View Full Version : Khemri 3000k (lamer?) shootout

30-09-2010, 13:18
High Liche Priest
Staff of Ravening
Ruby ring
H. Jar

light armour
great weapon
wizzard hat :yes:

Liche Priest
dispel scroll

30 archers


3 Chariots
full command +cursed banner

4 Tomb swarms

3 Scorps

19 Graveguards +Banner of undying legion..

20 Graveguards+ full command

3x SSC

what you think about it? to me it seems just a lot of dicerolling, didnīt try so far, but I thought the level 2 magic king could be fun^^

30-09-2010, 13:25
I would maybe drop 1-2 Tomb Swarms and put some extra TOMB Guards in there. Maybe change the LHP to have a Cloak of Dunes too, good for getting out of trouble, or a collar. I'd rather have a 4++ on that LP with the Casket, maybe re-arrange some magic items on the other characters if you feel you need 2 dispels. Else it looks solid.

30-09-2010, 13:31
I would not risk running a Tomb King with the Dunce Cap without an Icon Bearer nearby. We still have to roll for Stupidity for using it and even though the King is LD10, I've seen more than my fair share of 11s or 12s on the check dice roll to pretty much make him an auto-include when I run it.

Also, the Staff of Ravening and the Hieratic Jar are both Arcane Items. You can only have one in your list. I personally prefer Nefarra's Plaques on a HLP and the Jar on a standard Liche Priest. I've never been a fan of the Staff. I feel it's too expensive for what it does with the only caveat being that I think it's worth a look against Elves, but that's pretty much it.

Lastly, I would consolidate my Tomb Guard units into one unit of 25, drop an SSC (:eek:) and field either a Bone Giant or a unit of Ushabti to give the list some close combat hitting power should it be needed. But that's just a matter of personal opinion. I like having something in my list that my opponent doesn't want to see get into close combat to keep them on their toes. Let's keep it real...these are the only things we have that even remotely fit the bill.