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30-09-2010, 16:06
Hi all,

I got two sets of Island of Blood skaven in and made a preliminary armylist to aim for...
this is it:

Warlord, Sword of Anti-heroes, shield, Great Pox-Rat 153
* leads large clanrat unit

Plague Priest, flail, dispel scroll, Plague Furnace level 2 314
* leads the Plaguemonks, obviously

Chieftain, BSB, enchanted shield, luckstone 80
* joins the main clanrat unit

50 clanrats, full command spears, shields 270
Warpfire thrower 70

30 clanrats, full command, shields, 155
Poisoned Wind Mortar 65

30 Plague Monks, full command 235

14 Plague Censer Bearers 224

8 Poisoned Wind Globadiers 80

Doomwheel 150

Plague Catapult 100

Plague Catapult 100

What do you guys think? Might exchange one Plague catapult for a Warp lightning cannon and add another Poisoned Wind Globadier. Or, alternatively, go for 2 rat ogres + packmaster... (+2 rats or so)

Army concentrates on combination of staying power (and rel. hard hitting, for normal rats) units and characters with lot of shooting.

I lack pure strenght.... should I take a big unit of rat ogres? Really like the idea of having a unit of 9 rat ogres with a Bonebreaker + lord as main hard hitting unit. Adding Skweel Gnawtooth to that unit would make it nigh unstoppable...

10-10-2010, 22:35
Think it is a solid list then? So what about that Warp Lightning Cannon?

10-10-2010, 23:35
i would go for 2 wlc ... dont like pc :/... maby 2 rat swarms to hold something a round or 2