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27-09-2010, 09:56
I took the following list to a small 8 player tournament yesterday.

My opponents where WOC, Deamons of chaos and Skaven.

My list
Slann, BSB, Cupped hands, Bane head, Rumination, Mystery, Cognition, Banner of Dicipline.

Skink lv2, scroll, ironcurse icon

23 Saurus, spears, full com
22 Saurus, spears, full com

20 Temple Guard, full com, banner of flame, speed potion
6 Chameleon skinks
5 Chameleon skinks
5 Chameleon skinks

3 Salamanders

Fairly standard list for me, I dropped 2 units of skrox and a unit of normal skinks to tone down the list 400pts. Our normal game size.

My first opponent was WOC with the following list

LV4 shadow mage (got pit of shades) with 4+ ward
BSB hero with 4+ ward armour

18 Khorne warriors with 5+ ward vs shooting
18 Slaanesh warriors with flaming banner
44 Khorne marauders with GW
5 hounds
5 hounds (they both moved up but never wanted to charge anything so I won't really write about them, I did kill 1 unit in later turns)

Khorne chariot


The mission was dawn attack so the deployment was dictated by the special rules.

WOC deployment:
Khorne warriors on the left flank, center from left to right was spawn, marauders, slaanesh warriors with cannon behind them, on the right flank the khorne chariot.

Terrain on the khorne side was mostly irrelevant as they where the more aggressive attacking side and left their terrain behind as soon as possible, 1 impassable ruin was dividing the center and right flank meaning the khorne chariot was on its own.

I was really afraid of what the khorne warriors could do so I really wanted to get as far away from them as possible.

My deployment from left to right.
Left flank salamanders, center - Spear saurus, spear saurus(both units deployed as far to the right away from the khorne warriors as possible), right flank had the Temple guard unit unit.

My Chameleon skinks deployed with 2 units to the right of their khorne chariot (so if it turned to face them, I should be able to run 1 unit onto each of its flanks and avoid a charge) and the final chameleon unit next to my salamanders on my left flank to fire on the spawn.

I fail to roll a 6 so WOC gains the first turn.

His 3 blocks and the khone chariot all move forward as far as possible, luckily the khorne ones have a long way to go.

Spawn moves forward 7".

Shooting sees the hellcannon fire a direct hit onto my unit of Saurus warriors on the right flank, the one with the skink priest in it with the ironcurse icon. 10 hits, 7 wounds, 5 dead after 6+ saves and 6+ ward.

In the magic phase my opponent tries to cast a large pit of shades on 6 dice but fails to do so, I dispel the following spell with all my dice.

Lizardmen turn 1

I figure I have 2 options, I can either run forward and try to engage the slaanesh warriors and marauders in my turn (maybe turn 2) and then accept a charge from the khorne warriors in their turn, or I can move back each turn and delay the enemy charges for a turn or 2 while casting and firing blowpipes, hopefully making the units small enough for my saurus to handle.

I opt for this second startegy even though it does mean the khorne warriors bad deployment advantage will be lost.

I move my skinks on the right flank, 1 to fire at the khorne chariot, and the other to fire on the hellcannon. I manage 1 wound on each.

The last chameleon skink unit moves to 12" of the spawn to fire on it. I manage 0! wounds on the no armour save spawn.

My saurus take a step back while my TG stays put, I did not want to get too close as the khorne chariot was likely to be in charge range and the slaanesh warriors could also make it on a very large roll.

In the magic phase I cast throne of vines on 3 dice and cast it with IF, I ignore the miscast result. I then throw 7 dice at Dwellers below on the slaanesh unit with the lv4 mage, hoping to gain magic dominance! it is cast without IF but my opponent has only 4 dispel dice (I rolled 4,4) and fails to get a double 6 to dispel (I had rolled 30 so he had little chance otherwise).

Wohoo, this game is starting well.....or so I thought.
The mage manages to make its strength test, as do 17 of the 18 chaos warriors, wtf! 1 dead chaos warrior from dwellers! So much for that magic phase.

My salamanders moved up a full 12" and fired on the marauders, 3 nicely hit templates see only 15 marauders die, bad wound rolls on my part.

