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08-03-2006, 20:35
The morning mist still hung in the air around the docks and most of the crew still lay around sleeping and hungover.. Diego walked around on deck admiring the work that had been done while they were in port, almost all the old battle damage had been fixed, even the statuette of the Siren had been fixed and repainted. He headed down to the gunners deck to check everything was in order and get any last minute requests for supplies, he quickly checked the power room and was happy to see all the barrels of pistol shot he had told the Master Gunner to procure. Diego, Raule and the Norscan had left earlier in the morning to find the last few crewmen and supplies they needed leaving instructions with the weapons master that the whole crew had shore leave until the next morning at dawn, a few had been volunteered to stay behind and keep watch, but Diego knew they would just use that as an excuse to get started on the rum that had already been stowed..

Once your characters wake up they can go enjoy Saratosa for one last day. So make your peace with Mannan and get your last taste of the easy life.

Later that day..

Where once there had been joyful shouts and loud music playing there was now nothing, every eye in the small tavern was locked on the newcomers who had just entered. Diego smirked slightly maybe his reputation was improving slightly then a thought struck him were they looking at him or were they more interested in the six and a half foot Norse man standing behind him he wasn't sure.. He glanced around the dimly lit room his eyes finally settling on Raule his old friend had hidden himself in the far back corner, though quite why he would do such a thing was itching at Diego's mind. He quickly made his way over flanked by the Norscan before sitting down next to the quartermaster. "So, you trust any of the new dogs?" Diego asked without taking his eyes off the few people who hadn't gone back to their own business. "Not at all" came the expected reply.

The pair had been recruiting the new members of the Reivers for what seemed like weeks, but finally they were ready to put back out to sea. There was quite a variety in the bunch this time, a few elves, a halfling, Diego had even managed to find an Ogre, not to mention the dozens of human's who had practically been lining up at the dock when they had arrived. Saratosa, the Pirate's Paradise was certainly living up to its name, wine and spirits from all corners of the world, not to mention some pleasurable company, they had even managed to restock the ship, a real accomplishment in itself.

By the time the pair had become sufficiently drunk it was into the very early hours and they started to head back to their ship the 'Ruby' as Diego called her was on the furthest end of the dock from where they had been drinking... had he been sober Diego would have laughed at this as it was.. Well. He noticed the Norse man walking quite happily beside them, who to his credit had not drink anything let alone tried to make conversation which seemed highly suspect... "I thought all Norse lived for their drink" Diego tried to ask the Norscan through miming taking a big swig from an imaginary tankard, which was met by a quizzical look from the Norscan. They had met this strange fellow on their last trip to Saratosa, though he spoke not a word of Estalian he had made his point quite well, he was a Mercenary looking for work on one of the ships or so he managed to explain... which took several hours of him throwing gold coins around.

Eventually they arrived at the dock the few crewmen who had been told to stay near by and keep a watch were all lying around obviously drunk... had he himself not been so drunk, Diego would have made an issue of this but he just slowly walked up the plank, the Ogre and Weapons Master who had actually done what they were meant to and kept a watch on the ship greeted him with slight nods, well slight in the humans case the Ogre seemed slightly too happy to see him.. Not wanting to keep them from their task Diego walked on to his cabin and collapsed in his hammock.

Thane McHammer
08-03-2006, 20:52
Gabriel sat on the railing, sharpening a dagger on a whetstone. As Diego stumbled past, he gave him a nod, noting to go check on him and take off his sword. The captain was forgetful when drunk, and had more than once gone to bed with an unsheathed blade.

Spitting on the stone, he dragged the small, curved blade across it, occasionally testing it's edge on his thumb. Once satisfied, he oiled it with a rag, and sheathed it, before pulling out another one and repeating the process.

Blue and green eyes stared out over the mooring, and Gabriel couldn't help but wonder what else was out there...

08-03-2006, 22:03
A knock sounded at the door. "Whaazaahmmph" groaned Diego. The door opened, and Qolm entered the room. His oddly golden eyes flashed in the darkness. "Captain, the tides are with us. The runes say dawn will be the most auspicious time for us to go." he said, his voice tinted with a medium Albionish accent. Qolm turned to leave, his long silver hair sliding off of his shoulder and down his lanky back. As he stepped onto the deck, his tatoos glowed softly in the moonlight. Wild, deep blue spirals twisted across his bare torso, the only breaking of the pattern was when it ducked beneath his leather strap harness for his throwing axes.

Tanith Ghost
08-03-2006, 22:11
"What's it worth to you?" Merzak said, tone even. "Will five gold crowns
satisfy you?" The man asked. "Deal." Merzak replied. "Now, stand in plain sight until this credit collector approaches. "Wait.. you're sure you can kill him without raising an alarm of some sort?" "You paid me real money didn't you?
This is Sartossa, human. Far out of reach of the feeble laws of your so called 'Empire'. You might as well be in Naggoroth for all they could do. Once this man is dead, it will be a long time before anyone looks for you."

The Noble looked uneasy, but did as he was told. Indeed, ten minutes has passed when a burly man with a knife made a beeline for the noble.
"You owe the guild money. Pay up or it comes from your hide."
"How much does he owe?" Merzak spoke up. "Fifty crowns. Now or he dies."
"Come, let us talk, perhaps we can reach an....understanding..."
"I want the money he owes, elf." The man said as Merzak led him to a dark alley. "So can you pay?" "No. You will." Merzak said raising his serrated sword and slashing the man's neck. The enforcer fell in a pool of his own blood, throat rasping. "Payment for my services. How considerate!" Merzak said, helping himself to the man's money belt. He collected the five from the noble as well. Seventy seven gold crowns in all. Merzak was pleased.
So much more profitable than fighting those tiresome islanders and self proclaimed rulers of elfkind. And so much less personal.

Merzak wove though the early morning dockside rabble. He didn't care who noticed his cloak, the one that marked him as a corsair. He saw no chances
to make any aditional money. No reason not to spend a little while he had the chance. "The sailor's haven. Interesting." He said, entering the tavern.

A few hours later, he left, with a warm feeling from the bottle of wine he drank. The bottle the tavern mistress had given him on the house in exchnge for throwing out some unruly customers in a lethal manner.

Merzak made his way back to the ship he had signed on with. Time to assume his duties and earn the generous pay the captain had offered him.

08-03-2006, 22:30
Drake just came up form above deck he wanted to take a look at the crew before it was time to set sail.

Interesting bunch that was for sure. a Orge? well as long as Drake still got his share of food he really didn't care. Pulling out a little flint hit lit his cigar up. it was only a cigar in the sense that it was round and it contained a substance that would go into ur lungs. besides that well it could be anything depending on the port they had just been in. Nothing that great in this one just some supposed "magic leaves" he knew it was a scam but they were cheaper then tobacco.

These things had less kick then a cheap whore. Now true if he have given it to any of the other crew they would be out for a week. a whole life of trying exotic "herbs" and other things well you could say it took more to get Drake above the Crow's nest.

This port was full of People but in the way of powder and long ranged weapons it was few and far between. Luckly some one had some powder now it took a little well prying of the gut to get the powder poor chap didn't make it.

Drake smiled as he wiped blood off of his blade. He had to admit that "Cannon Balls" was a little squimishy but he didn't blow chunks like his last apprentice.

"Captain! Shall we be execpting any "vistor's" during this lovely excusion?" Drake said as he allmost danced his way over to the captain by swinging on the different ropes and the mast of the ship

"for me and Cannon have had some interesting toys we were hopeing we could try out"

08-03-2006, 22:46
Dael sat in the crow's nest in the ship, haunched over. He hadn't drunken earlier with the captain, having decided to keep a straight head. He was, afterall, the captain's bodyguard, or at least one of them, and he didn't want that being ruined because he was too deep in his cups.

The ship swayed gently in the water, until at last Dael swung him self over the barrel of the crow's nest and grabbed onto a rope, and repelled gently down the mast easily, as if born to the ship. In certain ways, he was, having been raiding the Empire since he was a young boy, along with his father, and his brother. He knew this kind of ship like the back of his hand, but the captain had made some moderfications to his ship, altering it. More than once he'd spent a whole day hanging from the edge of the ship looking at one of the swivel guns on the deck.

He came down, and rest his feet on the wooden flooring, still haunched slightly as he walked over the gang plank and onto the docks. He breathed in the air, and sighed.
"Norsca," he said. "Smelt like this; like the sea."
Of course, the only word anyone around him understood was Norsca, but that didn't bother him. He stayed on the docks, waiting the day out, helping the Black Ruby's crew carrying some of the heavier bags on to the ship. His muscle could easily manage such a thing, and it gave him something to do.

09-03-2006, 05:11
Malky woke up to a blur, the room glowed from a fire somewhere, he got up and brushed his clothes down and blindly reached around for a bottle, he took a swig from it to clear his head. He took a few step forwards to get his bearings and came crashing to the ground.

Malky came to his senses on the bottom of the kitchen floor, he couldnt remember how he got their but he could tell he had been drinking, his head throbbing he got up and began to stumble to the rum, on the way he noticed the large pot on the fire, he didnt remember cooking it and he didnt want to taste it. "Breakfast" he mumbled before going over to the rum.

Tanith Ghost
09-03-2006, 06:18
Merzak looked over the Black ruby in the light of day, comparing it o the black ark he spent half his life on. Smaller, poorly armored by comparison, but faster and armed with cannon. "Even with cannon, humans can't drive the asur from the sea. Pitiful." He commented to no-one in particular.
His meagre possesions were already stowed on ship. He took a last look around the harbor, knowing he was in for a long time at sea.
No money on the side to be had, unless the crew wanted things done.
No women, either. The lesser of the three problems as far as he was concerned.

His line of thought continued as he walked the gangway. No alcohol, at least not the fine elvish wines he liked. Even if the asur were pompous, foppish fools, they knew drink. He strongly considered going back for a bottle, but decided against it. He'd savor his next bottle all the more after a few months at sea. With far more agreeable company too. The ship's stocks of rum would suffice until then. Rum after all, was a fine drink, for a human liquor.

He found Gabriel shapening a wepon. "Weapon master Gabriel Har'Gareth.
I'm Merzak the red. I will be your apprentice for this voyage." He introduced himself, removing his helmet and bowing curtly. "Interesting surname.
You must be an admirer of the Executioners. But no matter. We can talk of such things later. For now, business. You will find I am quite versed in blade combat, as the art of boarding ships. Both with intent to capture, or intent to sink. I'm sure you'll find my skills useful, and with any luck, this voyage with be a profitable one for us both."

