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Shadow Fall
26-09-2010, 20:24
This is a mixed guard and Imperial Fist log, readying the guard for the next TF event, Into the Maelstrom, and the guard feature alongside the Imperial fist.

The setting is a Campaign against a mixed World Eater and Iron Warriors task force (surprise surprise eh?)

They're fighting over a ice world, and both armies are comprised of majority veteran troops...

+++ 501st Shadow Regiment +++
+++ 1st Company VII Legion assisted by the 10th company+++


Shadow Trooper alongside an Imperial Fist Veteran

SF :chrome:

28-09-2010, 19:12
Interesting. I like the guardsman. Good start, love the yellow. Looking forward to more

28-09-2010, 20:14
Sounds like it could be interesting. Will be keen to see more pics.

Shadow Fall
28-09-2010, 21:02
Cheers guys, been working away on building guardsmen and repainting the legs on the following marine


I attempted weathering on his legs and it didnt work, so i had to re do them...
(the pads have been replaced since picture was taken)

and converted lasguns:



SF :chrome: