View Full Version : 1500pts for Conflict

01-10-2010, 06:49
Please, let me know what you think

Lvl 2 Sorc, Tome of Furion - 150pts

40 spears, shields, full com, Banner of Eternal Flame - 305pts
10 crossbows - 100pts
10 crossbows - 100pts
10 Harpies - 110pts

7 Cold One Knights, full com, Banner of Swiftness - 244pts
9 Shades - 144pts
9 Shades - 144pts

2 Bolt Throwers - 200pts

01-10-2010, 21:52
I don't think the shades are very useful now in 8th. I think I'd rather run dark riders instead. I would drop the champion from your cold one knights. He's not worth the points and characters will challenge him out in order to reduce the number of incoming attacks. Might also want to split the harpies into two different units. And consider adding musician to your crossbow units for the extra manuverability. Shields might be useful as well in orde to reduce casualties and incase you want to use them to get a flank charge on a unit.

03-10-2010, 11:22
Alright, I see your point with musicians with the crossbows but I'm not sure how I could work in shields, point-wise. Also, I haven't the models prepared for that.

What makes Shades so unuseful these days?

03-10-2010, 18:04
Well its not so much that they're useless but I think other things in the army can do their job better. They're toughness 3 with a 6+ armor save so in combat they tend to die very quickly. In terms of shooting, I feel crossbowmen can get the job done and are cheaper. If you want mobile shooting, I'd rather take dark riders. They can march 18 and still shoot. So they can move far enough to always be out of the sight arch of the enemy their shooting. They also really gained something with the vanguard rule. Shades I feel are more of an assassin delivery system and without and assassin I wouldn't bother.