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26-09-2010, 17:59
Evening all. This thread will hopefully be dedicated to background/fluff ideas for armies.
so heres an idea for a Brettonian army i dreamt up:
The army will be led by Count Guy Derriuex, his son Laurent, his nephew Tristan, and a controversially knighted yeoman who saved Laurent from an ugly encounter with two waywatchers: Roland.
Guy's family estates are near to the border with Marienburg, and were awarded to the Derriuexs after the battle of Courone.
Guy has a great number of foot soldiers, almost twice that of other nobles, which he uses to capture outboud merchant ships from Marienburg.

26-09-2010, 18:36
Nobody at all?

The bearded one
26-09-2010, 19:05
Well, I am working on my Skaven army now, and it's a warlord clan with Skryre-Moulder supplements, so I am taking no grey seers, screaming bells, eshin units, pestilens or plague furnace. The clan managed to play skryre and moulder off against eachother so gets cheap support from both who try to outdo one another.

I've got a warlord on warlitter as my general, and a second warlord on rat ogre bonebreaker ( I just finished converting him by the way, he's in my blog now :D ) . The first warlord, the general, is trying to get rid of subordinate warlord #2 so put him in the most dangerous spot he could find in the army: On a big mean rat ogre in a unit of rat ogres, armed with a poisoned blade ( blade of corruption, skaven magic item ) and a patchwork armour that could fall apart ( world's edge armour, skaven magic armour ) .

26-09-2010, 19:14
Im contenplating either a nurgle based of khorne based woc army and will be creating an interesing story which ever I go for. When I get there ill pop something up :)

26-09-2010, 19:33
I run a Skryre Skaven list that got... "drafted" by a Grey Seer and a Saphery or Caledorian themed HE list. My Skaven has a bat rep thread somewhere I think... Currently writing background/expanding background for them.

26-09-2010, 19:33
I play Lizardmen, and due to their increased popularity at my local club I have been working on a way to make them more unique. So my story has evolved of a younger Slaan Mage that actually chose to travel the lands and see the glory of the Old Ones.

Momoztli-Abhi of the Southern Ind Islands is now a force of some influence. Although his original name known as Tmomoztli was hard to say for those human tongues he has become known as Momoztli-Abhi, normally called Momo-Abhi or just Momo. While the venerable Mage Priest does not directly converse with the humans his Lizardmen and some of the poplace do trade and wage war together. Although this is rare and only in dire times. The Lizardmen seem to have evolved if such a thing is possible and their coloured scales have changed over the years and are very different from their Lustrian cousins. The biggest difference has been in the diets of the Lizardmen. While almost all those creatures Tmomoztli had brought with him have adapted the Kroxigors changed. The food stuffs have made them larger in both height and bearth and they are lumbering behemoths that the Ind call Yaksharox, large inhuman beasts that stalk the forests and devour tresspassers.

The Saurus and Skinks have taken little to the change, however those Skinks who posses warlike attitudes seem to be slightly more common in the new spawnings from the pools created in the new realm.

This is my rough workings for a themed and fluffy force.

26-09-2010, 19:34
My Skaven are themed after Tzeentch.

Clan Tze'en'tch, led by Grey Seer Tiznitch. All characters are a varying form of the oft butchered Tzeentch name and the color scheme is taken from the Warhammer Online Chaos concept art. Tiznitch's Bell has a Bird-Ogre ringing it, Zintetch the Warlord is riding a Disc Warlitter and has the Wizard's Hat, and the BSB is wielding the plastic Horror's Burning Banner. :D

As far as look goes, besides Tzeentch icons and colors (pink, purple, blues, gold) all the Skaven will be albino since Skaven that are magically inclinded (grey seers) are usually light skinned/furred. They'll hail from the Eastern Kingdoms where Chen (Cult of Tzeentch) is worshiped by Cathayans and others.

