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01-10-2010, 02:57
Just had my 4th 8th edition game with orcs and goblins. Everytime I tried a different list. The first game I had a gunline with maxed out artillery. Then I tried a specialized orc heavy list. Today, I went with fanatic spam and WAAAAGH! since it`s become so easy to cast.

My list was:

Orc warboss, killing blow, amulet of protectiness and 10 initiative sword
Orc warmage with a scroll (rolled bash em lads, fists, warpath, waaaagh!)
3 goblin big bosses
Goblin big boss with 2+ armour
Goblin BSB with spider banner
Goblin lvl 2 mage, staff of stealin (rolled signature spell and gorkll fix it)

100 night goblin archers, command, bows, nets, 3 fanatics (all characters here)
2 units of 20 night goblins, with 3 fanatics in them each
2 wolf chariots
2 boar chariots
2 pump wagons

My opponent had:

Sorc. lord of death (with purple sun!!!)
exalted on horse
2 units of 5 dogs
15 marauder horseman with javelines
20 chaos warriors (sorc here)
2 units of 6 knights (exalted here)

The rolled scenario was watchtower, and the goblins got the tower, so in went 1 unit of night goblins.

There was a wood on my side of the table splitting the table in half, a little more to the left, and leading towards the tower. Another forest was in the middle on the right flank, creating a small alley on the right flank.

The deployment looked like this:


Pre Game thoughts and strategies - When devising my list, I really wanted to include doom divers. My reasoning...I really hate chaos knights. They are so hard to kill, especially with tzeentch marks. I decided against it in the end, simply because I felt it didnt fit in my "waaaagh!" theme, and that i`d be sacrificing something to the army if I brought them, and opted for chariots instead. Other than that, as was clear from my deployment, I was gunning to destroy those warriors, as they were the only eligible taraget to contest the tower. I was going to go in there, rush, and kill them as fast as possible, buying time by throwing fanatics in their way. I was definately going to play aggressive, and leave 1 small unit of goblins in the back, to come swoop up the tower if something went wrong. As long as I got that one contesting unit out of the way, it should be a piece of cake. I didn`t really see the threat of anything else, as the focus would probably go on my main unit, and with their size and steadfast, I could expect them to stick around for the full turns, no matter how many they might be...

...and so the battle began. I`ll leave it at that for now, and give you all a chance to guess who won. The game ended beginning turn 4 due to store closing, not because we rolled the end.

Turn 1 - Chaos

And so begins the first turn of Chaos. The far left dogs advance forward, releasing fanatics from the tower. They eat a fanatic in the face and are wiped out, and two more fanatics are released, one in front of the chaos warriors, and one in front of the second unit of dogs, to delay their advance. The chaos warriors don`t fear the fanatic too much, and end their movement on it, losing 4 of their numbers. The second unit of dogs moves around the fanatic, as the marauders swoosh over ro shoot down the last remaining fanatic with their javelines. On the far right, the knights move forward on my flank.


Turn 1 - Gobs

The goblins set out to try and rush the warriors before the knights get in. I send out my two pump wagons on the right to intercept the knights and give them a bad position after killing them, hopefully winning 2-3 tunrs. My main block moves forward towards the warriors, as does the boar chariot closest to that unit in the middle. The support unit, not wanting to throw fanatics out just yet moves cautiously, but more than 8 inches away from the tower. The rest of the chariots run forward on the left flank, trying to circle the infantry. During the magic phase, the WHAAAGH! goes off, and everything goes forward. The fanatic that went through the dogs goes through the warriors, the chariot squad on the left gets in position to charge next turn, chariot in the center moves forward, as does the main unit who is in range for fanatics again and throws 2 sets in front of the knights to stop them from charging the tower, and one towards the marauders to jam up his knights. The one sent at the marauders hits them, goes through, and stops in front of the knights that barely moved last turn. One of the pump wagons gets a charge on the chaos knights, and is easily taken down as the impact hits do nothing.


Turn 2 - chaos

The knights charge the second pump wagon, looks like they wont be a distraction for long. The warriors pull back, trying to avoid massive flanked chariots and another fanatic in its way. The sacrificial dogs end their movement on 2 fanatics, killing them. The middle knights don`t move, and the marauders come over to take care of the fanatic in front of the knights with their javelines. The pump wagon is easily crushed in combat.


