View Full Version : Y'sennella EverGreen's WoodElven host 2000pts

major soma
27-09-2010, 00:53
So I have now played several games with 8th edition. We've been playing with 2000 points aside. So far my army list is based around the following.

Lvl 4 Spellweaver [Lore of Life] glamourweave, elven steed =388
Noble alter, light armour,50 pts magic items= 156
15 Glade Guard fc/mb = 229
10 Glade Guard LB = 126
8 Dryad’s = 96
6 Treekin with an Elder = 410
20 Eternal Guard FC = 295
Total =705
Treeman = 285

I love my Waywatcher mini's as well as my Wardancers, Wildriders however in our playtests of the new edition I've decided they are too weak and expensive for a 2000 pt army. The Treekin are just too good to leave home they've slaughtered their way through 2000pts of Dark Elves and Warriors of Chaos :).
The Alter is there to be an annoyance and to respond to any potential weaknesses. I'm aware that most people dont like the Eternal Guard however I have had a great deal of success with them and the models are cool looking as well.

I've been thinking about dropping the Glamourweave upgrade what would be a good use of the points?