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Deadly Cornbread
24-09-2010, 06:16
So I'm working on a 40K scenario, but each side is given 2 random missions, and as each mission is completed a side is awarded points, and a new mission is given. As well, each mission has a primary and tertiary objective, where the primary objective is easiest to do and will net 1-2 points while the tertiary mission will complicate the original mission and award additional points.

Here's an example.
Primary: Choose an enemy HQ unit, he is the target. When the target has lost it's final wound or is removed from play as a casualty, this mission is complete
Tertiary: Choose what unit will assassinate the target. If this unit causes the final wound on the target, the tertiary mission is completed.

This is simply one example, I would like there to be a variety of different missions, so as missions get completed, there is a wide variety of additional missions to keep each game different and exciting, while missions are changing on players as the game progresses.

SO basically what I'm looking for are some interesting mission ideas, no need to give rules, but a few basic premises for a mission. Something like "how about something about destroying a vehicle" would be sufficient. I look forward to some input.

Hopefully with a lot of good ideas, I can make all of this into a PDF file so people can playtest it with me and provide some feedback and comments. Which leads me to another question, I have a few scenario PDF's (Some are just adaptations from 3rd edition scenarios), where on the forums would I post experimental scenarios? So I can get some of the interweb assisting me in getting these playtested, and more importantly, providing some off beat scenarios that players could enjoy, that doesn't follow the tried and true from the BRB.

24-09-2010, 07:42
What about a mission called 'Snatch Squad' where you have to kidnap a V.I.P (primary) from the opposing side and do something 'interesting' (tertiary) with him/her?:shifty:

Or maybe a mission called 'TWOC' where you have to nick a vehicle from the opposing player for a particular reason?

Another idea for a mission is a siege situation called something like 'against all odds' where each game played is a new attempt to break the record for winning with the lowest value (points wise) force. You could each have a personal best for attack and defence.

24-09-2010, 08:49
What about a city gauntlet run? One team lines a road while the other tries to make it to the other end, points for not firing a shot at the attackers or something, lots of terrain.

I really like the idea of playing mission and objective based games, gives the regular game a bit of a twist and it gives you a chance to use units you might otherwise not consider. Keep up the food work buddy.

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Deadly Cornbread
24-09-2010, 12:43
I like these ideas, and I might build a scenario around them.

But what I'm looking to do is make a series of objectives for one scenario. So let's say I had that assassinate one, and I killed my opponents HQ, I would basically get 1 point and I'd draw a new mission, all during the same game. So basically it's a mad dash to get as man points before the game ends.

Thanks for the input though! I'm liking what I see so far.

24-09-2010, 13:28
Ah I see so you could, for lack of a better phrase, draw out your next objective "from the deck"

So for instance you would begin your game by deploying armies and getting your randomly assigned missions/objectives to complete. After you had completed said objectives you would then "draw from the deck" another mission/objective to complete and so on until the game ends?

If so you could have a myriad of objectives/missions from defending certain terrain pieces from attack to killing specific units or taking out a certain percentage of the opposing army in the next x turns.

If this is the direction you're going with this I like the idea a lot. At one point you could be trying to assassinate a HQ whilst defending a ruin or something, would make for an interesting game but you'd have to be careful to balance the difficulty of the missions with how many points you get e.g. you could have missions rated as 1,2 or 3 points depending on the difficulty.

Deadly Cornbread
24-09-2010, 14:16
exactly! And finding that balance will be tricky, but that's why I'm getting some ideas now, and then I'll have people help me playtest it and let me know how it balances out. So for instance with the assassinate, just doing the objective is 1pt, but I will also make it 2 for a MC, and 3 if it's a special character. And the tertiary mission will be selecting what unit will inflict the final wound, and that would net 1pts, but that's on top of the points you already will earn from doing it.

So as an example, I kill a Hive Tyrant with the squad I said would kill him. I'd get 2 pts since it is a MC and an additional point since the unit I declared did it, for a total of 3 points. I would then discard that mission objective, and draw a new one, and attempt to complete it. I think a scenario like this would just be wild, amd keep players on their toes.

Here's another one I dreamed up, just working on it. I forgot to mention, when this mission starts, D3+2 objectives are deployed (as per the BRB) but serve no purpose unless a player draws a mission that requires an objective.

Capture and Destroy
Primary: randomly select 1 objective on the table, this is your target. A capturing unit must be within 2" of the objective to capture it, if at the start of your following turn, the objective is not contested and still captured, the primary mission is completed. At the beginning of the next turn, the objective will detonate D6" with the following profile S4 AP-. The objective is then removed from the table.
Tertiary: Instead of randomly selecting an objective, choose an objective inside of the enemy deployment zone, this is now your target. If there are more than 1 objective in the enemy deployment zone, choose the objective furthest from your deployment zone. All rules apply as above.

A Message from the skies
When this mission is drawn, set it to the side of the table, and the player he drew it draws another. This mission can be completed by either side. Both players roll a D6, whoever scores higher gets to deploy this special objective marker. This marker may be placed anywhere except in either player's deployment zone. After placing, roll 3D6 and a scatter die and scatter the objective. If a "hit" is rolled, use the small arrow on the dice and the objective still scatters. if the objective lands on impassible terrain, or off of the board, then the player who is deploying the objective hands it to his opponent, who then deploys with the same rules as above.

