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27-09-2010, 14:00
Here's is what I've come up with i've been messing around trying to tweak it, but I'm thinking it's probably going to fail. I had thoughts of swapping out the shrine for maybe more marauders to give the enemy something else to think about or possibly the ogres for some chosen, although I like the idea of the ogres(and I've just finished converting some ^^).

Any thoughts on if this would have any chance at all in a tournament? I have no idea what I'll be up against.

Is a Hell Cannon a bad idea in a tournament? Mine seems to be quite unreliable ^^

Comments and criticism appreciated (as long as it's constructive)

Lords: 330
Sorcerer lord: enchanted shield, Infernal puppet, Conjoined homunculus
Necrotic phylactery, Shadow
Heroes: 160
Exhalted hero: MoTz, shield, Bsb, favour of the gods, biting blade,

Core: 538
Marauders x 30: Great weapons, Full Command, MoK

Warriors x 18: MoTz, Shields, Full Command

Special 610
Ogres x 6: Chaos armour, great weapons, MoK, Full command
Knights x 5: Mok

Rare 355
Warshrine: MoTz
Hell cannon

28-09-2010, 18:43
Anybody have any thoughts on this?

28-09-2010, 19:05
The list looks pretty solid, your lord is fine, I'd just put the dragonhelm on your bsb to give him a better armour save.

Your core is fine, ogres are good in my book, nice set up, I'd just try to get an extra knight and a standard on them, I'd get rid of the warshrine to get the points, maybe use up the points on more marauders as you say.

Hope this helps.