Thane McHammer
09-03-2006, 08:24
Gabriel paused for a moment, taken slightly off-guard by the Elf's speech. Then he chuckled, a deep, imposing sound.

"Apprentice? I've no need for an apprentice. You shall be my assistant. Unless you're so unskilled you need to serve under a master..."

His voice as soft, yet firm, his eyebrow arched, and the corner of his mouth curled into a smirk. It was a blatent challenge to a duel, now or later.

"We have some time before we sail...shall we?"

Yin - Yang
09-03-2006, 15:58
Franz smiled slighty as he watched the hubbub of the Sartosian docks. He took a shallow puff on his pipe, and watched with absorbed interest as the ashen smoke floated up lazily to the sky, before the blue eternity swallowd it up from his sight.

Another ship...another job...and probabaly another few chances to get myself killed.

OOC: It's good to be RPing again! :D


Hate Train
09-03-2006, 17:12
Miguel's porky fingers closed up the big, leather bag before grabbing its handle. The bag itself weighed a bit, and then plus all the tools inside, it made a hefty load. He put the bag down and waddled over to the armoir on the other side of the room. Opening the oaken door he pulled out some durable brown trousers, pulling them on. Then, he put on a light, short-sleeved gray shirt. Over that he pulled on his leather overcoat, keeping the collar popped up, for greater protection against the wind that often plagued the coastal city. As well, he put on a sturdy leather belt and finally, he put on a three-cornered hat.
From the drawers on his left he pulled a golden pocket watch (it had been his father's), a circular silver-framed mirror, and a pair of round, tinted glasses. Then, he went to the kitchen, taking the Great Cleaver from the counter and placing it in his belt. He went back to the room he started in, grabbing the leather bag and waddling to the door. Pulling on his boots, he opened the door, stepping out into the street. Closing the door for one last time he examined the shop front. With a grim smile, he pulled a large, iron key from the coat and locked the door.

Miguel arrived on ship, his heavy figure making its slow way up the ramp. He instantly began to look for the Captain.

Tanith Ghost
09-03-2006, 18:08
"Add a wager of five gold crowns. So it won't be a complete waste of my time." Merzak said, producing his serrated blade. "First to draw blood wins.
I'm not being paid to damage the crew after all." He stood back, permitting Gabriel to draw his own weapon. "Aprentice is the title given to the job. For all intents and purposes, however, I will be an assistant in boarding.
One does not clash with the asur navy over half their life without learing a fair few tricks."

Thane McHammer
09-03-2006, 21:25
Gabriel did not move. Here was an elf, fresh from the shore, thinking a duel a waste of time. And betting on it! Leaning back, he spoke.

"You have little respect for the Art, Merzak the Red. Keep your money. I do not know what battles you have fought, or what skills you have, but I do know this: You are indeed an apprentice, and so I shall put you in your place...."

With that, he exploded into action. The elf was unprepared for Gabriel's booted foot in his stomach, nore the headbutt that followed. Leaving the elf to gather his wind, he spun and withdrew from under the railing his swords.

They were magnificent weapons, elf-forged true. Each one was a meter and a hand long, with straight blades made of tempered steel and mithral. The process they had undergone while being forged, metal being folded over and over, hundreds of times, had left them with a shimmering pattern, and as Gabriel flicked their scabbards off, they caught the light in such a way that they appeared to be of liquid. Their hilts were straight, and bound with sharkskin and leather, with a jeweled pommel.

Whipping them around him in a figure eight, he attacked hard and high, putting the elf on the defensive. The blades spun in his hand, whipping around his body like a storm of metal, man and metal one being.

Hitting his opponent's blade hard, he pushed the elf back a few meters, and lowered his blades.

"Your move, Merzak the Red. Make it a wise one."

With that, he spun the blades in his hands, causing the crewmen who had gathered around to watch to back off, or risk loosing a limb to the deadly whirling.

09-03-2006, 23:40
As dawn broke over the ship Rufus threw open his door. Already fully dressed and wide awake he had completed his morning prayer ritual. And now it was time to get the newcomers used to life on board this ship.

"Right!" he bellowed, "Wake up you pirate scum and get to work!" He banged on cabin doors, kicked awake those unfortunate souls who had collapsed on deck and with a mixture of noise and violence managed to rouse the majority of the crew. One particular sailor steadfastly refused to stir. Rufus drew his broadsword and sliced the rope tying his hammock to the wall.
"You Bret Bastard!" cried the sleeper as his world fell from under him.
"Insult my family line again water rat," replied the knight, "and I'll make it so you can't have one." His sword point came to rest directly above the sailor's crotch. He gulped.
"S-s-sorry, s-sir." the man whimpered. Rufus turned and left, a smirk briefly flashing across his features.

"Malky!" he roared as he burst into the galley. "I've got a horde of hungry pirates out here!" The Halfling winced at the Boatswain's voice. Rufus kicked the rum bottles across the floor. Each clatter was like a hammerblow to Malky's addled mind. "Something better be ready by the time I get back or you're going in the pot!"

Rufus strode to the captains cabin, and as he dropped to the floor he heard something behind him. He spun and raised his sword just in time to stop the Norscan's blow. They flashed smiles at each other through the weapons. Rufus liked the Northman, he alone among the crew never answered back and was always up early. Rufus admired that. Gesturing towards the cabin the Norscan nodded. They broke off and Rufus gingerly opened the captain's door.

"My Lord?" Rufus lowered his voice to a whisper as he approached the captain. Diego murmured something. "My Lord you asked me to wake you so you could give your speech to the crew about our new venture."

Diego, with great difficulty heaved himself into a sitting position. Staring bleary eyed at the Bretonnian he seemed to be working up the energy to speak...

10-03-2006, 00:42
Arhain was aboard the ship, quietly smoking a small pipe and resting, taking in the full of the sun's warmth. He had not drunk like the fools around him, despising all intoxicants for they destroyed a warrior's soul.

Scanning around, Arhain saw the Dark Elf and another being in a duel. Cursing a dark oath, Arhain lept off the sail's mast and landed upon the deck with a cat like grace. His cape settling behind him as he turned round, his hat covering most of face. Moving closer to the duel, he watched as the human dealt a flurry of strikes, preparing himself.

Fool, thought Arhain, giving off to such showmanship shows off your weaknesses.

Arhain's own sword arm twitched and he knew why. The dark kinsman that was in the duel was a stain to his people's honour and only threw death shall it be avenged.

Arhain relaxed into a crouched position and watched the beginnings of the duel, it ws going to be interesting.

10-03-2006, 01:14
Drake looked at the crew that was on the deck it looked like a dual had allready begun.

Hmmm? and a high elf wacthing. this could be interesting.

Tanith Ghost
10-03-2006, 04:18
Merzak pulled a dagger from his belt, holdig it in reverse grip. The serrated sword caught Gabriel's blade, then Merzak's less the ham-like fist brought the dagger into contact with Gabriel's second sword. Both hands tied Gabriel caught Merzak's headbutt full on. "Under estimate a druchii at your own risk, master. We're not as easy to beat. Our misguided brothers, perhaps. But not the sones of Naggoroth." Merzak said, hoping that an asur was in the crew, and in earshot. "It's so amusing how personaly they take it" Merzak said catching his serrated weapon against both Gabriel's swords, then punching
the man in the chest a few times before faling back a pace to avoid a vengeful slash. "Especialy considering that we are the agreived party."
Steel rang on steel, druchii weapon vs asur blade. "I know my history.
The asur denied Lord Malekith his rightful place. Then exiled us for fighting back against their treason." Merzak surprised Gabriel with a reversse slash of the dagger, which was only cover for his serrated blade making a try to draw blood. It missed, but only by the narrowest of margins. "Why am I telling you this, you wonder? Because as asur would never tell you the truth. An asur would never admit they were the weak ones. An asur would never admit that their king is a mere pretender to the throne." The weapons spoke again, sparks flying from Merzak's attempts to hit. Consider it a mark of respect,
master." Merzak's attempts to draw blood were being narrowly stopped.
Gabriel was clearly the more skilled, but Merzak perferred to save face. He would admit such later, over a drink. But for now he would fight til blood was drawn.

Lord Setra
10-03-2006, 10:34
Raule rised from his pallet, shaking off the mist that clouded his head from last nights drinking.

He walked over to his small chest and pulled out a white shirt and pulled on his trousers. He picked up his sword from where it lay in its rest and fastened it to his back. He left his room and heard sounds of fighting coming from above him.

Damn and they are just on the bloody ship.

He climed up onto the deck and selected one of the railings for his perch.

He pulled an apple from his pocket a couple of days old but still edible.

"You there whats this all about"

One of the sailors turned and shouted,

"No idea, but its good watching sir"

"Aye it is that, it is"

He knew he should probably break it up, but a part of him knew that this was one he would rather watch

Thane McHammer
10-03-2006, 10:51
Gabriel was enjoying himself. As they spun around, Gabriel flicked the attacking blades back at the last moment, seeing how close they could get before he deflected their blows. Here was a foe that had some decent expierence, though he lacked conviction. That bothered him somewhat. As Merzak spoke, Gabriel shut him out. The speeches were little more than an ego boost, a ploy to intimidate him and boost the elfs confidence. The confidence should already be there...

Gabriel suddenly dropped his arm, opening his defences slightly. The elf took the feint, and lunged. As he did, Gabriel caught the tip of the barbed blade with his sword and twisted. The weapon spun though the air, before burrying itself in the decking. Merzak's eyes were narrowed in concentration, and a rivulet of sweat dripped down his brow. Gabriel toyed with him, distracting him with a fake slash only to twist and come back with a back-handed stab. Merzak was hard pressed to deflect them.

He could sense the elf's anger, the need to win. Gabriel was just going through the motions now. Suddenly, the elf dropped low and aimed a kick at Gabriel's knee. It was almost painfully slow. Sidestepping it, he brought the flat of his blade around and smacked Merzak around the head, rasing a weal but bringing no blood. This final insult was too much. As Merzak regained his balance, he lunged headlong at Gabriel, bringing his weapon to bare. Embedding his blades in the decking, Gabriel met him head on, grabbing the elf's wrist with one hand and his throat with another.