Ok, so 1 dwellers and 3 nice flame templates kill a whole of 1 warrior and 15 marauders... could have been better but hei its just turn 1. No worries.

Chaos turn 2

The slannesh and khorne warriors and marauders move up as far as possible. No charges this turn, He did regret not trying the charge with the marauders onto my salamanders later, they where 11" away.

Khorne chariot also moves up, they might be able to do a combined charged next turn with the slaanesh warriors and khorne chariot if both roll really high, so I am not yet worried about them too much, 1 unit is likely to fail if they try. The khorne warriors are still far enough that I don't yet have to worry about them.

In the magic phase he tries another pit of shades but with my slann negating 6s, of which he rolls 3! I manage to dispel it easily enough. The

hellcannon fails its ld test and rages, it charges with a roll of 3 and fails to make it to the skink unit on its flank.

Lizardmen turn 2:

I stick with my plan of waiting until I have brought the squads down to a more manageable size, I could have charged the chariot with my temple guard but then my generals ld bubble would be taken away from at least 1 unit of saurus if not both so I chose not to.

In my shooting phase I bring both of my skink units on the right flank to fire on the khorne chariot. I didn't want to be in LOS of the hellcannon.

My 3rd cham skink goes to fire on the spawn again. Salamanders decide to stick with the marauders.

In the magic phase I cast another awakening of the wood on the chariot dealing a wound from magic (2nd overall), I also cast regrowth to bring back the dead saurus killed by the hellcannon the turn before.

I then cast another dwellers on 7 dice on the slaanesh warriors, again the mage passes its strength test, the warriors fail 4 tests. 2 dwellers and all I have to show for it are 5 dead warriors, damn their tough!

Shooting with the skinks sees the spawn take 1 wound, the chariot saves all but 1, leaving it with 1 wound.

The salamanders fire on the marauders again and kill off another 10 or so marauders, I rolled a 2 on the first artillery dice hitting no one and the 2nd salamander ate some skinks so only 1 template hit.

Chaos turn 3:
As my units have been moving back I am still fairly far off, only really high rolls would allow his charges.

The only charges declared are the spawn onto my cham skinks, who flee and are not caught. The marauders on my salamanders, it is unlikely to make the charge but I don't want to take the chance so they flee, through 3 of my units, but with ld10 with a re-roll from my slann I am not worried, pass all tests.

The marauders roll a 6,1 so still move up 6" barely being slowed down at all. The salamanders manage to make it out from under the charge.

This will be the last turn I can avoid a charge I know.

The khorne warriors have pretty much caught up with the main line by now.

In the magic phase he manages a good 11 or so dice and throws 6 at pit of shades and and 5 on pendulum? the one that causes everyone within a line to take an init test or take S10 hits with D3 or D6 wounds each. He targeted my slann TG unit, my Slann jumps out of the way with a look out sir (I let the spell go through), 3 TG take hits and die, I dispel the Pit as usual.

The hellcannon only has line of sight to my left most saurus unit and fires on them, (it raged behind the los blocking terrain the turn before) His shot does not fire straight and is thrown 8" to the right, hitting my middle most saurus unit dead center! At least I have the ironcurse icon in that unit, I lose another 5 saurus, damn that thing is doing a lot of damage to me, need to take it out!

Lizardmen turn 3:

Ok, last turn before charges, I really need to do some damage, so far I have done some good shooting and magic but really killed nothing!

I move both skink units on the right to fire on the chariot again, I really don't want it getting into CC!

I rally my salamanders and my skinks that had been charged by the spawn.

I position my units of saurus so that it is unlikely my opponent can get a combi charge, I want each of his 3 units charging 1 each of mine.

In my magic phase I cast dwellers on the marauders, I gave up on damaging the slaanesh warriors or killing the mage, I kill about half the marauders leaving about 15 or so alive along with the BSB who passed the S test.

I cast awakening of the wood on the chariot, it takes 2 hits but no wounds even though I have TOV cast and the hits come at S6. rolled a 1 & 2 for the to wound rolls!