26-09-2010, 20:07
nice one Bryan and Superczhunk! I think all the chopped tzeench names are a great idea :D
Im also lovin "Momo"

26-09-2010, 20:31
My recommendations - all of these would just be standard army lists with imaginative counts-as models, but the main drive I guess would be background-related;

1) Saltwater Ogres - Chubbers From The Deep
2) Ghoul Kingdom - All Ghouls, all the time
3) Faire La Revolution! - Bretonnian peasant army
4) Imperial Renegades - Warriors of Chaos, plus shirts, sans loincloths
5) Zombie Dwarfs - A Good Grudge Never Dies
6) Dark Elf Sky Pirates - Floating Black Arks, plus parrots, sans seabeasts
7) In Ashes, Oblivion - Wood Elf apocalyptic fire cult
8) The Hollow Men - undercover Daemons in one-piece manskins
9) The Golden Horde - noble Beastmen from the Southlands
10) Spiky Madboys - WoC-themed Orcs and Goblins
11) Ember Legion - horrifically-scarred, black-armoured Chaos-survivor High Elves
12) Canopy Lizardmen - treetop-dwelling Saurus vine-swingers and Skinks with wing-frills
13) Stormtrooper Vermin - militaristic, disciplined Skaven fascist army
14) Army of the Eightmother - Empire Spider-God worshippers, plus compound eyes
15) Albion Barrow Kings - Celtic Tomb Kings, about the only interesting thing you can do with TKs

Lord of Divine Slaughter
27-09-2010, 06:46
9) The Golden Horde

Wow! Sexy! :eek:

- noble Beastmen from the Southlands

Oh, bummer :p

27-09-2010, 09:56
All my armies are themed ones.

Main O&G army is Troll country themed and my warboss, Morhgoz MadSkull, was slave of Moulder clan. He was kind of pit fighter and did kill rat ogre with his bare hands. Even today, his favorite drink is Skaven Brew... Hole army has bit of chaos theme on it, with looted chaos/chaos dwarf armour and shields, tuskgors instead boars & chaos hounds as mutated wolfs...

My current skaven army is typical warlord army, with "thrustworthy" Grey Seer "councelor". This army is shiting, slowly, to its orginal, Moulder allied -thme, when I have enough money to do it... My second skaven army is going to be Skryre clan army with Technoseer leading it on the top of huge warpaccumulator-thingie (aka grey seer with screaming bell ). All monsters in the army are going to be somesort of robots, with skaven pilots, lots of warmachines...

My chaos army is based on Storm of Chaos or actually after it. Its remnants of several Khorne warbands fused together. There are cultists next to marauders, khornate knightly orders next to savage, mutated berserkers etc...

My Ogre kindoms army is Tribe of Fireguts. They live next to big volcano, have orange gutplates and warpaint. They are very religous bunch, Tyrant has that maw follower big name(?)...

27-09-2010, 10:01
See my sig for my dwarf theme.....if I ever get around to restart my dwarfs that is.

My Orcs and Goblins are based on Waaagh! Grom and my WoC are still finding their identity.

27-09-2010, 10:46
No big deal, but im bulding (and converting) an undivided WoC army, with my general sorcerer having the lore of death.
now, the big deal, is that i want the whole army to be in plastic.

27-09-2010, 10:53
Spetswalshe, you made me laugh!! Especially the Zombie Dwarfs - A good grude never dies.

Anyhoo, I too go for themed armies. To me, the only fun ones to play.
I am working on an Empire Mercenary force. Anyone who's ever played Dark Omen will know where my inspiration comes from.

Problem is, many of the Empire soldier heads are pretty... loyal Imperial Soldier heads... And I want my guys to look scruffy and, well... Mercenary...

But I will find a way! One day!

Disciple of Caliban
27-09-2010, 11:19
I run almost exclusively themed armies, my armies include:

Orions wild hunt - Basically Orion and a lot of wild riders, supported by a few very angry trees, no eternal guard, and a nice summery colour scheme. Sadly due to Orions cost these can no longer be used for 2k games, and i havent tried to write a 2.5k list so not entirely sure how they'll operate in 8th edition.

