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24-09-2010, 10:44
Hi guys,

I've recently got back into WFB after a long hiatus. Before I left I played Empire for nine years so WoC are quite the opposite way for me. I've worked out a 2000 point list which I hope will be able to do adequately against a variety of opponents.

I'd appreciate if anyone could advise me on what's good and what needs dropping, as well as suggest a few pointers on things I need that I don' currently have.

Anyway here is the list:

Sorcerer Lord: 235 pts
Level 4: 35 pts
Mark of Tzeentch: 20 pts
Disc of Tzeentch: 20 pts
Stream of Corruption: 20 pts
Conjoined Homunculus: 20 pts
Talisman of Preservation: 45 pts
Blood of Tzeentch: 30 pts
Charmed Shield: 5 pts
Biting Blade: 5 pts
Total = 435 pts

Exalted Hero: 110 pts
Battle Standard Bearer: 25 pts
Mark of Tzeentch: 10 pts
Shield: 5 pts
Book of Secrets: 25 pts
Collar of Khorne: 25 pts
Third Eye of Tzeentch: 25 pts
Total = 225pts

19 Chaos Warriors: 285 pts
(BsB goes here)
Shields: 19 pts
Full Command: 30 pts
Mark of Tzeentch: 20 pts
War Banner: 25 pts
Total = 379

18 Chaos Warriors: 270 pts
Shields: 18 pts
Halberds: 18 pts
Standard Bearer: 12 pts
Musician: 6 pts
Mark of Tzeentch: 20 pts
Banner of Rage: 35 pts
Total: 359 pts

5 Chaos Knights: 200 pts
Standard Bearer: 20 pts
Musician: 10 pts
Total: 230 pts

Chaos Chariot: 120 pts

Giant: 225 pts

Army Total = 1993 pts

I'd appreciate any advice and help you guys can give :)

Thanks in advance,


P.S. The mono-Marking is intentional, this is a themed Tzeentch army. I'd just like it to be competitive too ;)

25-09-2010, 12:08
Nobody got any pointers/comments to offer? :(

25-09-2010, 12:38
I like it :)

Personally, the only thing I'd change would be giving your Giant the Mark of Slaanesh, but I don't know where I'd find points for it.

25-09-2010, 12:39
Well i have a few... first drop talisman of preservation on you Sorc. Lord and give him third eye... you don't want to fight with him so ward against shooting is enough... As for BSB use a fellow on a chaos steed with mark of tzeentch talisman of preservation and biting blade... he will be really hard to kill drop knight and add khorne flail marauders and swap gianat with a hellcannon:)

25-09-2010, 23:42
I'd drop conjoined homunculus, the last thing you want is your Lv4 caster doing nothing for a turn through stupidity and with the new rules concerning casting dice, you should be okay without it. BAM, 20 points for a MoT on you giant, trust me you'll want it. My giant has died too often because of its lack of armour.

I wouldn't use a hellcannon unless you can use 2. I use that rule of thumb with giants too. Although they may be slated by some people, mine have dispatched a Steam Tank with ease [Stank is T10 in 8th ed!!!] on several occasions.

@Pzremcio; I've run 40 MoK mara's with MoK for a while. Whist they hit hard, they usually take enough casualties to lose combat. Steadfast does keep them there until its quarrel is dead but thats 30pts for a frenzy that is lost far too easily. Not saying they're poo, but they just aren't all they're hyped up to be.

26-09-2010, 02:17
Is MoT worth it on a Giant? As far as I know it would only give him a 6+ ward which seems a bit circumstantial, or is it worth the points nevertheless?

Hellcannons are off the menu till I have enough money to afford the damn things :p

I was thinking of bulking out my Knights to an 8 strong unit, giving them MoK and slapping an Exalted Hero on a juggernaut in there for good measure, along with a 30 strong unit of Khorne flail marauders for extra numbers and bite. This would take me to 2500 pts. Do you guys think that's safe bet for expanding?