View Full Version : White Tower of Hoeth 2000pts

the godfather
29-09-2010, 19:02

Prince / dragon armour / White sword /
Talisman of presrvation 244pts


mage / level two / dispel scroll 155pts

mage / sigil of Asuryan 140pts

Noble / dragon armour / shield / great weapon
Reaver bow / Talisman of protection / Great eagle 201pts


10 archers / musician 115pts

10 archers / musician 115pts

20 sea guard / full command / banner of ellyrion 270pts


14 swordmasters 210pts

14 swordmasters / full command / banner of arcane protection 265pts

14 swordmasters / full command / banner of sorcery 290pts

30-09-2010, 21:08

1. What are you using to defeat enemy armour? Chaos, Brentian and Empie Knights have sickening saves and can shrug off arrow fire like sawdust. Dark and High Elves have heavy cavalry and other races have medium cavalry capable of dealing some serious damage. Is this the job of your two warriors characters?

2. How are you fighting monsters? Hydras, Dragons, Wyverns, etc. Your hero on the eagle may not be enough (though he might be depending on how your foes play) and these T5+ gribblies can also shrug off arrow fire.

3. What lores are your mages using? You have to decide before the battle now.

That's pretty much it. Watch out for gunlines and missile armies.

30-09-2010, 23:07
750 points on heroes feels like too much in 2k. Only 1 ranked unit means most enemies will be steadfast, meaning unless you can flank like a pro with those SM's you're going to die after 3 rounds of combat from attrition.

Not even sure why you took that banner on your SG, BoEF would be a better choice.

List will work well against average choices, but against monsters, high armour, and horde lists I can see the list struggling.