Mono Khorne Daemons - The name says it all, they're angry, and red, and soon to be supported by six of the awesome bloodcrusher models (if i could, i'd field an 18 strong horde of these guys!)

All chaos armour, all the time - This is a WoC army where everything is coated in armour, warriors, knights, juggernaughts, basically if its big scary and decked in armour its in this list. Ok, admittedly this list also includes a shaggoth but i just love that model, its not impossible that i'll model some armour on to this beast, pimp it up, and call it Kholek....

I also own a lot of high elves, but am currently unsure on how to theme them (they came from ebay because it seemed a good idea one day), the two most likely contenders are:
An army of pheonix guard (i like the metal models, once you manage to glue the halberds they look quite good, but i struggle to see how to make a remotely reasonable 2k list based on them, current thoughts are sea guard, pheonix guard and not much else).
The army of Caledor, i've a couple of units of metal dragon princes, which i'm tempted to support with a few boxes of the new plastics, and a second dragon. Throw in a few citizens of caledor and its good to game.

27-09-2010, 11:38
My bretonnian army is a crusade army. After a raid of Norscan marauders rampage the land of the Baron de Toureille he gathered his knights and launch is own personal crusade to punish the barbarian.

I also play Daemon (my first and favored army) The overlord is a Lord of Change, unlike the others Lord of Change he is black (like a toucan) this is the sign that Tzeentch punished him, he is no longer able to use the lore of Tzeentch.

I will try to translate my short stories and post them here:D

27-09-2010, 11:45
My Lizardmen are all done in desert colours. They like the sun...
I used Lord kroak to keep the desert feel.

My WoC are supposed to be Norsemen / Bearmen. I have lots of the old DoC bearmen and I use bear models for Trolls/Ogres.

My Goblins are deluded Khorne-worshippers. The forest goblins are covered in red warpaint.

As for my High Elves - Chrace. Hopefully get White Lion iconography and skins on most of the models.

27-09-2010, 12:07
I'm currently working on a Tzeentch themed army, similar to the Cabal of Egim Van Horstman. Sorceror Lord known as the Prophet who is mad and is looking into the secrets and plaques of the Old Ones/Lizardmen. He has enthralled a Slaanesh champion, known as the Puppet into doing his bidding and has taken over his warband subverting them to Tzeentch. Rest of the army is made of warriors, chosen and knights. Paint scheme wise, for those who know the Legend of Zelda game, Twilight Princess, I've gone with the colour scheme of the evil guys. Basically black all over with geometric/tribal marks in jade/turquoise, orange and pink depending on rank. Also I'm going to convert some Spawn into the screaming/howling guys from Twilight Princess. Basically with slabs/sheilds on the faces.

27-09-2010, 13:32
I'm slowly, slowy painting up my Ogre army. And I have a theme, sort of, it does not really affect how I play them, but more how I model them. Anyways, the are called The Wealtheaters. (or Wealthers, if you believe my misspelled plog. XD)
The idea is that my Tyrant, Curznack Wealtheater, has some sort of a god complex. He wants to unite all the Ogre clans, and not only them. He wants to unite the whole world under his banner. Why? He is chosen by the Maw of course! Greasus Goldtooth is just a poser. Overtyrant? HAH! Curznack is the self-proclaimed Supreme Royal Tyrant Commander of Greater Emperorhood. A truly majestic name, or at least that’s what he thinks. :D He wears a crown, to show his ”Emperorhood”. Greasus is just copying him, that idiot. He loves to feed upon royals of other races, eating them is proof that he is the better king, leader, emperor. Dwarfs are a favorite, such a wealthy race. They taste like wealth, and power. A taste which Curznack can’t get enough off. He cares only for himself, and his pet-gnoblar named Mawie. :D

The army has broken, damaged weapons and equipment. The thought behind that is that Curznack does not care about his warriors, he is after all destined to rule the world. And he will achieve it even if his minions must fight the entire Old World with their bare guts! Curznack on the other hand has relatively nice equipment, for an Ogre that is. ;D

27-09-2010, 17:10
I'm also a theme player, in fact I have a hard time writing an army list without a theme in it ...