The deck shook as Merzak was lifted into the air and slammed back down. The sword clattered on the wood, the nerves numb from shock. Gabriel had straddled Merzak, and looked down at him, eye to eye. One blue and one green caught Merzak's, and they held them steady.

"You fight well, Merzak the Red". His voice was low and steady. "But you lack the skills to become a true master. You fight with anger, for hate, and for greed. All these things hold you back. I have no with to shed your blood, unless you insist."

He released his grip on throat and wrist, and took a deep breath, gathering his thoughts.

"If you wish, I shall teach you, and we shall see how well you learn...."

With that, he got up and held out his hand to the prone elf. Gabriel's eyes were still locked to Merzak's. The crew watched and waited....

Spangley Special
10-03-2006, 10:57
Hans woke up bleary eyed and hung over. he looked down.... "ehh? how did i fall asleep DRUNK all the way up here on a yardarm and not fall to my grizzly death?!"hans thought to himself as he watched the crew 50 feet below.

"and hang on where the hell is my left boot?!" hans pondered

10-03-2006, 11:08
Arhain had listened to the Druci's words and merely smiled at them. The Druchi could sense his presence, of that he was sure. No matter the foul dreg had been given a bleeding wound from the ship and it gave Arhain a small amount of pleasure to watch the fallen one worm in pain.

Arhain left his crouched position and climbed up the mast, heading towards the top area where he would sit and watch the seas. As he reached the top, he pulled out a small eye glass and began to look around, taking in the port. He hated dry land and preferred being at the sea where no one could find you.

He was still being hunted as far as he knew and staying in one place for such a time was not acceptable.

Sighing, he re-lit his pipe and began to smoke on it. Ignoring the rest of the world as he watched the sea gulls fight over food.

10-03-2006, 11:09
Gideon woke with a start and sat bolt upright, hitting his head on the low roof as he did so.. he looked to his sides.. passed out women.. typical of his to get drunk and sleep in a brothel. He was gathering up his gear when a large bald man crashed through the door "Who are you?!!!" The man pulled out a pistol and fired it wide over Gideon shoulder "Sleep with my daughters!! Im going to run you through!" the man drew a sword and charged. Gideon grabbed his coat and his belt and jumped from the window landing on his feet and then sprinting down the street trying to put on his boots properly. He got his boots on and threw his jacket over his shoulder and went to reach for "MY HAT!!!" he turned and ran back towards the house which in the daylight looked nothing like a brothel, it was infact a butchers. He could hear the man crashing around the shop. he ducked underneath the window and climbed into the girls room again. They turned around covering themselves up and screamed, "Good morning to you to ladies" He heard foot steps coming up the stairs he turned grabbed his hat from the bed post put it on his head before jumping back out of the window again. He ran for the ship as fast as he could.

10-03-2006, 11:11
Dael heard the cracks of the whip, and clambered back on board. He looked questioningly at the quarter master, then at the two crew that had been fighting.
Dael's eyes widdened with rage when he saw the Elf.
"Dark Elf Bastard!!" The Berzerker roared, towering over the Elf now that he'd stopped haunching, his massive frame and height dwarfing the Elf. "May the Gods' destroy your soul when you die! You have no honour!"
Of course, no one could understand him, but the general drift of it was understood.
With that, Dael grabbed onto the ships' mast and hauled himself upwards, using a rope and the mast to climb himself up to the crow's nest, where he sat, haunched over again. Now is not the time to kill... but blood will beckon me...

OOC - Sorry for the terrible pun, ;)

10-03-2006, 11:16
Arhain watched the barbarian climb up the mast and allowed himself a small grin. He had understood the Norse's words and knew instinctly he could have a potential ally if the Druchi needed putting down for whatever reason.

It was a pirate ship and things happened to people while at sea, things that were best left un-talked about.

'Your time will come, Dael,' Arhain replied in the crude Norse language, hoping it was the right one as the damned Norse had hundreds of dialecs and even seperate languages. Arhain was slightly perched out of the Norse's field of vision and Arhain awaited for it to turn round and reply.

OoC/Hmm never actually thought about it, but Arhain (being an Elf (same with Tanith) would be able to understand the Norse as the Elves either studied it or lived close enough to the Chaos Wastes to learn the language....)/OoC

10-03-2006, 11:21
Dael spun around sharply. "You talk with a damnable Yusak accent!" He smirked. "I'm from Skaelings."

"As for time... time is but an illusion; midday-feast (lunch) time doubly so," said Dael. "I've lived for fourty human years, and I'm still 'young'."

OOC- Slazton - Now who nothing about Warhammer? :p
I completely forgot about an Elf's language abilities... :D

10-03-2006, 11:34
OoC/I shine every once in awhile. It was actually a D&D thing that reminded me of the Elf ability :p. Go D&D!/OoC

'Time is more relavent to you than me,' Arhain said with a slight chuckle. 'My accent may be off, for that I do apologise. It is difficult to force this accent through my voice.'

Arhain moved delicately across the main mast and walked towards Dael.

'I am Arhain, ex-swordsmaster of my brethren,' Arhain said with a slight bow. 'Who do I have the pleasure of meeting?'

Spangley Special
10-03-2006, 11:54
Hans, held on to the yard for dear life as Dael, the huge barbarian climbed the mast causing the yard that hans had awoken on to sway.

"hey watch it!" Hans called out to the huge norseman

10-03-2006, 13:52
Drake looked out over the ship. Gideon should have been back by now but then again he often found a way to "Mingle" with the locals. this mingleing usally got him in trouble but the young should have fun while they still could.

Gideon came up the deck running out of breath and by the looks of it he had had just came back form some mingleing.

"so who's father is after you this time?" Drake said some what chuckleing ah youth how much he missed it.

Hate Train
10-03-2006, 16:01
From where he rested on the deck, somewhat uncomfortably too, Miguel took in the duel. He knew his hands were quick, but hardly quick enough to take either of the combatants in a real fight. With any luck he'd be getting a nice comfortable cabin to himself sometime soon. He licked his lips, they were a little dry in the morning air.

10-03-2006, 16:16
Roberto woke up with a groan. He shouldn't have had so much of that elvish wine to drink last night. He stumbled up to the top and then suddenly retched over the rail. Definitely not so much. He rubbed his bleary eyes and saw a duel going on on the other side of the deck. Eh? An Elf and a Human? He walked over to the duel, his head cleared. They were both good, but then suddenly the Human rushed into the Elf and chokeslammed him to the deck. Nice.

Tanith Ghost
10-03-2006, 20:01
Merzak too the offered hand. "You also fight well. Don't get me wrong, I may fight for greed, and ocasionaly out of hate, but I respect those who do so for skill and honor." He sheathed the serrated blade and replaced the dagger.
"I am deafeated. You are clearly the better warrior. I bow to your comand."

He saw the asur up in the rigging out of the corner of his eye.
"So there was one of my erstwhile brethren present for what I said. I wonder what compelled to little asur to hold his tounge?" He was puzzled though, as to why the norseman was angry with him. No point antagonizing him as well.
Such a crude barbarian could be dangerous, but could prove quite useful is properly...motivated. The asur on the other hand, would need dealing with one day, and in a matter befitting an elf. Their borish obsession with the honor of elves drove them to attack eventualy. Eventualy was the key word here. Some sport was in order.

"Asur!" He shouted up to the rigging. "I know you're there, little asur.
I know what you're thinking. You wish me dead, by your own hand. As do all your treasonous kin. I've killed your kind before, asur. I've lost count of how many asur ships the ark I served on captured. Perhaps sometime I'll tell you what we do with asur we take alive." Chilling druchii laughter followed, as Merzak left to locate the ship armory. Let the asur chew on that for a bit.

10-03-2006, 20:32
Qolm exited from below, and walked across the deck to the bow. There he stood, feeling the way the breeze played across his skin. Qolm was a quiet man, from deep within Albany. Some had said he was bound to become a druid, with the way he was in tune with the forces of the world.

He had to flee, however, when the accursed Lizard-men of the Old World had plagued his homelands, murdering all they encountered. He could feel the winds of destiny changing in Albion, and knew it was time to abandon his home. He took up ship with one of the many crews fleeing the misty Isle, and had eventually wound up in the employ of Diego.

A lot to think about. He didn't even pay attention to the ruckus being stirred up by the Elves.

10-03-2006, 21:00
'Excuse me,' Arhain said as he fell directly to the surface of the boat. He gently fixed his cape and tipped his hat forward.

'Ah a Druchi, how long has it been since I flayed one of your kin and displayed their served heads for all to see?' questioned Arhain more to himself than anyone else. 'It has been a long time.'

Arhain laughed darkly and flashed a grin at the Druchi.

'I am Arhain, ex-swordsmaster and well, more or less like you, on the run from something,' Arhain said with a bow. 'Now it would make this voyage more pleasurable if I did not cross swords with you, but do not think I woud not gladly kill you if it something were to provoke it.'

Arhain yawned and withdrew his blade.

It made a slight whistle as the blade was unsheathed and Arhain displayed it for the Druchi to see.

'Its Elven in make and a gift from my ex-master for besting him,' Arhain said gently pulling off a few swings showing how nimble he was with the sword. 'His blood now stains it.'

Arhain re-sheathed it and looked at the Druchi.

'Anything to say, Druchi?' asked Arhain with a laugh. 'Surprised I have not tried to kill you? You are not worth my attention.'

Thane McHammer
10-03-2006, 23:20
Gabriel finished dispersing the rest of the crew from their watching positions, and turned to the new elf.

Merzak looked like he was about to say something when Gabriel held up his hand to stop him.

"Stow your tongues, elves. Merzak, attend to the armoury. Mid-deck, opposite the supplies" he said, tone low and firm to make his point.

He dug his blades from their positions in the decking, and sheathed them in a harness he had strapped to his back.

"An ex-swordmaster, you say? I thought the bladesmen of the White Tower were oath bound to service..." He raised an eyebrow as he said this.

He did not take to this new elf as he had for Merzak. He was wrong on many levels. Whatever plagued the elf, it exuberated an aura Gabriel could taste in the back of his throat, acidic and bitter. Merzak had reasons for fighting and killing...this elf struck him as the kind to kill for the sake of killing...

