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29-09-2010, 19:12
Their is a debate amongst our group that the maximum bonus a rank bonus can ever grant anything EVER is +3. In the Combat Resolution section of the BRB, a bonus from rank (5 or more models) grants a +1 towards combat res per extra rank than your opponent up to a total of +3. It then goes on to say that the most a rank bonus can ever grant is a +3. Since rank bonus is not defined anywhewre else in the book, the line of thought is that this cap of a +3 bonus is applied anywhere and everywhere that rank bonus can be taken as a buff. The arguement is that this the rule doesn just say a maximum of +3 for Combat Res (despite being in the combat resolution section) but simply a maximum PERIOD, so this limitation is apllied to all situation. Does this argument hold water?

I do not have the book to verify this and my book-fu is atrocious so I am asking the forums for advice.

A big example where this would hurt would be Skaven leadership since they add their rank bonus to their leadership score. Does this mean that the most a Skaven unit can ever claim from it's ranks is a maximum +3 to leadership?


29-09-2010, 19:13
You sir, are correct.

Lord Zarkov
29-09-2010, 23:04
Yep, 'Rank Bonus' is always capped at 3.

As an aside however, something that works on 'number of ranks' rather than 'rank bonus' will not be cappped at 3.

29-09-2010, 23:06
ex. Strength in Numbers is capped to 3, Cornered Rat is not.

29-09-2010, 23:33
I had this debate a few months back as a devils advocate point, but ended up talking myself into believing there was no cap. in 7th. in 8th however it does clearly say rank bonuses always cap at +3, where in 7th it was only as related to combat resolution, now it doesn't make that specification.

so long story short, as above, +3 is max. Skaven really don't need more than this anyway lol

02-10-2010, 02:24
Yeah, they count their current rank bonus to their LD (max rank bonus being 3)

As stated though, thats hardly poor-a troop type that would be LD 5 is in fact almost always going to be 8 (9 if led by an LD 6 character, a Mighty 10 if Led by a LD 7 character).

Essentially, if you can avoid getting disrupted they are pretty damn solid. Don't worry about them too much-they are meant to die in an entertaining manner for you anyway:)