My current, almost totally painted army is my Night Goblin horde, based on a bit of fluff I wrote (really short version : some Squig Herders got hopelessly lost, found a cave network full of mushrooms and Squigs, decided to found their own tribe in those caves, and go to Waaaagh once in a while).

I also have ideas for a Lothern High Elf force (IoB will come handy for that), and I've started a Daemonic Host of Nurgle based on a Great Unclean One and his "children" ...

Lars Porsenna
27-09-2010, 20:06
Depends on how far "themed" goes. I have a themed Night Goblins army, with only snotlings and trolls as non-NG troops. I'm also looking at starting a a Tzeentch Daemons army (I might do Khorne as well, though most of my Bloodletters are based for 40K for daemon bombs), using only Tzeentch daemons (maybe furies as well, as they are unaligned).

Most of my armies, however, are not globally themed, mainly because I want the flexibility. FREX, in one game maybe my HE expeditionary unit is fighting skaven, but in another game it is the core of a Royal (i.e. kingdom) army defending against DE raiders. I also don't go through the trouble of making fluff for any of my armies, for the same reasons.


27-09-2010, 20:18
I'm doing a cathay themed Ogre kingdoms army using Greasus Goldtooth as the Ogre "Emperor" (I based his clothing on Dong Zhuo from dynasty warriors 6, he just seemed to fit :)), Rhinox Rocket batteries, Nest of bees style leadbelchers, cathayan longsword maneaters etc...

The storyline I'm going with is: The giant meteor that would become the great maw hits the world right in the middle of ogre country, causing a massive migration of ogres to the west, across the wastes, into the mountains. But what if some of the tribes headed east into Cathay? Perhaps burning and conquering a small kingdom of their own, and eventually adopting the Cathayan culture as ogres are wont to do. Anyway, this is all non-canon of course, but I figure its possible at least, and a good basis for a themed army.

28-09-2010, 02:56
Problem is, many of the Empire soldier heads are pretty... loyal Imperial Soldier heads... And I want my guys to look scruffy and, well... Mercenary...

I've kinda done this sorta. Based an Empire army very very roughly, well very vaguely (well not at all)... on a historical mercenary called John Hawkwood White Company. I actually completely ignore history, but that was the basis of the idea of my "Red Company". There are elements of Mordini's Doomed Legion and "Band of the Red Hand" kinda inspire it.

My Pikemen and Spearmen heavily use the Bretonnian Men at arms frame. I personally think the Bret Men-At-Arms spikes kinda look more savage than the more controlled Empire Pike, so I mix and match there. Some of the legs come from the Empire milita, but I add some of the Bret metal armour in as well. I don't like the Bret "skirts", so it's all trousers. The hood / cape things need green-stuffing to still fit the arms. I like the look it brings, but it does darken the unit a lot. I've a standard bearer that uses the chain mail one which worked very well. One thing, I green stuffed any empire bodies without armour to have some, down side is it's suprising how much colour it's taken out of the army. Again the Bret heads look scruffy, and so do the milita. I wanted the feathers, so messed around there, and a few conversions (hat swaps) on heads look good. What I really wanted was guys that looked like they had looted their way across a dozen battlefields. They definately look the part.