Turn 2 - gobs

CHARGE! 4 chariots charge the warriors, and it feels like this game is in the bag. After the chargers move, a fanatic decides to go through them, and through the warriors as well. 1 Wolf chariot gets destroyed by the out of control fanatic. The main unit seeing a dual knights of chaos charge coming, moves the second support unit, still loaded with fanatics close by. I cast WHAAAAGH! easily, drawing out my opponents dispel dice with gork`ll fix it on the unit of now charged warriors. There was only a handful of warriors, and I was pretty confident this could be the end of the game when I charged in with all my chariots, but the impact hits were incredibly low, and I only rolled 5 impact hits with 3 chariots, not even enough to severely damage the block. The remaining 4 warriors and lord procede to beat 1 chariot in combat. The charioteers all fail to hit and wound, even with rerolls! 1 chariot flees, and the other stays in combat.


Turn 3 - Chaos

The knight units both dual charge my main block. The front unit who barely moved so far comes in first, and releases two fanatics. I send one on the flank of my block to have the flanking knights sit on it, and send out the other two towards the front, going through the front knights. The horsemen move a little. The lord caster casts purple sun, who miscasts, but it doesn`t matter, as the sun still goes in the right direction, and his models are unharmed. The warriors easily destroy the last remaining chariot, and now have a clear view of the tower. The knights are tough as nails, and even after taking a bunch of armour saves at 4+, don`t miss a single warrior. My opponent wisened up to this massive unit though, and started taking out the big bosses, cutting down my fighting power. His exalted and my black orc are stuck in a duel, and both fail to do anything. His knights take more hits, some poison and some from great weapons, but after all is said and down, even with modifiers to the armour, they succeed in passing absolutely all but 1 armour test. Steadfast hasthe goblins stay.


Turn 3 - gobs

Not much left to do in this game, I cast another WAAAGH!, and the rest is pretty much close combat. Even with rerolls and killing blow, my black orc doesn`t manage to even wound the exarch, and takes a wound back. A little more normal rolls this time on the armour, the knights have their numbers cut down to 3 in front, and 3 on the side. Off to a good start. More big bosses die though, as well as the standard bearer. With steadfast though, the group holds on. We roll to see if the game goes forward, and it does, but we`re out of time so we end it here anyways.


Result - Tower claimed by the goblins! But game not quite ended...

Final thoughts: this was an extremely fun game, I loved seeing fanatics used in this context. They are such a huge deterrent, and won me a lot of time. In the end, I can`t tell how it would have ended. The knights were starting to be down to a managable size, but that block would still have been stalled by the marauders, had they won, so it was all about those 5 warriors and my two units of goblins, who could only hold on for so long, so it would have come down to when the last turn was. If there had been 6 or 7 turns, I think the warriors would have taken the tower. I was satisfied with the way I played, and the fanatics were a lot of fun to place. I wish I had put them all on the flanking knights in hindsight, as it might have given me less knights to worry about, but I didn`t expect so many knights to be left unharmed from 2 d6 of s5 armour piercing hits! I also didn`t expect to roll so low on impact hits, my chariots could have easily wiped out those warriors otherwise. Other than those two crucial hits though, I can`t really complain about my luck. It was a fantastic game.

01-10-2010, 14:28
I think it's still debateable if the unit in a tower can release fanatics without auto-killing them.

Nice of you to go fight with the super unit rather than just swap it into the watchtower, but I think that if the game had gone on that you would have been in some trouble unless the game ended soon :)

Thanks for the report.

02-10-2010, 16:18
I think it's still debateable if the unit in a tower can release fanatics without auto-killing them.

Nice of you to go fight with the super unit rather than just swap it into the watchtower, but I think that if the game had gone on that you would have been in some trouble unless the game ended soon :)

Thanks for the report.

For sure I would have been in trouble, 40 goblins would have been no match for 5 chaos warriors with the rules inside a building :O It was a war of attritution at this point, I was only thinking about how I could stretch out the inevitable by taking out my unit from the tower and switching up with my spare unit in time. Really I think I couldn't have gone past turn 6 with control on the building.

I was surprised at how he handled my deathstar though, targeting the bsb and the characters. It was the first time people didnt just hit in the goblins. I guess i'm going to have to change techniques now since people are catching on :p I actually had gotten the idea from one of your battle reports Malorian, and it was so much fun I started to field it regularily.

As for the tower, we decided to leave the rules as they are in the beginning, only 1 unit of 20 or less models can occupy it.