View Full Version : 2,500pts: High Elves (very rough draft)

26-09-2010, 23:33
Ok well me and a friend are buying to IOB sets and I am getting the high elves and he is getting the Skaven. I have written a very rough draft of things I want in the list, so i think I need to take things out.
Prince- 559pts
Moon Dragon-
Dragon armor
Star lance
Golden shields
ruby ring of fire
(I like this guy, but i feel like he is gonna be useless)

Noble BSB- 116pts
Dragon armor

Caradryan- 175pts
(Not sure on this guy ether)

Mage of undecided lore- 155pts
LV- 2
Power Stone

30 Sea guard, FC- 415pts

30 Sea guard, FC- 415pts
(Feel like i am missing something)

20 Phoenix guard, FC- 330pts

20 Sword masters, FC- 330pts
(I think I should chose between one or the other)

Well help would be very nice please.

30-09-2010, 15:13
;)Hi...for 8th Edition you have in my opinion spent to many points in lords & heros..drop two & beef up your blocks. Even as a lover of Dragons I think your MoonDragon riding Prince maybe in trouble...but hell a good model can do strange things!!!

Fox Of 9
30-09-2010, 15:21
drop your dragon to a griffon & the other guy your not sure about. then get two small core units to guard the flank/hold the tower other wise im loving the list

30-09-2010, 17:14
Nothing wrong spending alot of points on hero choices if you're taking a dragon. I saw a dragon/cav HE list take 2nd in the local semi finals of 'ard boyz. If it's what you want to take it can work, don't let anybody tell you it can't.

I'd drop Cad, make the core the min requirement as HE special choices are so much better (drop them down to units of 25 or something). Probably more SM's than you'll need, they're meant to flank and be a hammer after you are engaged with a seaguard unit so you can get by with 15.

ATM you don't have alot of units so you'll be out deployed often, and the list isn't very moble so you'll probably loose whatever flank the dragon isn't on. Taking a few Eagles, perhaps a unit of cav, or some chariots would make the list far stronger, run them as hammer units to control the flanks while you march your block units up center isle.

You should probably pick up some magic banners and perhaps the amulet of light on the PG or SM's. I recommend BoEF at the very least, it'd go nice on some seaguard.

Your BSB has 0 survivability. He needs some magic items to make him live, also a GW as there's no reason not to take one. Your Lord suffers from the same problem, you have to do something so they don't get targeted and die. BTW starlance isn't worth the points, you can get +2 Str just from an 8 point GW, though u did take that shield so maybe u want to keep it... Personally I'd give the BSB the Armour of Destiny and the Lord the Armour of Caledor and Vambraces of Defense, anything to give them some armour and ward saves.