Cavalry wise, I have to say I personally think the knights are too old fashioned for the empire look. I wanted Cromwells new model army, but ended up with something more like the Great Swords. For riders I did a mix and match of Empire Pistollers legs heads and bodies with Great swords arms. Again, I don't like the empire kinghts horses (old too static models). If money wasn't a factor I would have used the Vampire Blood Knights mounts. As it was a friend had some Chaos Marader horses, so I used them, got some more and green stuffed some armour on them. My green stuff skills on armour I have to say I'm unimpressed with. Some heads I replaced with Bret Pegasus heads. Scale wise is a bit meh. One pain was the Pistollers legs were too narrow, so I had to remove the back part of the saddle, and cut / file down the width. About 1/2 way through I stopped, as I actually realised after part way jamming one on; they looked really good 'bouncing' as though they were in full trot / canter rather than the fully seated static pose. That was a really unexpected win. It really looks very good; seriously dynamic and 'alive'. Even so, part of me would still like to either swap the horses for the Blood Knights, but another part loves the dark elf cold ones. I just think it would be a little too much.

The Pistoliers/outriders I didn't want looking like the 'noble' knights so reverted to the wfrp outriders. Used the pistoliers horses pretty much unmodified. Armour wise, there's some chain, some leather. I couldn't find any unarmoured legs at the right scale, so ended up just cleaning all the armour off which was fiddly. Hat wise, I used some of the archers furry hats; it kinda works, but ended up switching to the milita and bret heads without hats. The main difference is all are armed with crossbows as per wfrp. I haven't had a problem yet with anyone saying I can't use them as outriders... yet.

In the same theme, I use the outriders 'fast' scouts. But you've got to have sneaky right? So that was my huntsmen. I'm painfully slow at putting armies together (an average for me is a single model a week as life gets in the way), and part of me likes wood elves. I ain't doing a wood elf army an time this century, so I made them as glade guard like as possible. Unfortunately glade guard and empire human scale don't match. As such I merged bret longbow men with empire archers. Bow wise, the Bret longbows are more impressive so I've used those. I've used the arms and trench coated legs of the hunters, the leather bret archers armour (and some empire milita). This has the right attachement to use the hooded Bret heads. I've used some milita heads with green stuff to provide hoods. There is a lot of green stuff there added to give some of them cloaks and other extras. They're very very fiddly, but my 8 of them so far remove the need for me to make a wood elf army =P

I have also got some of the old Marksmen of Miragliano. Thing is they are beginning to look out of place. I could possibly start converting them a little, but to be honest I'm thinking about dropping them. Right look, but over all with the army the models just look a little out of place because of style.

To unify the whole army, all melee soliders have some sort of chest armour that is metal which is painted the same boltgun silver whatever the armour type. I made a mold for green-stuff to produce the overlapped leg armour which each model has on it's left leg. The handgunners/archers/crossbow have the various leather armours. Generically I really like the great swords 'white socks', so every one has that to a degree (some of the Empire milita have boots or torn trousers but adds to the scruffy look. This is an ultra simple conversion I've done on every model - but it really unifies all the units in the force. No self respecting looting mercernary would not have boots, so they've been added. Colour scheme, I went red tunics and black plus fours (http://www.spencers-trousers.com/plus_fours.php) (golfing trousers). I have to say with all the "scruff" the scheme is darker than I wanted.

I am a very poor painter, so most is just undercoated, as I much prefer to kit bash / convert models. I've still got a lot of units to fill in, but over all the mercenary empire army does look like a veteran mercenary unit. The only thing that looks very very much out of place are my two cannons. I really need to find a more mercenary look for them. Part of me is thinking about using the Imperial Halfling Hot Pot with a counts as rule, but for both, I just think it would be a little off. A horse field gun seems a little too modern for the army, maybe a warp-lightning cannon conversion?

Evil Hypnotist
28-09-2010, 15:56
I have always had a theme for my armies, it's much more fun than just picking a force geared specifically to win games. Hence, my Space Wolves are Logan Grimnar's personal retinue and have a larger proportion of more experienced Wolves than normal e.g. Scouts/Long Fangs/Wolf Guard.

My new WoC army is themed around a Khorne Lord who sees only those marked by Chaos as worth fighting with, hence no marauders at all. Names, history,etc is forthcoming.

