View Full Version : 2500pts empire (MRK,V)

Fox Of 9
27-09-2010, 19:42
hey this is my 5th attempt at this 2.5k empire list. . . . .Fox Of 9


general of the empire 395pts
full plate armour, shield, dragonhelm, sword of sigismund, holy relic & griffon.


captain of the empire 108pts
full plate armour, dragon bow & icon of magnus.

warrior priest 114pts
great weapon & gamblers armour.

warrior priest 113pts
great weapon, heavy armour & talisman of protection.

battle wizard 145pts
lvl 2 upgarde & seal of destruction.


swordsmen 205pts
30, F/C & 2 detachments

2x5 handgunners (detachments) = 80pts

swordsmen 205pts
30, F/C & 2 detachments

2x5 handgunners (detachments) = 80pts

halberdiers 134pts
19, F/C & 2 detachments

2x5 free company (detachmnets) = 50pts

halberdiers 134pts
19 F/C 7 2 detachments

2x5 free company (detachments0 = 50pts

crossbowmen 162pts
19, standard bearer & 2 detachments

2x5 crossbowmen (detachments) = 80pts


mortar 75pts

mortar 75pts


steam tank 300pts

all c&c welcome ...... Fox Of 9

27-09-2010, 19:48
Lots of guys and still no cannons?

You seem to love the dragon bow, but it's really not that great.

The warrior priests are brilliant value but why no Lector?

The Griffon rider is very sub par especially as he will get dragged out of Ld range very quickly, even with 18" range.

The Waraltar is the best 100 points in any book, anywhere, show me something better and I will be extremely interested.

That said, mortars scre the bejesus out of people but Helstorms are a big bag of mad when they hit.