Tanith Ghost
10-03-2006, 23:52
"Yes, master." Merzak said, bowing. There was no point disputing the matter.
On a more subtle level, it was a more insulting shot at the elf than any parting remark could be. It boasted of his superior disipline in a way only
Arhain could detect. It amused him to no end he was getting the last word without saying a word. He was careful to conceal his emotions in the eyes of
his master, and strode down the deck to the armory.

He checked each sword, knife, dagger, and all others weapons with a practiced eye, paying particular attention to the throwing knives.
Such profitable weapons, and so cheap to make.
He could have told Gabriel about the oaths of the white tower, of course, and that the asur must be a criminal, an outcast. Amusing as it was to taunt him, Arhain was already walking the dark path. A nudge in the right direction
and he just might come around to the druchii way of thinking.

10-03-2006, 23:56
'Does my aura disturb you weapon master?' asked Arhain as if he had read Gabriel's thoughts. 'Yes, I was bound by service, but there are ways of breaking such oaths.'

Arhain bowed once more, taking his hat off and waving it down as he bowed.

'You have spoiled my play, such things are often unwise,' Arhain said, his eyes fixed on Gabriel's. Arhain suddenly laughed and climbed back up the mast to the rafters, perching once more.

Suddenly his arm whipped out and a seagull fell to the deck, landing at Gabriel's feet.

11-03-2006, 00:30
OOC: My e-penis is bigger than your e-penis! Can we ease up on the squabbling before someone gets killed?

Thane McHammer
11-03-2006, 00:31
Gabriel knelt to pick up the prone bird. It's neck had been broken by the blow, and it lay at a sick angle.

He picked it up and cradled it, holding it softly in his large hands. Craning his neck, he found the face of the grinning elf, and their eyes met.

Your aura might disturb me, but mine is pure terror in your soul

The voice seemed to echo silently though the air, too low for human ears, but a whisper to the elf. Blue and green eyes flashed, and an image filled the void. A crescent bound to a moon, irridecent and shimmering.

As suddenly as it came, it faded away. Gabriel brought his hands, holding the gull, up to his face, and blew softly. The gull shot out his hands, propelled by an ethereal wind, spread it's wings, and flew out over the open sea.

With a nod to the crew, who had somehow remained blissfully unaware of what had just happened, Gabriel ducked under the door, and went to join Merzak.

11-03-2006, 10:38
Roberto strode off towards the site where he had been told to make some oars. He stabbed a dagger into the deck to mark the spot and went below to get his carpentry gear. After a moment he came back up and the dagger was gone. "Should have known better than to leave something unattended on a ship of pirates." he murmured to himself.

11-03-2006, 12:09
OoC/Nid this is all harmless banter and character setting.....Well thats how I'm treating it :p/OoC

Arhain watched the seagull he had killed fly away. Arhain cocked his head in confusion. Did this human have control over the etheral winds of magic? Arhain shook his head, he could not feel any magical energies about the man. The foolish human had used a bound item or something to fool Arhain. Arhain merely laughed.

'No human you do not terror me,' Arhain said to himself. 'You interest me, Excutioner.'

Arhain decided it would be best to have an ally at this point as his fellow pirates were not ones he could turn his back on.

'Foolish whelps,' scowled Arhain as he watched the crew doing their assigned tasks, making ready to leave. Arhain scanned the ship's deck for the captain, but could not see the man. Only the Captain and the Quarter Master held sway over Arhain as it was their hospitality that Arhain relied on to stay alive.

11-03-2006, 21:21
Dael looked back at Hans, then climbed down from the mast back to him. The Norseman grinned, before clambering back up, making the yard wobble more as the Norscan's huge frame shook the mast.
He turned to the Elf. "Dael Loninart of the Skaelings," he said, extending his hand to Arhain. "As for time; a Norscan can easily live for up to a hundred years before coming old; such is the life of being on the edge of the Chaos Wastes; it enhances you. Mutates you eventually. Luckily, I escaped before that happened to me."

12-03-2006, 02:52
'The winds of Blight affects all including the Children of Isha,' Arhain said picking out the Dark Elf amongst the crew. 'They were once considered brothers and sisters until they had alligned themselves with the Witch King and the Goddess of Pleasure eons ago, tearing our marvelous society apart piece by piece. It is true that even those such as I can become such corrupt and vile beings with no true honour.'

The Norse seemed confused as Arhain had portrayed a different manner altogether prior to this. The Norse shook his head, damned Elves and their trickery.

'I seek to find my death,' Arhain said with a grin. 'I will keep killing until I meet the one that I am destined to be killed by. I serve no other purpose.'

Arhain shook his head and then looked at Dael.

'We all have a story, what is yours Dael Loninart of the Skaelings?'

Tanith Ghost
12-03-2006, 03:26
"All weapons are in order, master. Blades sharpened, bows and crossbows
have ammunition, and irregualr weaponry had been seen to." Merzak said as Gabriel joined him at the armory. "Beseeching your pardon if it's not my place to say master, but the asur is untrustworthy." When Gabriel didn't repremand him, he went on. "One does not simply leave being a swordmaster. He is disgraced at the very least, and a tainted outcast as well. Even in dishonor though, he hates druchii. He is like us in every way but name and the reasons he uses to justify himself."

12-03-2006, 15:44
"In a way, Elf, I seek a death, just like you, just like a Dwarfen Trollslayer. I am in Exile, for reasons I will not explain. I joined the ship a while ago to serve as the Captain's bodyguard. Perhaps, Arhain, we could seek death together?"
Dael looked around, then looked down at the decks. "The Dark Elf must die; his people have raided mine, and whenever we tried raiding back, it was a slaughter. Not from their people, but from your people's patrols."

12-03-2006, 17:49
Some choice words came out of Diego's mouth upon being woken from his well deserved rest, suffice to say the crew man who had drawn the short straw in wakening him was soon making a hasty exit. Grumbling as he got up and pondered where his sword had gone.. he quickly changed his clothes over to get rid of the spilled rum. He glanced out the window just as dawn broke.. Now thats timing he muttered. He glanced around once more looking for his sword, he located it and muttered somthing about weapon masters needing flogged..

He strolled out onto the deck and glanced around he was rather amused that most of the crew lined up like some kind of naval ship. "you wretches, where is the damn salute?" he laughed as a few of the new crew members saluted.. "Lets get on with it then, were not going to earn a living sitting in port are we?" After quickly issuing a few orders the sailors set to their tasks, running up the sails and untying the mooring lines.

Ok, were putting to sea, carry out your duties and feel free to post as we set out, not just as were still making ready. Also, I am sorry for the slow continuation I was kinda busy with other things, back im back and here now.

12-03-2006, 22:55
Rufus hurried out of the captain's cabin. He'd forgotten how irritated the captain could be first thing in the morning. He stood behind the captain as he gave his orders. Regardless of Diego's informality, Rufus could not quite bring himself to forgo the decorum his noble blood seemed to force upon him. Truthfully he would have been happier on a naval vessel. Sadly his illegitimacy barred him from anything but cannon crewing on a Bretonnian vessel. His knightly vow made that an impossibility.

"You heard the captain!" Rufus snarled, snapping out of his musings. "Get to work!" Using the flat of his sword on any that seemed a trifle too slow Rufus scattered any sailors that crossed his path. As he strode to the galley Rufus had every intention of delivering upon his threat to Malky if something was not ready.

Hate Train
12-03-2006, 23:10
Miguel observed the Captain with watchful eyes. It took him only a few moments to plot a course of action. His face slightly reddening, he lifted his bulk from the deck, then scooped up his bag. Waddling heavily, he reached the Captain from where he was sitting in only a few seconds.
"Captain," Miguel continued without waiting for a reply. "I'll be needing a cabin, to myself, for sleeping as well as operating. If you'd lead the way..."

13-03-2006, 01:44
'Perhaps Death will find us all,' Arhain said quietly as he heard Captain Diego belting orders. 'It seems the good captain had awaken from his drunken slumber. We shall be setting sail soon. I have duties to attend to. Good morning Dael.'

Arhain fell of the main mast and landed near the Captain. Making a slight bow, Arhain approached the man.

'Captain, I suggest we head out east,' whispered Arhain. 'I saw a loaded merchant vessal heading off in that direction. Ripe with riches and plunder.'

Arhain backed off and winked. The ship also contained alot of soldiers, but this was of no concern or a detail Arhain felt the Captain should know. Arhain gathered information, it was what he was good at, detail. Even his swordsmanship spoke of it, each slash leaving intricate lines as he killed his oppenent.

If the Captain showed any interest it was lost on Arhain as he still had issues reading human body language and merely bowed, leaving the Captain's prescence(sp?).

Tanith Ghost
13-03-2006, 01:50
"Making friends with the nordic barbarian, asur?" Merzak called in Arhain's direction. "Odd choice of allies, you have, little asur." He said, in a matter of fact tone. "Unless your parting from the vaunted White tower was less than....cordial...." He let it hang. Perhaps that would spark a reaction.

13-03-2006, 02:24
'Threaten me with word games Druchi, is that all you have oh gracious and dark one?' mocked Arhain as he stepped into Merzak's vision.

Arhain knew what the Druchi wanted, a noble fight, one that would settle their blood fued their predecesors had begun so long ago. It was the fun of keeping his waiting that Arhain was enjoying most.

'My depature from the tower would please you if I told you,' Arhain said with a laugh. 'It would make you think more of me.'

Tanith Ghost
13-03-2006, 02:33
"Words are all you can handle, little asur." Merzak said evenly. "Words are all I care to offer for now. I'm not being paid to kill my fellow crew, not even a treasonous little asur. Bowing you to Lord Malekith's will is not my job. Right now." He added the last part deliberately. Most asur could not stand to hear the witch king called 'lord'. "Defiance of the true ruler of elves is not becoming you, asur."

13-03-2006, 02:42
'You speak of Calador the one who passed through the flames, correct? Not the vile daemon that was burned by the Phoinex flames?' asked Arhain with a laugh. 'If Lord Malekith was truly King then would he not be King? Would his body have been burned by the flames?'

Arhain knew the words were lost on the lesser intelligence of the Druchi who only saw hatred and darkness, who had lost the connection with their lands and their people.

'If words is all you think I can handle then you underestimate me,' Arhain said with a long sigh. 'Of course your death is not mine to deliver as you are not worthy of my blade.'

Arhain let that settle in and laughed in a dark manner.

'Druchi are always predictable,' sighed Arhain. 'Simple mindless killers with nothing more pleasing than with the riches it brings. Ah nothing more than mere humans.'

