View Full Version : Counter Tactics to the PSoX + Power Scroll

26-09-2010, 19:35
Ok, many of us have likely read many posts about how terrible PSoX is for low I-stat armies.

Now, rather than focusing on why this combo should be banned, letís focus on game based solutions, better known as counter tactics, to this combo.

And simply telling others to play another army with a higher I-stat is not a counter tactic.

26-09-2010, 19:37
Play High... oh, wait, nevermind :3.

Seriously though, I found that spacing points out, i.e. avoiding all eggs in one basket, is usually a good idea, even before massive death spells came back to play. That, and stagger the battle line. It may hurt, but won't be a game ender then.

26-09-2010, 19:51
My copy-pasted response from the other thread:

I think this has been internet exaggerated, it takes a pretty rare combination of stuff to happen for this to wipe out an army.

However, as a Lizard player, I've found that scouts and deployment can make a huge difference in counter-acting the combo.

Since spells are rolled before deployment I know that if someone takes Death on their casters and gets PSun then I should stagger my low I deployments across a wider front and depth. This reduces the impact should they get off their first turn combo.

If they set up a wizard solo or on a flying mount I'll use one set of Chameleon skinks to block their best landing zone and a second set deployed to poison the crap out of the wizard if I get the first turn. Ogres have the option to use very cheap core scouts, I suggest they do so.

26-09-2010, 21:25
hope they get a misfire :eyebrows:

26-09-2010, 21:26
two huge things, one as listed above stagger you line, its very unlikely they will hit many things especially if your flanks are gnobblar hordes or your trappers literally make a scoop simi-circle around the mage so they cant just move around you Secondly unless your playing lists written for each other (always, always, always a bad idea) you wont see it that often. It is a smart play against low Initiative armies, however in a tournament environment or other considerations it wont be busted out. If your actually good friends with your opponents its also unlikely they want to just see both parties involved spend over an hour setting up, gabbing, setting up terrain and everything just to watch the game end on with one model moving and the magic phase.

It is horribly internet exaggerated.

26-09-2010, 21:33
For my WoC army , I do a few things that work well vs. all nasty spells.

1) I take a 4 th level Tzeentch Sorcerer with the "Third Eye of Tzeentch" ,it lets me use my opponents spells so I can cast Psun too or any other nasty spell.

2) I take "Blood of Tzeentch" to manipulate my casting rolls.

3) I take another sorcerer with the chaos item "Infernal Puppet" to manipulate the miscast table.

4) I space and stagger my units to give enough distance to make it unlikely more than one unit gets hit.