View Full Version : 8th Tomb Kings

29-09-2010, 08:28
Any idee on TK in 8th? anything that are better or worse? whats the best way to use them now?.

I wish to start with them now, thats why im asking. I know its a nother post about this but after
what i read its pre realese on 8th. so now when its out it wil be more good tips and tricks out there.

29-09-2010, 15:24
the TK tactics thread is back a page or two and has a bunch of discussion on 8th edition tactica, but to sum it up the common concensus seems to be to wait for the new book (new TK book) before you make any judgments on whats good or not.

Generally though people are giving up on chariot armies and focusing on shooting, the ushapti got better though so some lists are using big blocks of infantry (esp. tomb guard) and being supported by two TK (since you can fit them in in 8th rules) and some ushapti to act as a hammer. but its still nothing great against most armies.