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27-09-2010, 11:35

I made a Army and wanted some respons on it. mby my archmage use ect.

Lord (whit the WL)
Great wep
Armor of caledor

lvl 4
power scroll
The high elf cloak that makes him ethernal(almost)
(lore of Life to support my white lion unit
and the army )

lvl 2
Dispell scroll

Barded horse
Banner of scorcery

14 swordmaster

14 swordmaster

29 White Lions
FC,banner(2+ Magic res)

25 LSG

20 LSG

1 great eagle
1 great eagle

27-09-2010, 20:39
Yeah it's ok, a friendly enough list but a bit low on shooting- I think Pheonix guard are better than lions tbh.The ward save is really good.

Life magic and the book of Hoeth is the usual set up for HE lvl4 but beasts is interesting and entertaining, so is death,shadow and light.Fire is ok and lots of regen around at the moment makes it better.

You can really control a horde block with flamecage-irresistably cast and then a wind blast from another mage is brutal.It's also good for causing a traffic jam- very tactically useful spell.

Mind razor is beyond brutal when you have a prince and loads of spear attacks that reroll to hit- great for mashing steam tanks.

27-09-2010, 20:53
I might be being dim but why does your BSB have a horse?

And I must agree I prefer PG to WL....

27-09-2010, 22:19
I really like a unit of 20 PG's (5x4) with banner of sorcery. There a great denial unit, chargeing into a big unit, giving them a tiny frontage and making there best unit suffer for it.

I dont think the white lions, big units dont suit high elves, you want RBTs in bulk, they do very well in large numbers.

My HE tournie list would be;

Lv.4 Archmage, Talismain of saphery, forlaiths robes, silver wand (life) = 340
BSB. Armour of Caelador, Guardian phoiniex, Great weapon = 139
Mage, lv.2, seerstaff (shadow, Mind razor, pit of shade) = 165

20 Sea guard w. command, shields (5x4) = 285
39 Archers w. command, banner of eternal flame (10x4) = 430

20 PG's w Command, Banner of Sorcery (5x4) = 380
14 Swordsmasters (7x2) = 210

5 RBT's = 500
Eagle = 50

lv.2 in sea guard, lv.4 in pg's, bsb in pg's.

You have a hell of firepower in the RBT, the flaming archers, some more sturdy seaguard, some hard as neals PG's and powerful SM's