I also cast 4+ regen on my temple guard and +4 toughness on the left most unit of saurus that will be charged by the khorne warriors still at full strength! so glad I had 12 dice for this phase.

My first unit of chameleon skinks fires on the chariot, deals 2 wounds but both are saved!!! my final unit does 4! wounds of which 1 is failed and the chariot dies.

WOC turn 4:
The spawn charges my cham skinks who flee and are not caught.

The 18 strong khorne warrior unit charges my 23 strong saurus warriors (T8).
The marauders can't really think of anything else to do so charge my 2nd saurus unit, about 16-18 strong.

Finally the slaanesh warriors charge my temple guard. (now that I recall, he had tried to charge them the turn earlier but had failed needed a 8 roll, I had also tried to charge them on my turn needing a 6 roll but that also failed!), well at least I have my 4+ regen.

The hellcannon fires on the salamanders behind my saurus, the shot flies off and accidently hits my saurus in CC with the marauders! killing another 5 yet again, damn his thing is good. (hits even with every "bad" roll)

The magic phase sees very little happen as most of his spells don't really do much in CC, he tries to drop my TG ws but I dispel this. He is getting very little out of his magic phase. (often because he tries to cast 2 spells a turn rather than taking 1 that would actually work, or because my slanns negate 6s is just so good, he tended to roll nothing but 1s,2s, and 6s all game)

In CC the khorne warriors manage to kill 4 of my saurus despite needing 6s to wound! I fluff all my attacks and kill 1-2 warriors, the combat continues.

Against the saurus warriors the marauders do less well, I kill half the marauders leaving 5 or so and the bsb, they manage a fair few kills rolling very well, the bsb itself kills my champ 3 times over. The marauders hold due to the bsb re-reoll despite my extra ranks and me killing me.

Against the slaanesh warriors I do better, killing a good 6 models while losing 4 myself, I have a few extra ranks compared to the warriors along with a bsb in the unit, my champ also beats his in a challenge so I win the combat. He is forced to take a break test on ld4! he passes it with the re-roll.

Lizardmen turn 4:
I send my cham skinks to fire on the hellcannon, bringing it down to 1 handler and 2 wounds on the cannon.

In the magic phase I cast shield of thrones onto the saurus fighting the marauders, I then cast +4T on the saurus fighting the khorne warriors on 7 dice, it also goes through. The rest are dispelled.

The khorne warriors yet again win combat by killing a good 5 or so warriors despite T8!, I fluff my attacks killing 1 or 2 warriors, damn I cant hit them at all! I hold due to the slanns ld.

The saurus fighting the marauders kill off all but the bsb who holds.

My slann and TG fighting the TG do poorly, losing 5 or so models for 1 or 2 chaos warriors. Not sure why my S5 templeguard are having such a hard time, losing more against his S4 attacks.

I am stubborn so hold despite losing by a fair bit.

WOC turn 5
There is little the chaos can do, the spawn charges and finally kills my cham skink unit that it had been chasing all game, they stand and shoot and bring it down to 1 wound before though.

The hellcannon fires on the salamanders again killing 1.

Back to CC.

Same story contninues, khorne continue to kick my ass as my saurus fail to kill anything, I hold regardless due to having an extra rank and the slanns ld10 along with cold blooded, its not enough to win by 4 or 5 under these circumstances.

My saurus fail to kill the bsb, dealing only 1 wound. combat continues.

The slaanesh warriors are now fighting the slann and only 4! TG, he manages 4 wounds, I fail all 4 5+ saves! my slann is alone. I lose but hold, I think the slann actually did a wound! and it has the battle standard.

Lizardmen turn 5.
I resurect some saurus in CC with the khorne warriors, I also cast shield of thornes on the saurus fighting the bsb and 7 dice the +4 toughness on the saurus vs the khorne warriors.

My skinks finnish off the hellcannon, my salamanders fire and kill a unit of 5 hounds.

CC continues, my T8 warriors lose and hold vs the chaos warriors, my saurus fail to kill the bsb, my slann challenges, loses combat but holds.

WOC turn 6
Same as above, all 3 combats continue! No units lost. Magic does nothing.

