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30-09-2010, 13:13

Been writing some lists for a while now, wanted peoples opinions on this one?

Uses the more common core choices that seem to be going about, but wanted to add some nurgle to the fight.

Great Unclean One - Noxious Vapours, Balesword

Tz Herald - Master of Sorcery, Spell Breaker
Kh Herald - BSB, Armour of Khorne

40 Horrors - Command, Icon of Sorcery
30 Bloodletters - Command, Icon of Endless War

3 Nurglings

6 Flamers - Pyrocaster
4 Fiends
1 Fiend

Come in at exactly 2400 points.
Tough center with both units (inc heralds) and GUO.
The GUO can hit hard and hold stuff up.
Speed on the flanks from the fiends unit and the flamers.
Flamers also allow some heavy shooting that can move and react fast.
Single fiend for protecting the GUO
Nurglings, maybe worth blocking/harassing, just worked out i had exactly 105 points left also!
Magic from the tzeentch and maybe the odd extra from GUO.

Comments appreciated