Tanith Ghost
13-03-2006, 06:32
"Caledor the usurper? No, I speak of Malekith, who was burned by the trickery of asur mages. The phoenix flame would never have burned Lord Malekith." Merzak said, voice dripping with venom. My death is not yours to give because you cannot do it. Your death however, is well within my rights as an elf. Consider yourself fortunate you are needed by the captain, for now."

Merzak turned his back on Arhain, indicating the conversation was over.
"With my responsibilities seen to, master, I will be having a glass of rum
on the forcastle deck, as we are due to sail in moments. Perhaps you will join me? There are many stories of Naggoroth I could tell you."

13-03-2006, 07:15
Qolm turned from his position at the tip of the ship leaning on the rail, and watched as the dark Elf approached. He cared not for elves, nor for most people, but did not feel hostility towards this one. There was some inner feeling that this dark one would prove to be a powerful ally.

"Ho, Elf" he said in his native Albany tongue, forgetting for the moment to speak regularly. (OOC: What's the standard langguage we're using?)

13-03-2006, 11:04
OoC/I would imagine it being standard Imperial launguage rather than anything special....alas that is for Xavier to solve./OoC

Arhain allowed the Druchi to turn his back on him and instantly his left arm rushed forward and twisted sending forth a small arrow that embedded itself in the mast within a hair's breathe of Merzak's head.

'I am sorry, I missed,' laughed Arhain. 'Remember Druchi your death can easily be arranged by my hands, but as I once said, you are not worthy of fighting me. I have already bested you and we have not fought, does this not tell you something? You can feel it in your core, a pain knowing you could not best me in combat and it angers you. Run back to your Master little Druchi for you may have so little time with him, provided my hands don't slip again.'

Arhain had now made a chess move, something that could lead to a fight, but Arhain's sword arm was itching and the Druchi would prove a useful warmup.

The Blademaster took a few steps back and then melted into the bustling bodies of fellow pirates.

'I'm watching you,' echoed slightly as the Asur disappeared.

Spangley Special
13-03-2006, 15:53
Hans scambled down from the yardarm. he looked around the deck for a moment. "there it is" Hans mumbled to him self as he picked up a beaten up old leather boot and pulled it onto his foot.

"ha ha now i'm ready for anything!" hans exclaimed

13-03-2006, 17:13
OOC/Like I said earlier we aren't using major language rules unless people are playing up too it, like the norscan and albion(ian)? In saratosa it would be estalian since we are in estalia.

Tanith Ghost
13-03-2006, 17:59
"Quolm, is it? The man of Albion." Merzak replied. "We elves know more than our native toungues." He explained. "I am Merzak the red, exiled son of Naggoroth." He waited to see how the man would react.

13-03-2006, 19:45
Rufus froze when he saw the dart appear in the mast. In his mast. He spun in his heel and sidled up to Ahrain, following him through the crowd. He knew the Asur was aware of him and that this dance was merely another petty elven game. He stopped, he wasn't in the mood. The Asur turned with that patronising grin all elves seemed to wear when addressing the sons of humanity. It irked Rufus massively but he held his feelings in check. This was not his ship, this was his captain's ship.

"Ahrain I don't care whatever petty struggles you creatures have in the wider world. On board this ship you work together. If anyone's going to lose their life on this ship it will be by the Captain's orders not yours. Do I make myself clear?"

A look of utter contempt flashed across the elf's features but Rufus didn't give a damn what this fairy thought of him. Then a strange feeling, a creeping terror seemed to eminate from the elf. Rufus clutched the trinket he kept with him always.

13-03-2006, 21:22
Qolm nodded in agreement at the dark elf's statement. His golden eyes flashed, and he asked quizzicaly "How think ye of the winds? Be they favorable?" He was referring to the winds, but more so. He was curious if these non-humans just felt the world as he did. The winds indeed felt fortuitous, laden heavy with probabilities and good fortune for the crew. He couldn't wait to set sail. He felt they should head north.

Tanith Ghost
13-03-2006, 22:11
"They usualy are at the start of a voyage." He smiled. "The sun is on our side,
and there is no ign of foul weather on any horizon." He pured a glass of rum from the bottle he procured from the stores on his way forward. He offered Qolm a glass. "To the Ruby, may she bring us to great deeds and and great wealth on these high seas."

14-03-2006, 07:29
Qolm declined the drink. "The visions in my head get stronger when I lose control of my body. Things I don't need to see." He looked at the horizon.

Tanith Ghost
14-03-2006, 07:40
"Not everyone agrees with alcohol." Merzak said, draining his own glass. "The winds of magic are a heavy burden to bear." He refilled his glass. "If you'll pardon my asking, Qolm, what drove you to leave your life on Albion?"

14-03-2006, 07:52
"Visions. Fiery plagues, daemon reptiles rising from the swamps. The scourge is coming to Albion. It was time for me to leave." the lanky man sighed.

14-03-2006, 10:22
Gideon looked towards Drake panting, he didnt normally need to sprint on the ship, he was not used to it.. "I think it's the local butcher.. or a knife fanatic, but his daughters were worth it" He walked off to carry out his duties, checking the cannons, making sure the powder was dry, all the things the master gunner didn't want to do. "My head hurts..."

14-03-2006, 12:31
Arhain looked at the Norse. A Norse against killing? A Norse implimanting rules? Perhaps they were not all barbarians as Arhain once thought, no matter.

'If I intended to kill do you think I would have missed?' questioned Arhain. 'You mortals would not understand what I have done. The Druchi knows I could have killed him, but I spared his life. Its an insult.'

Arhain sighed deeply.

'Now then, I have somewhere to go,' Arhain said as he walked away. Arhain saw the Druchi speaking with one of those with the witch sight. Alarm bells warned Arhain as he watched the Druchi.

Arhain was not amused by the Druchi or its presecence, however, it would make the journey more interesting.

So the Druchi was gathering allies, no matter. Arhain knew he would need an ally or two, but would he really need them?

14-03-2006, 16:38
Roberto noticed the two elves swapping venomous glances, and wondered what to make of it. He thought it would end up as a fight, but didn't know who to root for. He then checked his weapons and realised he had no bullets for his pistol. He ambled across to the weapon's master, his easy manner masking his tension in the way he had learnt at home. Before he started pirating.

EDIT: spelling

Tanith Ghost
14-03-2006, 16:52
"You speak of the lizards." Merzak said. "Terrible creatures, bloodthirsty barbarians. And horendously strong mages. I've only fought them once, when I was much younger. But we lost nearly our whole ark crew. Over 40 score elves cut down by those monsters before we pushed them back off our ship. And even then the carnage would not end. The smaller beast stole aboard while we were occupied, and harried us for days, nearly killing us all.
Only a hundred of us made is home out of a crew and raiding party of over a thousand. We would have been done for if the witch elves hadn't broken
the will of their line infantry. They were wiped out, but they repelled the lizards before they died. That was the only reason we escaped."

14-03-2006, 22:06
Pilmalkin stepped out onto the deck and clambered onto a barrel buy the opening and cleared his throat loudly. "Gentlemen, Breakfast is ready." the short sentance rung a little quiet through most of the crew as they made their way to get food. Before the first crewmember could go through the door Malky shoved a wooden pole in the way blocking the doorway "Ohh and incase any of you get the bright idea of raiding my pantries, Some of those bottles contain stuff alot deadlier then rum." Malky smiled as he herd splutters and wretching. "Carry on!"

EDIT: OOC: if any of you want to rp about the food lol, its whatever the first person who writes about it wants it to be, So be creative... But keep inmind its made buy a devious halfling who drinks alot. I dont think he remembers making most of the breakfast either so ya know, dont expect first class cuisine. It might taste good or average but it might just be good tasting dog food, wait , that costs to mutch. Still hes not a bad cook :D

:D Enjoy!

Ohh and avoid annoying him, he has a loaded pistol and a mean temper, or he might fling stuff at you like a monkey

Spangley Special
15-03-2006, 09:31
Hans walked over to Gideon, looked him up and down.
"you're a mess.. i hope she was worth it and i hope who ever chased you did'nt see what ship you boarded cos i could do with out the hassel..." Hans laughed as he absent mindedly spun one of his many throwing knifes in his fingers.
".....the elves are being all serious as usaul.. and the Barbian is being his usual abrasive self. Glad to see another fairly normal human is back aboard."

16-03-2006, 20:30
OOC Slazton I'm a Bretonnian not a Norseman! :P OOC

Rufus stood for a few moments but decided to leave the elf alone. He had said his piece. Turning he strode purposefully to where Malky was serving breakfast, a thin porridge. He flashed Malky a smile. "Now my friend," he said, stooping to whisper to the Halfling, "same deal as always? A bottle of Bordeleaux claret for getting proper meals on our voyage? Come on now, who else has access to the Duke's personal cellar?"

16-03-2006, 23:21
OoC/I was chatting to Darmort's character. As far as I know our characters have not met one another as of yet? Correct?/OoC

Arhain stood on the mast and began a sword dance, practising thrusts and killing blows with ease as he went through the usual movements. There was nothing else to do aboard the ship and doing such activities kepts his skills sharp and his mind calm. He could feel the killing drive within him, tempering slowly for each breathe the accursed Druchi took, the sheer white rage burning through his very core.

He calmed his mind and soothed the burning rage as he thought of the mantras his once living swordmaster taught him, each one sharping his mind and his sword till they became one, till the blade became nothing more than an extension of his arm, a part of his soul. He became a blur as he made strike after strike into the air, working through the movmements of the ritual until he finally stopped.

Arhain then sat down and sprayled out, taking in the warm sun and the cool breeze. He no longer had a worry in the world.

17-03-2006, 00:37
OOC: Whats in it for malky?

Malky looked shocked at the brettonian, "Thats Wrong, Underhand And Unethical, And exactly what i would do. So what am i getting out of it?" Malky smiled, he loved to be in positions of power, and batering with others.

17-03-2006, 00:49
"You don't get grilled over an open fire for breakfast," rumbled the Albionian as he entered for breakfast. "Give up the food for an honest starving sailor then!"

Tanith Ghost
17-03-2006, 07:00
"As well the things I could do to you, halfling." Merzak said with more than a hint of menace. ""While we're young, shorty. I don't have all day."