Although these armies have some very powerful elements I am the first to admit they aren't very balanced at all and therefore can quite easily be over-turned if played against correctly. I don't mind though because at the end of the day losses can be more important to the "story" of your force than the wins.

28-09-2010, 16:07
i agree with evil hypnotist, i model things onto my bretts to remember fun games :D

Lord Dan
28-09-2010, 17:42
My Skaven army is led by Grey Seer Skynet of the Clan Terminator. In the not-too-distant future of the warhammer world Skynet, harnassing the inventive power of the clan Skyre warlocks, builds a massive army a robotic Skaven war machines and weapons. He comes close to taking over the world but is stopped by an alliance of good-doers led by an Elven prince. Before his army was completely annihilated, Skynet skitterleaped what was left of his army not only across a great distance but across time and into the past. Now he is here to kill the much-younger Elven prince before he grows strong enough to defeat his army in the future...

Spleen Hammer
28-09-2010, 18:55
All Zombies, all the time.


29-09-2010, 08:24
My DE force is the army of Allas Hyron, youngest of the Hyron. Having eight brothers he's never going to inherit power, so he's doing everything in his power to gain it through other means.

His father, Lord Tyrak Hyron, Vaulkau of Karond Kar has been approached by the Temple of Khaine to provide ships and manpower for a quest for some ancient artefact of Khaine in the Old World, however DE being DE, there's plenty of betrayal and backstabbing involved, so Tyrak doesn't want to go himself, instead sending Hyron, his most expendable son in his stead.

So basically my force is Allas trying to survive amongst an army of Corsairs and Khainite warriors and find a way to gain power and influence as the temple looks for this artifact. He can't simply have his father back home killed, as then he's got seven brothers to compete with for the empty throne and he has the least claim on it, so instead he's worming his way in with the Death Hags and recruiting 'allies' in his quest (as much as someone who's just as likely to bury a dagger in you as the enemy can be called allies). He's also got a Sorceress named Luhna (who was a former lover of his) backing him.

A lot of the details still need to be worked through, but that's the basics of it. I'm writing a short story about it all too :)

29-09-2010, 11:01
I've created an Alice in Wonderland Army


29-09-2010, 12:13
I always try to theme my armies, but I have yet to choose my army for 8th edition, here are some of the ideas I've come up with though:

Beastmen - Children of Autumn - Tzeentch worshipers that embrace utter change and chaos. Good, evil, anger, malice none of these things has meaning to them. Their Beastlord is beyond mad, but his strategy and tactics are not questioned. The tribes strikes are never expected, a tide of beasts simply flowing from the mists. They are the mysterious and unknowable creatures of nightmare.

Bretonnia - Armies of Westeros - A Song of Ice and Fire themed, using the colours of the different houses for the knights and the Night's Watch, the heroes would include iconic characters from the books such as Jon Snow, Robb Stark, Jaime Lannister.

Dark Elves - For Destiny - A Dreadlord obsessed with the belief he is the one prophesied to kill Malekith, every action he takes an attempt to gain the power to complete the prophecy. His wife, a powerful seer is the one to convince him of this, but she has her own agenda.

Skaven - Glimpse the Unthinkable - A clan that lives on the underground waterways, acting as ferrymen and messengers for other skaven. They have seen things beyond imagination down there. Horrible things. Hardened by the sights and battles of the undersea the clan is fierce in combat.

Vampire Counts - Four Undead Kingdoms - Four vampire siblings -The Pale King, the Spirit Witch, the Barrow Knight and the Shadow Beast- locked in eternal rivalry with each other. Each has taken a different path to power. However an enemy to one of them is an enemy to all of them.

Wood Elves - Dark Corners of the Old World - In the dark forests and misty moors of the old world live a kind of elf unknown by most, those so tied to their domain that they have lost all identity as elves, they are see themselves as no different from the dark spirits that lurk in these unsavory places.