Lizardmen turn 6.
I cast shield of thorns on the saurus fighting the bsb but still fail to ill it!

Other 2 combats hold, my salamanders fire on teh last unit of hounds killing 3 but their make their ld test.

Ultimately the lizardmen killed the marauder unit, the khorne chariot, and the hellcannon

The lizardmen lost the templeguard and a unit of skinks.

11/9 win for the lizardmen!

I don't know how this happened really, I thought things where going well, I figured I would not kill the khorne warriors but if I could just kill the slaanesh ones and the bsb I would have a great win.

That bsb despite not having an amazing save of any kind, still managed to make a lot of saves and live, the slaanesh unit took almost no damage from 2 dwellers spells and totally kicked my TG in CC even though when we started combat my unit was much larger. The flaming banner was amazing however, took out my regen.

In the end both warrior units where down to about 5 to 7 models but regardless they held all the points.

If not for that flaming banner my opponent would have lost his unit in the first combat turn against the TG, after that I was just rolling so badly that I lost all combats and killed very little.

Overall a good game, not sure what I could have done better.

27-09-2010, 10:10
Working on game 2.

27-09-2010, 11:30
Deamons of chaos

Keeper of secrets lv1 mage, siren, stupidity spell
Herald of slaanesh, battle standard bearer, -2 ld banner
Herald of slaanesh, siren
lv2 mage with full lore of death

18 deamonettes
33 deamonettes

5 harpies
4 fiends
5 flamers

The mission was a basic pitched battle
My opponent won the choice of sides and possibly made a poor one.

My side had an impassable wall to the left of the center area and a high wood (that actually blocked los to small models such as skinks and salamanders) to the right of the center area.

My deployment was to to put all 3 blocks inside this area, TG in the center, with the building protecting my left flank and the wood helping a little on the right.

My salamanders went to the right of my right most saurus unit, opposite my opponents largest unit of deamonettes.

My opponent had 2 woods in his side but again as he was the attacker they had little effect. He deployed his keeper behind a wood out of los. (I rolled uranons thunderbolt for my skink priest)

From the right to left he had the fiends on the far right flank, keeper behind the wood, flamers with lv2 mage inside wood. large demonette unit with BSB, towards the center, the harpies to their left, then on the far left flank he had the smaller deamonette unit with a herald with siren.

I deploy my skinks with 1 unit in the center in front of my saurus and TG, 2 units in the wood on the right towards my salamanders (I figured his keeper would come from this direction as that is where most of his army was(

My opponent won the first turn roll and gave it to me.

Lizardmen turn 1

My skinks where too far to be useful so they stayed back waiting for the keeper to poke its head around, unfortunately the unit in the center was in a bad position, hard to get it to the right flank so it was stuck where it was. Turns out the wood on the right is poisonous, one of my skinks dies to a scratch from a tree.

My unit of temple guard moved up to get range on the large unit of deamonettes. The saurus unit on the right reformed to look towards the right flank, left most saurus unit stayed put.

In the magic phase I cast throne of vines, then I put 7 dice into dwellers, my opponent rolled a IF dispel. No damage from magic or shooting for the first turn.

Deamons turn 1:

The fiends on the right flank move up, keeper joins them on this flank, the large demonette unit starts heading their way also, on the left flank the small demonette unit moves down on the left flank towards my left most saurus.

The flamers move out of the wood (blood forrest) and fire on my closest unit of chameleon skinks. With soft cover, long range, skirmisher and chameleon they are hitting on 7s, I still think they manage 2 kills with their 20 or so shots.

Magic has the keeper cast stupidity on 1 of my cham skink units, the lv2 caster then the first death spell on 5-6 dice killing a salamander and miscasting himself to death.
The S10 large template also deals 3 wounds to the flamers.

Lizardmen turn 2
Left most saurus stay put, with the building protecting my flank, the TG turn to look towards the right flank with the keeper and fiends.

My salamanders move through the wood (poison wood) to get out of LOS of the keeper and fiends, they then fire on the demonette unit from an angle, they kill 10 or so demonettes.

