View Full Version : Alternative to Mounted Chaos Lord model for the unimaginative?

26-09-2010, 16:12
I love GW's model, but $33.00 for one mounted model? Come on, that's extreme even by their standards.

So, can someone give ideas for cobbling together a nice alternative using bits? (Explicit lists of bits welcome!)


26-09-2010, 16:38
It's because it's metal ;)

Chaos Knight conversions can work well if you want a Chaos Steed.

26-09-2010, 22:04
eyescrossed is right. The Chaos Knights are the way to go. Maybe add a cape from the marauders sprue, and play around with the head choices from the warriors and knights sprues. I own the metal lord, and honestly, the plastic knight horses look a tad better.