17-03-2006, 11:07
OOC: I was only talking to SamW stop threating me for no reason

17-03-2006, 20:19
Hearing Hans' comments Gideon nodded, "Oh they were worth it, nah he never saw the ship.. I don't think anyway.. So you fancy some "breakfast" tubby? Maybe today it will be something recognisable as food.." With that Gideon headed towards the halfling to enquire as to what the breakfast was knowing fullwell he was only going to get some muffled responce followed by a try it you might enjoy it.

18-03-2006, 21:37
OOC Slazton, I'm the guy that told you off for throwing the knife! Check back OOC

"Halfling," said Rufus, "you know I have my connections back at my brother's castle, including to the cellar-keeper." Rufus paused to let the Halfling catch his drift. "You have a certain...fondness...for alcoholic beverages. I'm sure drinking nothing but this pirate swill must hurt a conneissuer such as yourself. I have a fair few bottles hidden around the ship if you were interested, straight from the private reserves of a Bretonnian Duke."

Rufus waited for the Halflings response.

Tanith Ghost
18-03-2006, 21:56
Merzak caught the tail end of the Bretonian's offer. "Forgive my interuption,
sir, but I could not help but overhear you are in posession of good beverage.
Suppose I were to pay special attention to your weapons, keep them in perfect condition, despite the wear and tear the ocean inflicts on metal. Perhaps one of these bottle of wine would turn out to be hidden in my bunk?"

ooc//Don't just post one liners Shuya, post some kind of IC action to justify it.

Lord Setra
18-03-2006, 21:59
Raule woke with a start.

Damn he had nodded off again, he peered down and say his apple floating off in the water.

He noticed the fight had broke up and that most of the crew had disappeared below decks.

The smell of cooking caugh his nostrels and headed towards the kitchens. He nodded to the odd crew member and strolled into the galley.

The halfling seemed to have his hands full but Raule knew the food would be good, not that he let on.

"Right where is my pig swill this morning" The broad grin dispelled any doubt that he was insulting the halfling"

The halfling threw one of the empty bottles that were strewn around the floor at Raule. He ducked chuckling at Malky.

He though it was probably time to introduce himself.

"Gents I am Raule, the ships quatermaster. On the voyage I am the law under the captain his words are my weapons and I will enforce them with iron will. Of course I will still keep the grog flowing"

Cheers filled the air at that comment.

"So do any of you have any stories to tell while we feast on this.......fine meal"

Tanith Ghost
19-03-2006, 00:18
"If you wish, I could recall an exploit or two of the black ark I once served on." Merzak spoke up when the quartermaster asked for stories.
"It was off to the far west, past cold Naggoroth, near the coast of far Cathay. An asur warship had been tailing us for days, harrying us relentlessly.
They had mages with them, mages who lashed at our ship with fire and water.
Sometimes they even closed in to bolt thrower range, and our artilery crews braved their magic barrage to fend them off with our own bolt throwers.
We had only one mage with us. She claimed the time was not right to confront the asur. So further west we sailed, the asur ship in pursuit.

Finaly, after a week of attrition, we saw land, the lights of a Cathayan port in the dark. Our mage came up on the deck, and set in motion a spell, comanding our captain to hold our course. Our captain protested, for our course would see us beached in the shallows. The rock shelf was getting perilously close, and the bottom deck reported only the height of an ogre below our keel. That's when our mage cast her spell. W could see in the dim moonlight of Morrsleib the asur ship stop suddenly, rocks rising from the water around her. They had run aground on the levitated stone from the shelf. We halted the ark, and came back around toward them. With the damage to their hull, they couldn't get away from us. We took her by storm in an hour of blood sloaked combat. Our losses were great, but we still had enough for a prize crew. We sailed for the outpost at Nippon with the asur ship in tow, and fifty seven prisoners to be taken to their fate in Naggoroth."

19-03-2006, 09:38
Arhain clapped his hands together as he came from a corner, applauded the Dark Elf in his wonderful story.

'A tale such as one was expected from my murderous dark kin,' Arhain said aloud as he moved to the table and sat with practised ease. 'I have a tale for that could be told, yes?'

Arhain cleared his throat and suddenly his voice changed as he began the story-telling.

It was a dark evening at the Outpost and Arhain was feeling the bite of the cold against his armured flesh. His Blademaster had ordered that three apprentices shall stand guard each night at the Outpost as a Dark Elf raiding party had been seen close to the borders. It was on this evening the raiding party attacked.

Quickly Arhain and his fellow apprentices gathered their weapons and ran to their charge, the Mage Ortanis. For two hours the Outpost held against the dark elves, pushing back their assault until one final brutal assault was made. It broke through the walls, pushing into the streets were brave militia died for their homes.

Mage Ortanis was in a frenzy as he launched spell after spell at the Dark Elves, killing scores upon scores of the bastard kin. Arhain and the apprentices held against those that aimed to kill Ortanis, quickly dispatching them with practised ease, Arhain began to tire of the killing as it became routine. Suddenly Maul, one of the other two apprentices, fell to his knees, blood gushing from his neck.

Arhain froze as he saw the naked woman before him. She was beatiful beyond compare with anything Arhain had ever seen and as he watched her kill the last of the other two apprentises, Arhain did nothing but watch, for he was under her spell.

Suddenly she cameat him and pure instincts took over as Arhain deflected her assault. As Arhain blocked strike after strike, the witch would snarl and hiss like a daemonette at Arhain trying to distract him. Arhain cursed as one of her blades hit his left shoulder and rammed his blade forward, stabbing her in the side.

The witch screamed in pain and jumped backwards, but Arhain had her. Swinging his sword, he sliced into her middrift and removed the body. The battle was over soon after that and the Dark Elf had won their victory. The Outpost was shattered, civilians lie dead, women screaming as they cradled their dead children, men crying over their wives' raped bodies, and those that mourned their missing kin, knowing their fate was worse than those around them.

Arhain then saw his charge, lying dead with an assassin's knife lodged in his chest. Arhain had failed and the Dark Elves would payin blood.

Ahrain looked around and took some food.

'You see the likeness of our story, kinsmen? Blood and murder, its all your kind can think of,' Arhain said as he then drank some milk. He dare not ask what milk it was, that it was provided was enough for him.

'Halfling, may I request a cup of green tea please?' asked Arhain politely from his seat.

OoC/Story was an impulse thing, hope it isn't too boring :p/OoC

19-03-2006, 10:36
Dael yawned slightly as he looked through the mists of the sea spray. Nothing in sight. Nothing within killing distance. Nothing that can kill me.
The Norseman sighed and vaulted from the crow's nest, catching a rope half way down to the deck, he halted, and felt his arm groan in protest at the stop. He kicked himself away from the mast, and slid down the rope, landing next to the wheel, making the ship rock slightly.
He looked at the helmsman, and then walked down into the deck. He thrust his hand up and then made a cup with the other, and pushed his finger into it, indicating that another sailor should take up position in the crows' nest. One of the more idle sailors at the bow of the ship quickly started climbing up the rigging towards the crow's nest, as Dael leaned against the railing of the ship, looking at one of the swivel guns. He half considered loading it and 'accidently' setting it off in the Dark Elf's face.
He chuckled deeply, and sat at the very front of the ship, his hands over the sides, catching the sea spray on them. Any other man would freeze, but he'd sustained a cold that was worse than this water. He merely gazed up into the sky.

Blood calls to blood, a small voice said in his mind.
Fights will come to be.

19-03-2006, 15:37
Rufus turned to the Drucchi. He disliked elves of any strain, and no Bretonnian from a coastal dukedom had not heard tales of their predations. He sighed though. Had he not told the Asur that on this ship all outside conflicts were to be set aside. He decided it would be wrong not to follow his own advice. "Drucchi," answered Rufus, "I look after my own weapons like any good warrior." With that he tore off his scarf and threw it into the air. With a flourish he brought his massive blade down and through the fabric. It floated gently to the ground, cut in two. Rufus smiled.

"It used to be magic my father told me once. One of our bloodline led an army against an elven incursion, raiding some of the ancient ruins that lie scattered across our land. A cabal of sorcerors leading troops in shining mail, and dragging from their ships those dishonourable bolt-throwers of theirs. They tore many brave knights from their saddles that day." Rufus paused in commemoration, as his father had done when he'd told him the story. "However our ancestor, Kegan, led his knights right into the heart of the foe, and his enchanted blade tore through the armour of his enemies. Finally he came face to face with the arch-witch that led them. The wizard pointed his staff at Kegan, and sorcerous fire surrounded the blade. It's own light slowly died in Kegan's hands, leaving it dull and lifeless. With that the elf spread his hands and changed from solid matter to a ghost, as the air invulnerable, laughing at Kegan's, as he thought, inability to hurt him. " Rufus chuckled darkly. "However, Kegan was still a Bretonnian Duke with a massive blade, even if it were not magical. Further, Kegan was that rarest of things. A knight who had sipped from the grail. Kegan's own holy fire flickered around his armour, twisting up and around the sword. And with that he cleaved the mage in two, the fae's scream echoing around the battlefield through the winds of magic. The elven army broke around him, fighting a desperate but determined rearguard back to their ships. This sword is a symbol that one should not trust to magic, but only to one's own faith and skill. And that definitely, one should never trust the tricks of elves. Nothing personal"

Rufus smiled at the Drucchi. "However, if you prove me wrong in the course of this trip...I may reconsider my opinion of your kind." With that, Rufus turned back to the Halfling.

Tanith Ghost
19-03-2006, 17:17
"You were fourtunate, asur. Very few men who hesitate against a witch elf live to tell of it. I grudgingly admire your luck in meeting the gaze of one and not loosing your life for it. Several crew on my ark were not as fortunate."
Merzak said, with a laugh. Some sage advice, little asur-'Want not for the brides of Khaine, for the only use they have for you is your blood.'
Not that I blame you, asur. Those witch elves are an eyeful, aren't they?"
Merzak laughed again. To the Bretoniaan he said "No offense taken.
Given that your lands are among those my people raid, it is understandable you mistrust elves."

19-03-2006, 17:27
'Yes she was enchanting,' Arhain said with a dark laugh. 'Tempting as she was, my blade is the one who got to touch that delicate flesh and give her what she wanted, flowing blood.'

Arhain looked at Merzak and smirked.

'Luck? Ah yes I guess it was luck that my tutors had taught me well and that I am a Swordsmaster with the elite skills that follow. Do not imagine it was luck for you will surely die if we cross swords,' Arhain warned. 'Of course that day will not happen, for I am not meant to kill you.'