My 2 units of skinks on the right, 1 unit with 2 models and the other with 6 and stupidity, both move up to fire on the keeper, I know the units will die but its worth it to take some shots on this 500pts 5+ ward save monster.

I fire 16 shots at close range, so 5s to hit, 6s to poison. I manage 3-4 wounds, he fails 3 saves. Not bad. The units are also in front of the keeper and fiends meaning they won't be able to make charges on my main units which are still far away.

My middle unit of skinks fires on the harpies killing 1.

My 2nd magic phase is also a bust, I attempt a dwellers on the large demonette unit but only manage to roll 20, with 21 needed.

Deamons turn 2
The fiends charge my unit of 6 skinks who flee and somehow manage to get away, I might have rolled a 12, the flamers charge the unit of 2 skinks and catch them as they flee.

The keeper moves down on the right flank, its basically in my deployment zone at this point.

The demonettes continue to move towards my deployment zone on the right flank, going around the poison forrest.

The unit of demonettes on the left moves up towards my saurus.

Magic does little for the deamons for the rest of the game, he is down to 1 spell so... I tend to dispel it each turn.

Lizardmen turn 3:

As the demonettes on the left are getting so close, I figure he won't be able to run away if I head their way, my saurus with spears move towards them.

On the right my saurus face off against the keeper, moving back slightly to make the charge less likely (still very likely) and the TG unit moves to their left flank facing the fiends. the Demonettes don't scare me.

In my magic phase i get 3 dice, my opponent dispels my throne of vines spell but I get regen for the TG and +2 toughness for the saurus. Shooting has my salamanders kill another 10 demonettes.

Deamons turn 3:
My opponent starts setting up his siren charges.

On the left, the herald leaves the small demonette unit, walks to the saurus units flank while still staying in range.

On the right flank the keeper moves to 16" of my saurus unit.

The fiends move up while staying out of my likely charge range (not that I want to go into the poison wood with my TG anyway)

Magic and shooting does little, the flamers fire on my salamanders but with moving and my skirmisher bonus I lose only 1 wound on the salamander and 3 handlers.

Lizardmen turn 4:
My opponent uses his sirens, my unit of saurus on the left flank is forced to charge the herald towards their right flank, this means turning my unit and showing my flank to the small demonette unit.

I manage 1 wound, the herald does a few itself but with my ranks, charge, banner, I win easily, I then reform, giving my flank to the herald and my front to look at the unit of 18 demonettes. (not sure how this plan could ever have worked)

on the right my saurus warriors are forced to charge the keeper due to its siren, they fail rolling a 2,1, meaning my unit didn't really move at all. This siren plan failed also, as he was hoping I would either make the charge thus showing my flank to the fiends or at least move a few more inches, meaning he could double charge me in his turn, fiends in the flank, keeper to the front. Now this was not possible.

I also move my TG up to the saurus flank to protect them from the fiends, this means I have to move my unit into the wood! I take 5 losses from the poison trees!!!

Down to 15 and the slann.

In my magic phase I cast throne of vines on 1+1 dice and fail to cast it meaning no more casting for the slann... what a horrible time to fail! Skink spells are fairly pointless, I cast uranons which is dispelled.

In my CC phase I kill the herald and stay put.

Deamons turn 4:
The deamonettes on the left no longer want to charge the saurus, they attempt a free reform to run away with their superior speed but fail! end of that unit, I charge it the following turn and kill it off in 2 turns for the cost of losing 3 saurus in CC!

The keeper and fiend charge my Templeguard unit which has NO buffs on due to my failed casting turn earlier.

The keeper kills my champion causing 5 wounds and losing its thunderstomp as there is no target, glad I have a champ, the fiends kill another 4 while losing 1 of their own. I lose combat by 5 or so but am stubborn so hold.

Flamers fire on salamanders killing some handers and doing 1 wound to the salamanders.

Lizardmen turn 5:
My saurus warriors on the right flank charge the flank of the keeper, my saurus on the left flank charge the demonettes. (as mentioned earlier)

My salamanders flame more demonettes, the unit is down to 2 ranks now.

