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25-09-2010, 17:01

This is what I was thinking for a WoC list based off of two battalion boxes and a chaos champion hero on foot.

exalted champion, MoT, book of secrets, collar of khorne, extra hand weapon
24 warriors of chaos, MoT, shield, standard, musician (insert hero)

20 marauders, MoK, flail, standard, musician
20 marauders, Mok, flail, standard, musician

10 warhounds
10 warhounds


Same as above but add the following:
5 chaos knights, MoK, standard
5 chaos knights, MoK, standard

Is this army any good?

25-09-2010, 19:52
The marauder units are not big enough, with only 20 they will be dying at far too quick a rate to retain their usefullness.

Warhounds are also not really worth taking anymore, losing 1 will negate thier ability to break ranks

Id drop the hounds and increase the size of the marauder units to at least 25, probably 30.

The warriors will be more effective with a magic banner. Either Rapturous, Discipline (General will be Ld9, helps with frenzy) or Rage.

Chaos knights will be be better off unmarked/Tzeentch with the banner of rage, as it gives the mounts the extra attack and more reliable frenzy, as well as the 6+ ward save

Hope this helps

25-09-2010, 20:07
warhounds are still great. They lost with 8th, but a good tactien can still have great use of the warhounds.
-first it's a 5 warhounds unit is only 30pts
-they can force out of the battle lines frenzy units (because they are force to overun pursuit)
-you can out deploy your opponent with 2 or 3 units of warhounds
-you can try to wound a sorcerer with a suicide mission
-you can try to kill some warmachines
-poursuit already fleeing unit

And all this for 30pts