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the gribbly
25-09-2010, 23:55
So its been awhile since my last post as I wanted to get some game time in with my woodies under 8th edition rules prior to any comments.

Anyway, the following is the list I have been using so far and I would appreciate any comments and/or insight you would care to give. I am having great success with the list but I am interested in any constructive feedback to possibly improve its performance. I have also posted a more detailed explanation in the wood elves tactica.
For reference, my gaming group currently includes Dwarfs, Dark Elves, Demons and Vampire Counts.
The list:

The Oak of Ages (2500 pts)

LORDS (14%)
Lifeweaver, lvl 4, Oak of Ages (folding fortress)
(With wardancers or glade guard)

HEROES (16%)
Scout noble, AHW, potion of strength, HoDA
(With waywatchers or solo)

Noble, BsB, LA, dragonhelm, AoN
(With glade guard)

Suicide-singer, deepwood sphere, dragonbane gem
(With 5 wardancers)

CORE (26%)
22 Glade Guard, std/champ, Banner of Eternal Flame
(Garrison the Oak of Ages)

10 Dryads
10 Dryads
10 Dryads

4 Treekin
4 Treekin

7 Wardancers
7 Wardancers
5 Wardancers

RARE (10%)
6 waywatchers

Great eagle
Great eagle

total- 2499

Also how do you feel about deploying a building within another terrain piece such as on a hill or within a forest? This is common for my group but how about yours?

Thanks -grib

26-09-2010, 05:27
I would say to try a treeman , maybe drop one of trhe units of treekin and turn the other to 6 then drop enough points to grab a treeman only suggestions i have.

the gribbly
26-09-2010, 16:12
Thanks gooner, i will definately roll with the treeman from time to time, although he won't be the norm for me. Just too many things can take him out in one turn with the new LoS rules and proliferation of flaming. Any other comments?