I cast regrowth on the TG bringing back some models ((including champ), I also make the unit T8. I also cast shield of thornes which does a few wounds to the fiends and 1 to the keeper!

My saurus champ chalenges the keeper, it dies 5 times over again but no thunderstomp once again.

The fiends kill 4 more TG but I kill 1 of their number. Keeper is down to 1 wound and 1 fiend left alive.

They both explode, I have flank, charge, 3 ranks, banner, bsb + kills, vs their 5 kills from the keeper and fiend kills. 11 vs 9 or so.

After this I mope up by killing the final demonette unit on the left with the saurus in CC, the demonettes on the right with the salamanders.

20/0 for the saurus

27-09-2010, 13:02
Game 3 vs skaven

Grey Seer
Screaming bell

Warlock with that S5 large blast item
Warlock with ???
Battle standard bearer

1 unit of those frenzy rats
2 units of clan rats
2 units of slaves
2 units of scouts with slings

2 ratling guns, those d6+d6+d6 shooting weapons
3 jezails (1 champ)

Warp lightning cannon

There was 2 small woods on either side and a impassable terrain building towards the right flank at the center of the table.

Mission special rules:
Break point I think it was called. As we where playing a 2k army this meant that once your army fell below 1 break point the opponent gained 400VPs.

Both armies had a general worth 2, 3 normal banners and a bsb, so 6 for each army.

My lizardmen from left to right.

Nothing on left flank, in the center area I deploy my two saurus units with the temple guard in the center. On the right flank I have my salamanders.

Skaven deployment:
On the left flank he places his warp lightning thrower, the 3 jezzails and a slave unit to protect them. In the center from left to right he had the frenzy rats then a unit of clan rats with the bsb and a warlock. On the right flank he had a unit of clanrats with the bell and greyseer, last unit of slaves on the far right.

Scouts deployment as follows:
2 of my chameleon skink units hide behind the building on the right flank, ready to fire on that immortal bell. (damn those things are tough), my last unit goes on the left flank under the hill to take out the warp lightning thrower.

My opponent has 2 units of sling wielding rats that scout on me left flank, ready to fire on the saurus unit on the left (I don't really worry about them)

The reason for this funky deployment with his Greyseer on the flank of the army is because I gave away before the game that I have becalming cognition, basically he had been going round casting the dreaded 13th spell in his prior games and was going to count on that to beat me also, once I gave away it wouldn't work he deployed on the flank to be out of range of my cognition.

Skaven wins roll for first turn.

Skaven turn 1
As his blocks are quite inferior to mine he does not move much, the seer on bell on the right flank along with the slanve unit on its flank move up to get range on the 13th spell onto my right most unit of saurus.
He forgets to use his sling rats on the left flank.

In the magic phase he rolls 6 dice at the 13th spell, rolling a 30, I scroll this and dispel the spell he cast prior on all my dice (plague I believe)
In the shooting phase most of his guns are still out of range or end up shooting cham skinks on rolls of 6 or 7 to hit so do nothing, the warp lightning cannon makes a nice hit with 10 S10 hits on my block of saurus wariors, ironcurse item on the skink priest saves a few but a good 6 or so die! Nasty

Lizards turn 1
I move everything up, as the mission is to break the enemy by taking their flags I really need to kill the general and his unit, I also need to kill the unit with the BSB, if I can do that I should get a nice massacre win.

I start moving my templeguard and the saurus on their flank towards the seer.
In the shooting phase my salamanders move up and flame the BSB clan rat unit but being 12" away I don't kill too many, 1 nice template hit kills a few rats.

In the magic phase I cast an IF dwellers on the clan rats with the bell which kills about half of them. (might have been 40 to start)
My cham skinks on the right behind the hill move up, with one taking the left side of the building and the other the right, moving between the slave unit on the bells flank and the bell.

Left flank skinks move up to fire on the warp lightning cannon (WLC)
I deal 1 wound to the WLC and 2 to the bell.

