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27-09-2010, 00:10
I'm trying to find a decently killy general for small points games (750, 100, 1250) and heres what I've come up with.

Bruiser - Great Weapon, Heavy Armor, Dragonhelm, Wyrdstone, Potion of Foolhardiness = 177 (In a unit of Ironguts)

5 Attacks on the charge at WS 5 Str 7, with a 4+ 5++ save. Seems decent for his points, and should hold his own against enemy characters / challenges.

I haven't tried this out yet, but I was wondering what other Ogre players have found to be a strong, cost-efficient general for low point games?


27-09-2010, 17:57
Fencers Blades are a great option for us now- since we wont be striking first at least we can get most enemies to hit us on a 5+. I would also suggest some type of a ward save- or an item which can cause the enemies to re-roll attempts to wound if they are successful- Spangleshard does this for us.

Also, the Gold sigil sword give initiative 10- so for any challenges in small games you'd be attacking first- giving you probably the best char killing ability most could take in a small game under 1000.

Gutmaw with the gild sigil would work pretty well also- kill a char, get his wounds.

Gunless Ganger
27-09-2010, 18:12
This is what I've come up with for our 1000 point games. It's based for my local games where I see huge blocks of WS 3, S4 troops. I'm hoping he will be able to grind through those blocks with some backup from a large unit of bulls. I haven't used him yet - first game is this week, so any ideas/comments also welcome.

Cathyan Longsword
Glittering scales (from BRB - enemies are -1 to hit)

So basically anything that is WS3, S3 or 4 is hitting on 6's, wounding on 6's. He's also got Init. 5 with the longsword. He fits in just barely at 250 points. :)

~ GG

28-09-2010, 03:02
The Wyrdstone gives a 5+ Ward save. Is it worth the extra 80 or so points to upgrade to tyrant? I don't want one character hogging up all the points.

That looks good Gunless Ganger, I'm just hesitant to use Mawseeker because I wont have a BSB at that level.