What do you think guys? Which theme would you like to see done most?

29-09-2010, 15:24
@Ivellis : I'm quite taken with your ideas for Skaven ... always had a soft spot for the ratties (my first GW models were the first incarnation of Thanquol and Boneripper, still have them somwhere).

Bingo the Fun Monkey
29-09-2010, 17:01
When Morgit curb-stomped the former Boss of Da Goonz tribe and looted his shiny green gem, he did not realize he would be singularly blessed with the ability to fight anywhere he wished. Drunk with pride at being da new boss, Morgit's imagination took him to far away lands, leading a mighty waaagh! against filthy oomanz, gitty stunties and spiky ladz. Soon after a solid vision of his thought emerged in his tiny mind, a green mist billowed out of his recently acquired gem, engulfing the whole village. When the mist cleared, Morgit found himself and his ladz beside a quiet village south of the Middle Mountains. 3 battles later and Morgit's horde had tripled in size. However, he grew bored with da fluffy oomanz and wanted to fight something 'arder. Once again, the green gem, now worn on a ring on his right hand, emitted the same green mist and engulfed the entire horde. When the mist cleared, Waaagh! Morgit found itself west of the Grey Mountains in the lands of Bretonnia. The local Duke was caught entirely unawares. Where normally a Waaagh! of this size would be spotted long before it was a threat, this one simply appeared in the heart of his Fiefdom! The knights provided much entertainment for the burgeoning Waaagh! and soon a full scale war/pub crawl was being fought in north western Bretonnia. This hasn't limited him to fighting servants of the Lady alone, though. Morgit has rooted out Skaven infestations, Wood Elf scouting parties, raided Dwarf trade caravans and he even stomped out a minor demon incursion near Sacre Coeur.

Morgit's success has swelled him with pride (literally, he's BIG). Recently, thought of going to where Da Spiky 'Unz come from has occupied his meager imagination. For their part, Da Goonz (now called Da Mighty Goonz since Morgit took over) have never had so much fun, and will follow Morgit to the ends of the earth, and stomp into the dirt whatever they find there.

About 1/4 of my Orc Boyz have looted helmets. Either from Chaos Warriors, Bretonnian and Empire Knights. One of my Bosses is even wearing the head of a Cold One (its supposed to be a Kroxigor). Note that you still know these are Orcs because I made sure to put orcy lower jaws and noses (where appropriate) in these hacked helmets. My Warboss has a big shiny green gem on his middle finger.

In friendly campaigns, Morgit possesses Da Giant Green Gem which gives him the special rules- Catch 'Em Wiv Der Pantz Down! +1 for choosing Deployment, +1 for going first (redundant vs my usual Bretonnian adversary).

29-09-2010, 18:30
I wanted an army of big gribblies, so I am going with a Clan Moulder army. I have written a short story about the force http://www.mediafire.com/?9ss0ra3f8fke8s3 and have started painting my IoB Clanrats.

My characters are Warlord Skwirm, Chieftain Emfur and Grey Seer Chit.

The army is going to be heavily converted, and only contain Clanrats, slaves, rat swarms, giant rats, rat Ogres and Abominations.

29-09-2010, 18:43
My VC army is a Bretonnian themed army based on a Vampiric Damsel.

I'm currently building three themed High Elf armies, a Shadowlands army using just Shadow Warriors, Archers and Reaver Knights led by Alith Anar, a Caledor army using Core troops along with Dragons and Dragon Knights, and a Tiranoc Chariot army using lots of chariot and chariot mounted characters.

Da Crusha
30-09-2010, 00:27
I play chaos dwarfs so I suppose my theme is slavery. i think that it is obvious enough but maybe, I should have some tortured guys and chain gang units.

There are no chaos dwarfs

lets see what my EARTHSHAKER has to say about that!

30-09-2010, 03:13
zKotte wins the thread. Good sir, that is amazing!!!!