Skaven turn 2:
The seer is now in range of my cognition and cannot get out even if it moves back, it does so anyway. slaves on the right flank move around the building to do....something...
The slaves on the left flank move to face the skinks (rnf trying to catch skirmishers....yea)

The 2 blocks in the center stay put, I am now in range of their 2 ratling guns.

My opponent tries to cast the 13th again in the magic phae but due to cognition it really is almost impossible to cast, needing 21 with a max of 6 dice and 6s being negated (average roll is 15), not much happens in the magic phase.

Shooting sees the WLC get another massive hit on my left saurus unit killing another 8 or so, I am down to 6-7 models! after 2 shots, must kill!
The the first ratling gun rolls a 6, my opponent decides to roll again... another 6! the gun explodes!
The 2nd gun rols 10 or so shots and kills a few saurus from the weakened unit.

The scouting sling rats kill 1 saurus, as my opponent forgot to move them only 1 unit is in range and has to fire through a forrest.

Lizardmen turn 2
I am still to far to declare any charges.

My TG and saurus all move up, my left saurus unit is really weak but it needs to move up to get out of LOS of the WLC, it does so by moving up behind a building, though this does put them within charge range of the frenzy rats.

My cham skinks on the right flank move to behind the bell, this stops the bell from moving back anymore and allows me into CC with them sooner, I then fire 2 more wounds onto the machine. (it is down to 2)
On the left my cham skinks put 3 wounds onto the WLC from close range, in the skaven turn my opponent turned the jezzails to face them so I made sure to move out of their vision arc, the slaves and the jezzails take a panic check due to the death of the WLC and run.

Magic phase I fail to cast dwellers rolling a 20, so 1 short. Not much else, awakening of the wood kills a few models.

My salamanders get 2 good hits on the clanrat unit with the bsb killing off a good 15-20 models leaving just 10 or so models left in 2 ranks.

Skaven turn 3
My opponent moves fairly little.

Shooting has the jezzails kill a cham skink, the 2nd ratling gun jams and does not shoot, the grey seer casts plague and kills a good 1/3 of my saurus from the unit closest to his bell, it then spreads to my templeguard killing another 5 models before the spell stops working.

Lizardmen turn 3
I declare a charge from my TG in the center against his BSB clanrat unit but fall short, I also declare a charge with my saurus onto his bell. I make this one.

With magic I raise some saurus back to life in the unit fighting the bell and kill the ratling gun with awakening of the wood.

In CC my saurus put 1 wound onto the seer and kill a few rats, the bell unit is unbreakable so holds.

On the left flank my cham skinks fire and kill 1 jezzail.

Skaven turn 4
The grey seer uses some item to restore its health back to full, magic does little as he is limited in what he can cast while in CC. I manage to put 2 wounds onto the mage this time and kill a few more rats, they do maybe 1 wound back, very few actually get to hit with the bell taking so much space.

His frenzy rats charge my weakened saurus unit on the left center of the board, I accept (not sure why) and lose all but 1 saurus, it flees but manages to get away, though it never rallies.

Lizardmen turn 4
This time round i manage the charge against his BSB unit, I kill most of the regular clanrats but the BSB holds.

I cast shield of thorns earlier to make the combat against the bsb unit that much easier.

On the left flank my cham skinks kill off the 2 remaining jezzails that where running.

In CC I manage to finnish off the seer and the clanrat unit, leaving me in CC with the bell on 2 wounds which holds onto 500 or so points!

Skaven turn 5
All the skaven has left is the bell, the frenzy rats and a unit of slaves, then the 2 units of sling rats he has forgotten to use almost every turn. I have lost a unit of saurus warriors.

He sets up a multi charge with the slaves and the frenzy rats towards the rear of my TG unit that where held up by the bsb.
I do 1 wound to the bell.

The bsb lives another round by challenging my slann, champ was dead by now.

Lizardmen turn 5
In CC my asurus fail to put a wound onto the bell despite having 15 attacks. I cast shield of thorns to try and help but still nothing.

I fail to kill the bsb and am still stuck with my rear open to the frenzy rats and my flank to the slaves.
I cast +4 toughness onto the TG.

Skaven turn 6
He could get a rear + flank charge onto my TG and slann unit, I only have about 7 TG left, but being T8 he knows he won't kill them so chooses not to.
I still fail to kill the bell on 1 wound!

