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26-09-2010, 10:28
I'm new to Warseer and just getting back into Warhammer after quite a few years away from the hobby. I've just bought a new copy of the fantasy rulebook and am currently deciding on whether to go Warriors of Chaos, Dwarf or Orcs and Goblins... I used to be a big Chaos Dwarf collector and had these guys still been available it would have been a no brainer! I'm leaning towards the bearded ones as I love the miniatures and share their passion for ale! I've mocked up a rough 2000 pt army list which I'd appreciate any advice on + views on the other two races for modelling,painting e.t.c... Gaming always came second to th painting side of things but hopefully this list will provide a challenge in a combat to....

1 Dwarf Lord with shieldbearers, + a few runes

1 Demon Slayer with Master Runer of Swiftness + 2 x Rune of Fury
(Is this legal? It says 25% of points cost allowed on Lords so can I have 2 Lord choices if they come under 500pts together? Its been a while since I collected!)

Thane - Battle Standard Bearer

Master Engineer + Handgun

18 Warriors with hand weapon with shield standard + musician

10 Rangers with crossbows + great weapons + champion

10 thunderers includes musician


29 Slayers includes giant slayer

4 Bolt Throwers, includes 3 engineers

1 Cannon + Rune


1 Gyrocopter

Plan: The points roughly work out to 2000pts depending on Runes chosen for characters but what I'm looking at doing is having 2 Bolt throwers on the left flank (the outer one entrenched + with the Master Enginer manning it). To their right is the Warrior unit with the Dwarf Lord and BsB in there for some muscle + staying power. To their right would be another 2 Bolt throwers sandwiching the cannon and to their right would be the Slayer unit with Dmon Slayer in it. On their right I was thinking the 10 thunderers who could reform if they were going to be flanked + the Gyrocopeter could set up on the left or right depending on opponent. The Scouts would be a fun element for dwarfs as they could harass where need + along with the gyrocopter slow up the advancing armies while I make pin cushions out of them. I know I only have 2 viable close combat units but one unit is a dead cert to stay til the last man + the other Hopefully shouldn't be running anywhere soon... The BsB + General should keep the war machines don't lose their cool and the Master engineer should be able to cope with Harpies/Furies e.t.c... As I said before I'm a long while out of Warhammer and this is just a draft but I'd appreciate any (constructive) comments as I like Dwarfs and think this will give me a an interesting dimension to playing..It does open me up to magic attacks a bit but the army could be tweaked.. Chaos Dwarfs were amazing as they had it all.. the balance of Dwarfs, war machines, cavalry, monsters + Black Orcs (the new plastic miniatures look awesome!) as well as magic too....Does anyone know why GW snubbed them out??