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27-09-2010, 20:39
are hordes allowed to reform their ranks in combat if 5 guys are unengaged when the other 5 are? It says in the rules that they must reform around the center model, but in this case they could not because 5 models including the center were engaged. It seems a bit odd that the other 5 would just sit there and do nothing in the following combat rounds.

27-09-2010, 20:49
Check the FAQ on the GW site.

Lord Inquisitor
27-09-2010, 20:50
Yeah, this isn't very clear. It seems that the combat reform shouldn't really be restricted by the centerpoint rule given that the reform is typically regarded as a solution to clipping. Games as played? I typically see people ignoring the centerpoint rule while in combat. But yeah, RAW it looks like you have to obey both the centerpoint rule and the reforming from victory conditions.

Edit: total garbage, it was errata'd to remove the centerpoint reference. Nice.

27-09-2010, 21:01
The faq drops the center point rule for combat reforms I believe, correct me if I'm wrong.

27-09-2010, 23:07
The combat reform is a normal reform without maintaining the centre. This allows you to move your models up to twice their move rate. There's a clause about maintaining base-to-base contact, of course, but other than that you can move your models about as you see fit.