Lizardmen turn 6
I cast shield of thorns again to try and kill the bell but fail to roll any 6s!

Finally in the CC phase I finnish off the bell, seems I am better off just shooting it rather than going into CC!
My salamanders fire on the frenzy rats but they pass their break test.

20/0 for the lizardmen.

I lost a unit of saurus warriors worth 300pts
My opponent lost everything bar the frenzy rats and a unit of slaves, I also gained the +400 VPs from the mission.

Overall I came 1st for gaming points with 51 in total, 2nd place was 49 points and 3rd for 45 points
(2nd overall as I had fewer painting points than the 2nd place finisher)

27-09-2010, 16:38
Iron Curse Icon dosen't give you a ward against the Hellcannon, its a monster not a warmachine.

Nice tactics in the 2nd game. >:)

Also, the rattling gun is the D6+D6+D6 gun and the jezzail is the S6 gun.

Edit: its supposed to be a smiley above lol sry bout that. Love seeing the "chosen" races (l.m and h.e) pick on demons. It makes me feel as if order can prevail. :D

27-09-2010, 20:32
Iron Curse Icon dosen't give you a ward against the Hellcannon, its a monster not a warmachine.

Nice tactics in the 2nd game. >:)

Also, the rattling gun is the D6+D6+D6 gun and the jezzail is the S6 gun.

Thanks for the input, I will fix it for the report once I get it done.

Ok finally got the 3rd game done, its edited above.

28-09-2010, 16:28
in the woc game i believe your opponent was using his spawn wrongly
you dont declare charges with it
you move it in the mandatory movement phase and if it comes into contact with a unit it counts as charging, but you cant make any charge reactions for it
meaning your skins couldnt flee

28-09-2010, 18:31
"The slaanesh warriors are now fighting the slann and only 4! TG, he manages 4 wounds, I fail all 4 5+ saves! my slann is alone. I lose but hold, I think the slann actually did a wound! and it has the battle standard."

This was key. Typically when the temple guard are wiped out then the slann is doomed. Luckily he was able to hold on.

Your other games were just a beat down ;)

Thanks for the reports.

28-09-2010, 21:43
Yea I guess he did play the spawn wrong, that said the first 2 charges he would have failed anyway, since he rolled less than 5" each time so I don't think it would have made much difference.

I will have to remember how it works from now on, though it actually works in the skinks favor, if they actually move only 2d6 it is unlikely they will roll the required 12" to contact skinks that are over 11" away.

As for the slann passing a ld7 test with a re-roll on cold blooded, its not all that hard, I would think my opponent passing a ld4 test without cold blooded on a re-roll is somewhat less likely.

I just wish i remembered if the discipline banner ever helped me during the game, I keep going back and forth with it, for 15pts it seems amazing but with lizardmen already having pretty much the best ld around it seems like I rarely need it.

The chameleon skinks where really good in pretty much every game, I need more of them!

The slann with rumination, mystery and cognition almost feels like cheating! in so many of my opponents magic phases they did absolutely nothing due to me negating 6s, its such a huge change from normal where they always get 1 spell through. It's mean.

29-09-2010, 15:15
Your WoC opponent could have beaten you if he had played his magic better and used PD to get rid of those RiP spells instead of trying to cast largely inconsequetial spells instead.

29-09-2010, 17:02
Iirc only throne of vines is a RIP, the rest are just augment spells that last my and my opponents phases.

At least Flesh of stone, earthblood are not RIP, throne of vines and shield of thorns are.

We had a chat after the game and my opponents plan was basically to have the khorne warriors kill my saurus unit, reform and eat through my army from the flank.

Luckily for me the magic phase is designed to always let 1 spell go through, I was casting flesh of stone on 6 dice just to make sure. (though T8 didn't stop me from losing the combats!)

Luckily I had my ld10 slann around.

It was a tough list to face though, saurus warriors really don't like those chaos warriors, especially those halberd wielding ones.

All in all I find WOC to be a pretty tough list to face vs lizardmen.