A unit that moves into base contact with the marker "secures" it, a secured objective is held by a model in the unit, the owning player chooses. This unit cannot embark in a transport or deep strike (Librarian power, veil of darkness, etc). If the model holding the objective is shot down, and there are still models in his unit, the objective is simply retrieved by another model in the unit. If the model is killed in CC, then the objective is dropped, and neither side may retrieve it until one side falls back or is destroyed, the winning side "securing" the objective. If for any reason the unit securing the objective falls back, the objective is immediately dropped in the spot where the model was standing before he fell back.
Primary: At the end of the game, the player who has control of the objective has completed the mission.
Tertiary: the unit securing the objective is in their deployment zone when the game ends.

24-09-2010, 14:31
Yeah I see what you're doing now, really like the idea. What about a mission where a friendly craft gets downed in enemy territory and you have to recover it or some piece of information/crew memeber from it?

Deadly Cornbread
24-09-2010, 14:35
Yeah like a blackhawk down mission, or even the just the pilot (I have one from the Black Reach set) . I think I will do that. Just keep the ideas coming, I'm going to keep making different scenarios until I'm out of ideas, I'd say, in about 2 days I should have a PDF up that will be ready for some sort of playtesting.

24-09-2010, 17:59
We need a thread devoted to this. Ive got 15 years of homecooked scenarios Id love to share.

24-09-2010, 19:36
This is a fantastic idea. I wish I could help playtest, but I am hard-pressed to convince my buddies to play anything but table halves + annihilate.

Take a look at Dark Age Games' X-Treme Tournament rules and the objectives there. I helped develop those and they would translate well to what you are trying to do.


24-09-2010, 20:03
"Supply Run"- There are several packages/oil drums/ ammo crates on the battlefield. The teams try and recover as many as they can and secure them in a specified zone. whoever has the most wins.

24-09-2010, 20:22
Sabotage- you either have to defuse or plant a bomb?

How about a twist mission where it turns out one of your units/ characters has turned traitor and you have to choose between completing the mission, disposing of them and getting a point or 2 or missing out on the points and keeping a potentially valuable unit. You could have it so you get 1 point for completion and 2 or 3 for doing it without losing x wounds. I think throwing a few of these sort of missions in would really change a game in progress and force players to really think about whether or not to take the mission.

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24-09-2010, 20:46
Yeah like a blackhawk down mission, or even the just the pilot (I have one from the Black Reach set) . I think I will do that. Just keep the ideas coming, I'm going to keep making different scenarios until I'm out of ideas, I'd say, in about 2 days I should have a PDF up that will be ready for some sort of playtesting.I'm an amateur rules developer myself and was planning a similar idea. For the Blackhawk Down mission, it's pretty easy -- I have one set up where your most valuable vehicle that gets destroyed becomes an objective.

24-09-2010, 20:46

Ideal for spearhead missions

for this one you will need an attacker and a defender, the attackers goal will be to escort a number of vehicles from his deployment zone to the other side of the table. The defender has to destroy/immobilise these transports.

Still needs a lot of work done to make it fair but its an idea.

24-09-2010, 21:59
We need a thread devoted to this. Ive got 15 years of homecooked scenarios Id love to share.

Seconded. There should be a sticky in one of the forums or even a sub forum similar to battle reports.

Mods, what do you think?

Deadly Cornbread
24-09-2010, 22:06
Wow, I got a lot of replies! This is looking good!

@ Carlos I completely agree, I'm kind of new to posting on the forums, though I have been reading them for a while, I do have 1 PDF file for my attempt at a 3rd edition mission "blitz". I'm just not sure where to post it. Feel free to PM me for the file! We can share them, and if you like my PDf format or vice versa, maybe we can collaborate and make these look good!

@Impala Well I'll still gladly provide the results of what I make, so if you can convince someone to play, you can help out. As I said, I make PDF's, they're a bit amateur but look good enough for now. And thanks for the link, I'm looking into it now.

@Otterpot I like the idea for a stand alone scenario. I've put it in my notes for scenario ideas, so I will work on it. I can't put a timeline one on when I'll be placing missions out, but I will be working on them everynight for at least a half hour.

@ Models_bits It's a great idea, there are actually rules for it in the 3rd edition codex, and it's on my top 3 of next scenario I'm going to build. Duly noted, though.

@AstartesWarmachine I actually worked it into the random scenario chart, I'll post everything I have shortly

@Mannimarco awesome! I placed it on my list of scenarios to do.

So far so good, this has really gotten the creative juices flowing! As I mentioned, if you all would like to start helpingme, I have one custom scenario already created, but I need feedback! If you all would like to see it, just ask, and I'll get it posted!

24-09-2010, 22:50
If you'd like a hand with the PDFs let me know mate, I'm always up for a bit of design. Just PM me with a copy if you'd like to see how they'd look, I'd be more than happy to throw something together for you.

24-09-2010, 22:52
I also may or may not have had something to do with a certain popular campaign supplement kicking around here, design-wise (I live with the person who wrote it, actually).

Deadly Cornbread
24-09-2010, 22:56
Well, I just send model bits a PM, asking how to attach a PDF file to a PM, if you could help me, send me a PM and let me know. I'll be happy to send it. As I mentioned, it's just the Blitz mission I've attempted to update to 5th, so you all know what the PDF's look like.