Arhain paused and looked out for the half-ling, hoping the man was busy with his green tea.

Tanith Ghost
21-03-2006, 04:14
"Since you seen so enchanted with the brides of Khaine, I have a particularly
interesting story concerning them. Listen well, my weaker kinsman, for this tale was the closest brush with death I ever had..." Merzak said, with a look of recolection in his eyes. Only Qolm or another elf would pick up on it, but the look in Merzak's eyes also spoke of great pride, as if it had been his finest hour then.

"I had only been indentured on the Ark for a year when it happened. My first real clash with a serious foe. We had just sailed the great sea, headed east toward the coast of the old world. Bretonia was to be our port of call, for provisions and captives. The meddling asur saw fit to intervene though. THey came on a puny frigate, sailing from the port of Bordeleax no doubt. But this ship carried ten wizards, or so our lookout claimed before he was killed by a seaguard arrow. These mages conjured a storm, a terrible howling gale.
We barely remained afloat, desperately trying to keep from sinking. We lost the asur sloop in the storm, as we steered south to eascape.

Finaly, after a day of merciless rain, wind and waves, the storm abated.
The coast was in sight, as was a small port. We decided to go in and make a start there. They tried to stop us with cannon and crossbow at the harbor entrance, but with only three cannon and a handful of men, they had no chance. We quickly overran all resistance. I didn't even get to fight it was over so fast. It was after victory the real work began. All told, we had taken over a hundred captives. It was only now though that we realized we were south of Estalia, that we had sacked a trade port in Araby.

There were an usual number of ships in the harbor, and a handful of prisoners claimed they were fleeing something from the east. Naturaly we wanted to know what. Death, they claimed. Undead, the ghosts of the Khemri lords.
We took little heed, to our later detriment. We looted the port and began to march our prisoners onto the ark.

I watched, in morbid fascination as a witch elf selected sacrifices for Khaine. She wore an expresion of terrible crulety and little else. She cut the rune of murder into those she selected in the most painful way she could and still, the human men all looked at her longingly, and at the marked victims with undisguised envy. Foolish to be sure, but justified- she touched each of her
victims flitaciously as she cut them. I'd never seen such a mixture of wanton lust and masterful infliction of pain before. Then she had finished and was saunting toward me. I had stared to long. 'Be careful, little one.' She scolded, licking her lips. 'Or I may remember your young face on witching night...'
She ordered he selections taken back to the ark, and left me where I stood, deliberately letting her very sparse garb slip off before she'd gone five steps from me. I began to follow her, as if I could no longer control my own feet.

Then an arrow hit me in the leg, knocking me down, and most likely saving my life. I turned to see where it had come from. An army of skeletons, wearing bright red war regalia were headed right for us. Their archers had already begun to fire on us. The spear regiment I served at the time was forming up near me. I got up and limped over to them as a group of skeltons with red sheilds made to confront us. Then, as we lowered our spears to resist their charge, someone ran in up past us. It was the witch elf, still naked as the day she was born. We all turned and stared as this terrible but voluptuous hellion was joined by more of her kind. They hit the undead full on. They were destroying the undead faster than the khemri mages could add more. The whistle was blown to fall back to the ships. We made it, with their cavalry hot on our heels. The last I saw of the witch elf was as I waited to board the ark. We had just withstood a charge from their light horsemen. Then I saw her, fighting with the Khemri king. The look on her face was one of rabbid insanity. She was little more than an amimal as far as I could see. I watched
as the King brutaly over powered he at last. Finaly, with arrows hitting the beach all around us, we got onto the ark. We set sail for Naggoroth with our plunder, sinking a pursuing Khemri ship.

Until the day I die, asur, I'll never forget how close I came to offering that witch elf my life. A kiss, a touch, and I'd have cut my own heart out for her
and offered it to Khaine myself. When you look them in the eye, asur, skill cannot save you. It's always luck if you live."

21-03-2006, 05:27
"Claret for you," the halfling said with a smirk "You might want to pace yourself with it, dont want to have the captain finding out youve stole some of his stash would we?" He turned to the Elf and laughed "Green Tea is it?" He said it as loud as he possibly could the idea of a pirate asking for green tea was absurd, beside, he wasnt sure he had any. Or what it was. But he was more pre-occupied with the bottle of Claret he had just given away, granted he liked the idea of raiding a brettonian lords pantrys but he wanted to live long enough to get their. He was planning to leave the private pantry open and drop his keys in the sleeping quaters. Let them take the wrap.

21-03-2006, 13:07
Arhain sighed, their cook was not as skilled as he had hoped and more than likely knew nothing of green tea or exactly what it was.

It was going to be a long journey.

'Ah dark brother,' sighed Arhain, 'it is a shame we did not hear more of your killing blows or your murders you blindly committed. The last story seemed to arouse half the crew and that is something we do not need.'

Arhain laughed darkly as he scanned the Dark Elf's eyes.

'Luck could have been there, but I am an Asur and I am pure of heart, free from the taint of Chaos and all of its kin,' Arhain replied. 'That is how I stood up to the Witch. Nowadays I wonder if I still can?'

21-03-2006, 13:50
Drake looked out on the horizon so far so good.

no ships that he could see which was good for the crew but bad for him Drake allmost wished there would be a little scuffle it allwys made for a more enjoyable ride.

22-03-2006, 12:44
Gideon had been listening intently to the elve's but his hangover combined with his curiosity as to what he was eating meant he hadn't taken any of it in. He considered telling a tale of his own but decided he would save them for another time when the crew looked more interested. He left the breakfast table and headed to the guns

22-03-2006, 13:03
Drake looked out he couldn't wait to get in another scuffle.

moveing down staris he saw that Gideon had allready made his way to checking the Powder.

"lets get the cannon's ready incase we need to shoot off at a moments notice." as he walked over to his smoke bag and pulled out another leave and some mixture of herbs as he rolled them up he took his old cigrette and used it to light this one.

"now what balls shoudl we load up frist? straight soild lead, Hollow balls, or some of those nasty bombs?"

Spangley Special
22-03-2006, 13:44
Hans, ate his breakfast, he had given up on trying to find out what each and everything dish he eats was, it was nearly imposible with the halfling as chief. instead he used his attention on more important things, spinning a throwing knife between his fingers.

Thane McHammer
22-03-2006, 14:22
Faster than Drake could make out, the cigarette was plucked from his lips and ground into the decking.

"For a gunner, you are definetly stupid." Gabriel's voice was hard.

"Even an idiot knows you don't take a smoulder around open powder. The dust alone is enough to react with the flame and ignite." He spat on the ground.

"If you make such a mistake again, I swear, I'll take you topside and whip you till your back shows bone."

With that, he made his way down the decking and disappeared into the shadows.

(OOC: Just a note, even pirates of old knew not to bring anything that might spark into the vicinity of dry powder. Even a lit cigarette had a chance of igniting the powder dust in the air, and the resulting combustion would often be fatal. Those found guilty of bringing lit flames and such into and around the powder room were often punished with death...OOC)

22-03-2006, 14:33
Drake knew the man was right but it was true that he had a addiction to the smoke that was for sure.

he picked up what was left of his Cigarette and put it in his mouth simply to have some to chew on. he'd light it when he got back topside.

he begun to pour the powder into the cannons. he still hadn;t decied on what Balls he would use

22-03-2006, 15:55
When Gabriel left Gideon walked over to Drake. "Load this into your cannon, Ive been working on it for a couple of weeks, Its hollow but full of shot so once it explodes it sends bullets into everything unfortunate enough to be in that section of the ship.. It's designed to take out an entire gunnery section.. I'd love to be there and watch that.. However this is purely experimental but I know you dont mind taking risks" eyeing the tobacco. "But put the other balls in, solid and hollow in alternating cannons that will look real nice when we fire.." Gideon's voice trailed off as the started to imagine what it would look like.. "Yeah really bad eggs..."

22-03-2006, 17:39
Im waiting for diddimz to post then we'll move on.

Tanith Ghost
22-03-2006, 19:12
Merzak, armed with his usual assortment of blades, went topside to enjoy the good weather. The sun felt quite warm today, he decided, much warmer than back home. All he needed now was for a target to show itself. A rich cargo ship out of Marienburg. Or perhaps an asur ship looking to police the waves... He looked up at the crow's nest enviously. What a fine view there must be from up there. No matter, with the good weather, he could see for miles anyway.

23-03-2006, 00:10
"Im glad I got you on my crew thats for sure"

he but the ball in the Cannon and made sure that it was secure he had a situation were a ball rolled out of its cannon and well the sharpnel still cause him to limp every once and awhile.

after loading the other cannons on board with some less "Explosive" balls he went topside and joined Merzak.

"fine day isn't it?"

OoC/have we left port yet? If we have I missed that post/OoC

Tanith Ghost
23-03-2006, 05:35
"Aye, it is." Merzak agreed. "The sun is so warm this far south. In Naggoroth it never gets this warm." He nodded to the man who had joined him. "All we need now is a ship to pillage. Be sure to join me in a boarding party if we encounter a high elf ship. I'll show you some of the more interesting ways to
deal with the asur."

23-03-2006, 10:21
Gideon snapped out of his day dream and noticed that powder monkeys were staring at him. "Get back to work you scurvy dogs or I'll have the lot of you thrown over board.. call yourselves a crew" He smiled he loved his position of relative authority, and ladies loved a man who was in chage of large weapons or so he told them. He headed back to the top deck to get some fresh air.

23-03-2006, 12:43
"I wish I could but me and Gideon will be to busy with the cannons down below" he lit a match at lite his cigarette again.
"but if we get a high elf ship well Gideon could use some pratice at being in charge. I'll take you up on that, you wouldn't happen to have a blade i could borrow for this little escapade?"

23-03-2006, 18:08
Yes, we have left port. Diddimz stop sucking and post.

Tanith Ghost
23-03-2006, 18:15
"I have several, in fact." Merzak said. "Druchii blades, serrated to make the most ghastly wounds possible. Should the need arise, I'll see to it you're amred with one of my own blades."

