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27-09-2010, 10:10
Right, so this Sunday i'll attend a 2k tourney with SC's, 3 rounds with random scenarios and pre-set terain (....:shifty:) and im trying to get some feedback on my list. Thanks in advance.

extra level, master, forbidden-shadow,
Flayed Hauberg, Crown, Helm 430

Wight, bsb 100
Necro, vanhels, invo, scroll 95

20 ghoul, ghast 168
20 ghoul, ghast 168
35 zombie, banner, mus 152
35 zombie, banner, mus 152

20 GG, FC, Barrows, GW's 335

coach 200
4 wraith 200
total: 2k

Ok, so the Lord is obviously support type with good survivability. Staying in a ghoul unit to Helm zombies and/or GG for 2+/2+. Shadow chosen for de-buffs and if needed a Pit vs low I armies.
Wight BSB for the extra banner and to make GG 7 front. Necro is pure support for Vanhels and Invo spam zombies for the first rounds + a scroll.

my core are basically zombies in decent starting number which i will try to make them 40+ before they enter combat, helm+mindrazor and/or WS/S/T de-buffs from lord to help them out. Ghouls are not the ideal number but they are good enough to deal with no horde core units and flank charge to negate ranks.

Special are the obvious choise but not as many as i would like, 20 (+bsb) are okish but the invo spams im afraid are gonna get wasted on them to prevent wipe out.

Rare. Well im not leaving wraiths, they perform great in every role, even war machine hunting, the ethereal+A+S+M they have is really great. I wish i could have 1 or 2 more but 2k is tough as a number in 8th.
Coach is not my first choise and is a bit of a bet, but if it works in 2 out of 3 rounds i reckon its gonna make a difference. the abillity to suck dice could help out vs cheese magic lists and i need an extra vamp for march. I could take a Varg but i have found that archer/xbow units in 20ish numbers can take him down very fast, coach having armor+ward is better against these units.

Anyway so this is it, any advise is welcome.

27-09-2010, 19:32
I would never pay points for Zombies in a competitive game. Skellies over zombies, and ghouls over skellies. Summon zombies if you want them.

27-09-2010, 20:03
zombies do suck, but horde zombies in this set up might work-be very careful relying on magic-it has a habit of biting you on the a55 when you need it most

The graveguard set up is brutal and they should plough through most things.I like the always strikes last item and the sword of kings on the bsb-he's great for assassin munching especially if he's ws 7 with + 1 to hit.

I think you'll do Ok with this list, but look out for HE spearmen who'll do terrible things to unarmoured units.

28-09-2010, 09:23
Thx for the replies, im not dropping zombies for the pure fact that there is a blood and glory roll, which if it happens the extra banners from the zombies and the fact i can invo them with D6+4 makes them good enough to help me keep their banner on the table.
Also their ability to swift-reform vs pure ghoul core makes them even better.
Skellies have all of the above but paying 8pts for 1 skellie and possibly a vampiric power to be able to raise them in bigger numbers makes me take zombies over them in 2k. If it was a larger game i would take skellies, but 2k is tough.

After a test game last night with Lizzies a decided to drop the Necro, my Lord is too demanding with PD and 20 GG are not enough. So, he stays home and i am upgrading GG to 27 for a total of 28 with the BSB (7x4).

Zombies were indeed the bane of my opponent, he feared shadow spells so round one i had both units to 40+ which held one saurus unit (25 strong) and the temple guard with slaan (one with helm ofc, the other with -S de-buff). Then the support came in (coach, wraiths, GG) to finish up.
Sad thing was that from second round i was spamming invo on GG and zombies to raise them back and prevent wipe out. Thus, im leaving Necro at home.

im having a test run with empire tonight and get a feel vs war machine spam.

28-09-2010, 10:18
you may want to consider sword of kings and shroud of darkness for your wight king