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24-09-2010, 13:31
Forgive me if im wrong here, feel free to point out any false-ness in my statement!

Is the combo Purple Sun/13th/Dwellers from Below + Power Scroll hinged on throwing enough dice that you will roll ANY double?..Since the power scroll makes ANY double IF doesn't it?

Now a thought occured to me, isn't there a spell in one of the lores that works to the effect of making ANY double thrown a miscast? (Going on the vague memory of a BTP Notrep here..)...So aslong as you got the first turn, wouldn't you be able to counter the Purple Sun + Power scroll by doing that?

Unless I'm wrong (Which i think i am..) a Miscast means the spell doesn't go off right?

24-09-2010, 13:43
No, the spell goes off even if miscast. with the powerscroll, miscasts and irresistible force happens on any doubles on the casting dice, meaning you will get IF on 6 dice with powerscroll 98,5% of the time. Badass. :) A bit of a dirty trick though, but there's already a thread for THAT discussion.


24-09-2010, 13:46
Oh damnation!...I need the BRB lol

Thanks for the quick reply, I was beginning to think I was a tactical genius if what I thought was actually a sound strategy!!

24-09-2010, 13:47
Depends on the wording. Normally my miscast takes affect AFTER the spell goes into play. When I roll double sixes, I get IR and Miscast. The spell goes off. Takes affect. Then my mage rolls on the miscast table and sees what happens. I think the term miscast may be a bit misleading. It isn't a miscast, but an overcast. Too much power was channeled. The spell could care less about having too much power. The mage on the other hand, can't handle it and gets burnt internally from all that power going through him. Spell still goes off, but the mage is harmed.

So unless whatever spell you are referring to is worded to do what you are hoping it does, then I would say no. You increase their miscasting, but they still get the spell off just the same.

24-09-2010, 14:04
:D Wohoo! I'm finally a ninja! :D

Now i must climb the mountain to find Grandmaster Sensei ULF and begin my training... ;)


26-09-2010, 07:56
Pandemonium cast by Tzeentch WoC sorcerers, you miscast on ANY double. Which is kinda odd, according to Pandemoninum, you roll any double the spell doesn't go off with IF and you go straight to the miscast table.

Yea I never thought of this one. It says in the BRB any item that makes a Miscast like the Ring of Hotek, the Black tounge or the Pandemonium spell. You don't get IF and roll on the miscast table. The same is true for the opposite, any item that gives you IF (like teclis), makes you IF without the miscast.

This is an interesting situation, If Pandemonium is cast, and you use the power scroll, I am not sure what happens. The Power Scroll says you get IF and a Miscast. Pandemonium is just a roll on the miscast table without the IF. Pandemonium would be useless if the spell was IF as well as miscast.

26-09-2010, 08:15
I'd think pandemonium+power scroll would make any double result in IF and a roll on the table, just like a double 6.
Pandemonium would NOT be useless even so, the miscast table is not the friendliest thing to roll on, and as a chaos player I expect you'll modify any miscast rolls a bit ;)