23-03-2006, 19:22
" I thank thee for this display of gratuide. my skills may be rusty but they will be come clean once I get a decent blade to use"

Drake then gace a slight bow and walked away to the galley below deck he was looking for some food and by god he needed to eat something. for its not good to smoke the weed with out food in the stomach . made him remeber of that they the had ran out of food. the things he saw gave him a chill just thinking about it

23-03-2006, 21:47
Dael looked up at the sky, looking at the clouds. "No stars," he said, almost sadly. He wished the High Elf were near; someone he could talk with. He knew words of Drukh Elthain, but not enough to converse with the Dark Elf. Dagger. Kill. Keigh-Mon. That was about it...

Eventually, he got up, and looked around. Passing through the crew, he stalked towards the captain.
He saluted, his hands interlinked, he seperated them. He indicated two ships with his hands, and then made bouncing signals with his hand; from ship to ship. It was simple, but any idiot should be able to work out that it meant that he wanted to be part of the first part of the boarding parties' of the first ship they came across. One that they'd raid, anyway...

24-03-2006, 10:40
Arhain was bored and went topside, hearing the accursed Druchii talk about his swords.

'Forever in the need of wounding and causing pain and torment. Will the Druchii ever learn? Its a shame to even think that once I could have called you brother. It curls the stomach,' Arhain said with a dark stare.

Thane McHammer
24-03-2006, 13:30
Gabriel took a deep breath as he exited a hatch in the decking. The sun glinted off his freshly oiled skin, scraped clear of hair and debris. Clad in a white sarong, tied around his waist, his bare feet made no sound as he crossed the sodden decking.

Pulling himself up into the roping, he fished behind him and pulled out a small flask, from which he took a deep drink.

It was a good day for a raid...

Spangley Special
24-03-2006, 14:31
Hans was out on one of the yards, reminding some of the less experienced crew on how to set a sail.
"you Idiot, thats completely the wrong type of knot!" he called out to one particually new and incompetant sailor, before climbing down from the yard, mumbling obsecenities(sp?) as he went.

he could hear one of the elves talking about blades. "ha, my father could make blades just as fine as any eleven blacksmith" he mumbled to himself as he went about doing as little as possible.

Tanith Ghost
24-03-2006, 18:19
"The truth hurts, doesn't it asur?" Merzak quipped. "I imagine all that pride must give you a long way to fall though." He added as an afterthought.
"Druchii ways may be ruthless and cold, but our ways are also honest to what we are. Such as shame asur, you cannot say the same."

24-03-2006, 18:54
'The Cult of Slaanesh festers within your kind,' Arhain barked, speaking Elvish so only the Druchii coul hear. 'Do you claim we are nothing but pawns to our emotions? Slaves to our dark urges?'

Arhain spat keeping his eyes on the Druchii.

'If that is the truth of our kind, then the Asur have chosen the path of justice and truth surpressing such urges. We are better than you! We do not give in to our darker selves while you grasp it without thinking of the consequences.'

Arhain turned his back on the Druchii. The bastard got him and Arhain felt his pride bleed a little as anger crawled through him.

He must remain calm.

26-03-2006, 17:10
It was dusk when they first spotted them, two ships, one clearly a cargo transport with its escort, an impressive ship to be sure, looked like a 20 cannon with 3 masts and almost twice the size of the Black Ruby. The decision was made to shadow them. All the lights on the ship were killed and the Jolly Rogue was run up the mast.

It was a cold night to be sure, the moon was hidden behind a sea of clouds, they could easily make out the shapes of the two ships out ahead, all lit up like Saratosa in party season. The wind was with them as they closed, "Full Sail" the call went out, passed around the ship, "make ready the guns".

Smiling broadly Diego returned to his cabin to make ready, he quickly got his favourite pistols and attached cords to them so they could be easily fired then dropped without being lost, a trick his father had shown him. He glanced around and settled on his cathayn longsword and a boarding axe. Coming back onto the deck he could see the crew making preperations, "Boarding party make ready" he called out to the Weapon Master, who nodded his understanding, "select a few of your finest to take the boats to that cargo ship, we dont want them running away on the action".

As one last thought he climbed down onto the gun deck and spoke with the Master Gunner and the gun crews, "We are coming on their port side, they out number our cannons 2:1 so make every shot count till we close and by Mannan make sure you take out their main sail fast."

Make your preperations for the coming battle, we are to take the escort vessel while a small crew in the long boats takes the Cargo Ship.

Im sorry for the slow running of this RPG, but as of this moment it will pick up.

26-03-2006, 17:31
Forgetting the Druchii, Arhain heard the Captain bellowing orders and Arhain raced to the front of the ship to catch sight of the prey.

His mind was racing as he scanned the ship, looking to see what was going to happen. He could feel the urge to slay coursing through his veins and he surpressed the urge as he checked his weapons. His arm cross bows were fully loaded and he had numerous bolts to keep up the assault with them when the time came.

Arhain stretched every limb and then scanned around for the Weapons Master. He wanted to be aboard the boarding party, it is where he would do best, but the Druchii would be there too. It could almost be thrilling.

'Weapons Master, I await your orders,' Arhain said with a bow, taking his hat off in the process. Arhain knew the man would be crazy to leave him behind, but who knew what the man was thinking.

Thane McHammer
26-03-2006, 17:45
Gabriel grinned.

"Of course you do."

He turned to the rest of the crew, bellowing orders left and right. Soon, every man was armed to the teeth and ready to go.

"Arhian, Merzak, you're with me. I take point charge, Arhian left, Merzak right...we cut a swath thought them...make me proud."

With that, he unsheathed his scimitars, and beat them against his chest armour, which was freshly oiled and shone in the evening light.

"Blood and glory to those who fight today!"

His words were met with a roar of approval.

26-03-2006, 18:02
Coming back up on deck Diego glanced round looking slightly annoyed, "Gabriel, get the shield wall up, we are coming up on their Port Quarter, I dont want them boarding us instead of us boarding them.".

Once he was happy the Weapons Master was pulling his weight he turned to the crew and gestured towards a few of them, get two boats in the water and get to that cargo ship when were close to it.

Thane McHammer
26-03-2006, 18:06
Gabriel made a motion with his hands, and a number of men brought shields and short pikes up along the sides.

"Scatter guns, aim between them." He walked along the sides, the elves following.

"Three abreast. Hooks at the ready!"

He waved to the Captain, and fipped him off in the same motion.

"Your men are ready, my leige. Awaiting your command"

26-03-2006, 18:09
Ignoring Gabriels insult Diego walked to the helm giving instructions as he went. He stood by the wheel, the Sailing Master beside him, "Bring us up on their Port side, try not to present a target to their broadside."

26-03-2006, 18:20
Arhain looked at the Weapon Master and grinned.

'Of course Master Gabriel,' Arhain said as he watched the cheering. His eyes met the Druchii's and grinned. 'Fancy a running wager, Druchii?'

OoC/Tanith, I'm thinking Gilimi and Legolas style counting, as in competition wise :evilgrin:. Might have to have Xavier deciede the winner?/OoC

26-03-2006, 18:33
OOC/Ill let tanith kill a big elephant and you can say somthing comical ;)

Tanith Ghost
26-03-2006, 18:41
"Of course. Win or lose, I'll have drawn one of the hgh and mighty asur into a contest of blood." Merzak said, his own wicked assortment of blades sheathed
as to keep light from reflecting off them. "Take pride in the kill. Take a trophy or two. No matter how you do it, Khaine will approve."

ooc//Will SLazton be needing a box to stand on? :p

27-03-2006, 01:06
As the ship cut through the water, Malky was hurrying and locking the cabinets. Just as Malky locked one cabinet another burst open spilling the bottles all over the kitchen. "Sod this" Malky mumbled as he went to the hooks on the wall, he first pulled of the pistol, removed one shot from the pouch on a hook and loaded it, after sliding it into his belt, he put his short sword and dagger in his belt too, comfortably resting in their scabbards. Finally he his bow and quiver from the shelf and headed for the door. He stoped at the entrance and picked up one of the scattered pots off the floor, placed it on his head and fastened it with a red and white bandanna "Just incase" he chuckled. He walked out into the brisk air and looked for a tall box fastened to the deck to stand on.

Spangley Special
27-03-2006, 12:24
Hans, was out on one of the lower yards, ready to either work with the sails or to jump down onto the escorts deck (he was hoping to do the later). he drew a throwing knife from his boot and held it in his teeth while drawing another from the other boot.

Tanith Ghost
28-03-2006, 02:07
"Such a shame, asur, we aren't claiming one of the ships of your people's vaunted navy. It would have been a memory come to life to capture some of your overarrogant kind to...interrogate..." Merzak said, as the longboat frew close to the cargo ship. "Yet perhaps there are asur, on this vessel as passangers. For the right randsom, ausr, even I could be conviced to let them go."

28-03-2006, 03:16
Drake moved below deck. time to get the guns ready.

"put caps on the reserve Powder barrels i don't want some stupid spark landing in it and takeing us up with it" Drake then pulled out a cigar

"but I''ll level with all of you" he lights the cigar.

"I just wanna smoke" he says with a big puff of smoke. Pointing at a few cannons

"move those to port side I wanna give them the good old one two. Gideon you'll like this"

28-03-2006, 07:44
"Im sure I will, this will be my first major raid with all cannons.. it's gonna get emotional" He started hummming a dramtic tune to himself and eyed the cannon crews making ready checking thier fuses and powder they had all practised but it was the first time for some of them. He went around checking all the guns "They are all loaded and ready just awaiting the order.

OOC//Xavier Its up to you whether the experimental shot I loaded works or not.. it has a delayed fuse and sends shrapnel everywhere and is desinged to take out multiple enemy guns by exploding inside the ship.//OOC

28-03-2006, 16:01
'Haven't you heard Druchii? I'm a renegade,' Arhain said with an evil glare. 'I don't give a damn what you do. Just be wary when you are fighting.'

Tanith Ghost
04-04-2006, 20:49
OOC//Assuming we reached the cargo ship, if not I'll edit.

"Renegade my ass, asur. If you were truly a renegade you'd have forgotten you hate my people so much, and wouldn't have reacted so badly to the truth about your so called king." Merzak said, in a lecturing tone of voice.
"Don't be so stupid. You still hold loyalty to your usurper island people. Even the hafling could tell you that." With that Merzak swept up to the deck of the cargo ship, moving swiftly. He disposed of the sentry on deck by pulling him back over the side and letting him drop to the water, and drew his serrated blade. He slashed a crude rune into the deck. "I declare this ship property of the Witch King." He laughed quietly, moving to kill the next watchman.