View Full Version : 1500 WoC Mono Tzeentch

27-09-2010, 14:42
Hey all, looking for feedback on this mono god WoC list:

Sorc Lord. Level 4. MoT. Talisman of Preservation. Blood of Tzeentch: 365pts
Exalted. MoT. BSB. Shield. Favour of the Gods. Bronze Armour. Talisman of Endurance: 200pts
35 Marauders. MoT. LA. Shields. Full Command: 250pts (BSB Here 6x6)
24 Warriors. MoT. Shields. Full Command: 474pts (lord here 5x5)
5 Warhounds: 30pts
5 Warhounds: 30pts
Warshrine. MoT: 150pts

Total 1499pts

This could be fighting either Khorne Daemons or Skaven at the weekend so am looking for feedback please.

27-09-2010, 19:15
Looks solid but your lord will be beheaded by bloodletters so watchout.

No need fot the mark on the shrine but it's fluffy......

28-09-2010, 08:09
I like the 3+ ward save on the shrine, it took out a Daemon Prince of Khorne ilast week (I got lucky with dice rolls and my oponent was very unlucky)

As for the Lord, I know he could die to KB but I'm hoping the ward save will keep him alive... I'd only have 10 points to spend on him anyway as the max at 1500pts is 375...

28-09-2010, 17:51
I would roll the warriors in 6x4 or even 7x3 instead of 5x5. You are just wasting attacks.

Solid list though.