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27-09-2010, 00:17
Revising list, please delete thread

27-09-2010, 15:33
First of all you can only have one dispell scroll on your sham, second you do know your lord has the armed to the death rule aswell, no need for extra chopper. do you really need so much cavalry, the spiders are deadly enough on their own I would try and find points for another doom diver and a sham with sneaky staff over the wolf riders and the chariots plus you can make your units a lot more beefed up. Also if memory servers right you can always split you spiders in half and go war machine hunting with them. You've also got your lord and bsb on a mounts but no boar boys for them to ride with, possibly dismount them and make them join the blackorc unit for better protection. Set your army around the unit of black orcs and reep full benefit of increased leadership and a reroll. Also one last thing your larger unit of night goblins doesn't appear to do much drop them down to the same size as you other unit and give them bows, they can cover your orcboys and if you want to be funny wack a fanatic in each, your army becomes very tightly packed and if you use the combined minds bsb for the extra dispelled dice for the amount of units of orcs your games come down to can they shoot you to .death or beat you in combat? That is .all from my experience hope it helps.

27-09-2010, 15:58
1)there mounted for the armour save bonus!!! no other reason also the warboss was origonally a regular orc sooo thanks for pointing the double choppa mistake.

2)Spider riders are one of my flanking units and i only take wolf riders if the oponent has war machines ...

3 )Alot of my army is painted the only thing i don't have is the black orcs. and the second boar chariot, advise on how to expand is apretiated. I am planning on getting another doom diver and maybe to pump wagons for battles without wolf riders?

4)I want quell anamosity for my orc units too. hence the BSB and warboss with them.

5)I hope to have a larger more flexabile army later so i will take your advise when expanding

27-09-2010, 20:08
Don't buy Black Orcs they are not brilliant for their points, normal orcs do a better job and you can have loads of them.

Cavalry characters in infantry units will get shot.....get 'em on foot wif' da boyz.

Morks Spirit Totem is the most annoying thing in that book, that and the staff of sneaky stealin' will really crush your opponents magic phase.

Chariots suck bigtime in 8th unless you have loads.If you want to use them start a Beastman army and take 10.

27-09-2010, 22:12
I CBA TO PAINT MORE REG ORCS ARRRRRRGH plus i do have black orc leaders ... could change that though, black orc leaders and no black orcs would not look right!

I am not ever changing my leaders!!!! EVER


P.s i have battle for skill pass night gobbos i have full command in my bow know pointless, anywoo i might get some more to fill out both units ... how much biger are the regular NG's in comparison? also how many should i have in one set of spears bareing in mind i dont have an all NG army

i will keep the boar chariot i have and still use it i found it effective and it's my fav model i think i did it very well.