30-09-2010, 05:01
My main tournament army is Lustrian-themed Conquistadors from the Empire. It's been a WIP for going on fifteen years now...


17-10-2010, 01:40

My Dark Elf Army is about 6-7000 pts atm, (and will only get bigger), and I tend to either play with an all-round army with a bit of everything, or I go for themes. I did a Corsair Army (Lokhir, 3 units of 19-20 Corsairs, Bolt throwers), although the army I am currently running with is my Temple of Khaine list, as follows;

Hellebron - 350

Death Hag with Standard of Hag Graef, Rune of Khaine, Manbane - 200

Shadowblade - 300

30 Witch Elves - FC, Banner of Eternal Flame, Rune of Khaine 360

Assassin - 2HW, Rune of Khaine, Touch of Death - 151

19 Witch Elves - 190

20 Executioners - FC, Banner of Murder - 295

Assassin - 2HW, Rune of Khaine, Touch of Death - 151


The Witch Elves are used as a unit of 49 led by Hellebron and BSB with Hydra Banner in 3000+, but in this list Hellebron, BSB join the Executioners.

I played a High Elf list - Eltharion, 2 Mages, 20 Phoenix Guard, 12 SM, 40 LSG and 16 Archers - and narrowly won. The Witch assassin bagged 10 PG, 5 LSG and Eltharion (+ Stormwing), Hellebrons unit ravaged the SM, LSG and the remaining PG, and Shadowblade killed the archers and a mage, running down the last one, while the Witch Elves all died (the unit of 19 to the 12 SMs). Effectively the army is "RUN ACROSS THE BATTLEFIELD AS FAST AS MY POINTY-EARED LEGS WILL CARRY ME", followed by "HACKY-STABBY DEATH". To be brutally honest, I was helped by the fact it was meeting engagement, although my BSB didn't start and therefore saved the Executioner unit from the worst of the magic/shooting as they sat and waited for her to arrive. Oh, that and jammy, sneaky Dark Elf luck.

17-10-2010, 01:57
I do a desert themed Orcs & Goblins army, pictures can be found in the plog link in my sig, and fluff and battles can be found in the tale of Arghuz Orghid Tale link in said sig.

17-10-2010, 02:10
I have a Nurgle WOC army where the lord constantly dies and is reborn into different creatures to experience the decay of all living things. So the army has as many different creatures of chaos as I can field (I designed the list when warriors, daemons and beastmen could be taken in the same list).

My Dark Elf army is led by a Disgraced Prince of Nagarrond, and his story line has evolved itself over the years i've been playing with the army. I'm currently creating another army for my Dark Elf lord (a model that I have used for over a decade now) to go a-plundering the old world with. I'm basing the imagery of the army on the medusa. Check my sig. for progress.

I would love to see someone do a good job creating an Araby army and I'd love to convert a Cathay army (terracotta warriors animated by sorcerors, dragon men, and the Dragon Emperor just evoke so many great idea's).


17-10-2010, 04:57
I have only one real themed army and that's my HE.

I use an army made of Chracian troops with a smattering of Avelorn, Cothique, and Naggarythe troops to allow certain units to make it into my army, so basically I run a Northern Uthulan Army.

Obviously I use Korhil, which only makes some sense based on the location the army is from.

Any Mages are assumed to have been born in Chrace, and thus justify their attachment to the army.

For Core, I use Archers and Spearmen from Chrace, but my "Maiden Guard" I'm working on (HE spear lowers, heads, and arms with DE Female spear Torsos) are actually from Avelorn (They are Counts As sea guard minus Shields, which is what Maiden Guard used to be.) My Shield carrying Sea Guard are from Cothique though, as I felt that unit was more appropriate and fluffy to that province.

I converted Silver Helm legs to have WL torsos, heads, and cloaks on them and mounted them on Lions, making them Counts as Dragon Princes. My Prince is also done this way, so he is assumed to come from Chrace also.

Shadow Warriors are obviously from Naggarythe.