View Full Version : New to skaven, need help with a list :)

The Black Wolf
25-09-2010, 14:36
So, im playing at max 2250 points and have written an army up that i think is good and reasonably balanced that will be most importantly fun to play with :)
Im looking for any constructive criticism and help with my build please?

Grey seer, Earthing rod, talisman of preservation and skalm 340pts
Warlord, shield, warlock-augmented weapon, armour of destiny, war litter 223pts

Chieftan, bsb, shield, armour of fortune 107pts
Warlock engineer, level 1, warp energy condenser 85pts

30 clanrats, shields, spears, musician, standard, warpfire thrower 232pts
30 clanrats, shields, spears, musician, standard, warpfire thrower 232pts
20 slaves, slings, musician 52pts
20 slaves, slings, musician 52pts
30 stomrvermin, full command, razor banner rattling gun 335pts

10 gutter runners, deathrunner, slings, poisoned attacks 192pts

doomwheel 150pts
Doomwheel. 150pts
plagueclaw catapult 100pts

2250 pts total


26-09-2010, 00:47
well, you need to loose 2 points, so i'd loose a skaven slave.

seriously, though, i would consider using a warpgrinder so that you could deliver some of the gutter runners behind enemy lines. grudge throwers and other weapons of war that can take out multiple nit at once are your worst enemy. Take them out as soon as possible.

26-09-2010, 04:15
Your thinking of nightrunners- gutter runners come on from any table edge on a 4+ starting turn 2-

I don't know if 2 units of gutter runners is necessary- seems a bit of overkill- you can wipe out all of the enemies warmachines in 1 turn- then what do your gutter runners do the rest of the game while your big blocks are in combat- I guess you could shoot into whatever units are fighting slaves but still-

To keep with the theme you could run 1 unit of gutter runners and a unit of nightrunners-

Otherwise looks like a nice synergistic list-

The Black Wolf
26-09-2010, 12:23
Thanks for the replies guys :) I'm thinking now that i might drop a unit of gutter runners in favour a second doomwheel... And then have 40 points left to play with, out at the moment and don't actually have the book, when I get home I will see what I can do... Maybe drop another few points to get maybe a poisoned wind mortar for the stormvermin...

The Black Wolf
27-09-2010, 14:41
Updated list is above on first post :) c&c is welcome and encouraged!

The Black Wolf
28-09-2010, 10:57
Does anybody have any criticism of the list? Anything I should change?
Matt :)

28-09-2010, 16:44
Some specific things first:

Lose the ratling gun.
Split the Gutter Runners into two units of 5 and lose the Deathrunner.
Lose the spears on the Clanrats.
Lose the slings on the Slaves.

More generally, without a Plague Furnace or a HPA or PCB's you are relying too heavily on your Grey Seer to deal with the enemies elite troops.

With the above changes I would further drop the Plaguepaw Catapult, the WLE and a Doomwheel for a Plague Priest on a Plague Furnace and to compliment this, I would swap the Stormvermin for a unit of Plague Monks with the Storm Banner.

This is just an example of the changes you could make.

You may also want to think about the vulnerability of your Grey Seer without a Screaming Bell.

29-09-2010, 03:05
I'm a new Skaven player, for the most part, so it might be worthwhile to take my opinions with a little grain of salt...just sayin'. But honestly, Black Wolf, I quite like the list. Love the Skalm on the Grey Seer, and along with the Talisman of Preservation he should prove to be very survivable. Definitely like it a lot.

I also like your Warlord build. I'm a big fan of the War Litter as well, and with the magic items you've got him equipped with, he should be pretty nasty. Speaking of Warlord mounts, I like all of them, to be honest. Sure, the War Litter is most likely the most widely useful and efficient, but I've been playing around with putting my Warlord on a Bonebreaker and running him with some Rat Ogres. If nothing else, it'll look cool, but I have a feeling the hitting power would be pretty solid as well. But you're right on with the War Litter, it's great.

Your Core units are looking good to me. I typically like to run my Clanrat units a little larger than 30 strong, but I think they'll probably be fine. The only thing, and this is something that's been mentioned, is the Ratling Gun on the Stormvermin. I'm not a fan of the Ratling Gun for the most part, and would definitely consider replacing it with a Poisoned Wind Mortar.

I really like the Gutter Runner deathsquad you've got going on, and am thinking of running something along the same line myself. Like Tower_Of_The_Stars mentioned, splitting them into two units of 5 might be a worthwhile idea, although I'd at least give them a shot at 10 strong.

The Rares are looking pretty good too. I'm a big fan of the Warp Lightning Cannon, and you may want to consider giving it a look, if you're looking for some high strength ranged attacks or even some variety.

Again, I do agree with Tower_Of_The_Stars in that a Plague Furnace or the dreaded Hell Pit Abomination would be a very solid addition to your army. Both of those units add some much needed heavy hitting power to the Skaven army, and while not always 100% necessary, there will come times when you really might have wished you had something capable of dishing out pain and death like those two units are capable of.