes the bearer of it a level 1 caster and they only know the one spell from what i can tell. So.. a caster whom takes it would lose all other magic they knew, reduce to a level 1 caster, then the spell familiar would give them a second lore.

24-09-2010, 01:09
So we know that an Ex. or Lord taking the book and spell familar is a level 1 wizard of fire, death or shadow and knows 2 spells.

24-09-2010, 01:21
I think a better choice would be to ignore spell familiar and just take Third eye so you free up an arcane slot allowing you to take something else like power familiar.