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01-10-2010, 10:00
Hi all,

Name says it all, got a campaign coming up, starting at 2300pts. Gone for a few "different" choices from a lot of WoC builds, so I'd really appreciate some feedback!

LORDS - 385pts

Sorcerer Lord (Shadow) - Lvl.4, Blood of Tzeentch, Armour of Destiny, Necrotic Phylactery, Ironcurse Icon, Stream of Corruption.
An efficient build, Wardsave + Phylactery for survivability against a broad-range of threats.

HEROES - 190pts

Exalted Hero - BSB, Mark of Tzeentch, Book of Secrets (Shadow), Talisman of Protection, Charmed Shield.
3+ save, 5+ ward, Ignore the first hit on a 2+ (handy against cannonballs, etc.) A survivable BSB who's a lvl.1 mage, will take the signature spell and throw 1 dice to avoid nasty miscasts.

CORE - 1260pts

23x Warriors (HW & Shield) - Mark of Tzeentch, full command, Warbanner.
Sorcerer Lord joins this unit. Excellent survivability and still mighty killy!

23x Warriors (Halberds) - Mark of Tzeentch, full command, Banner of Rage.
BSB joins this unit. Still highly survivable, and what its lost in saves its gained in killing power!

30x Marauders (Shields) - Mark of Tzeentch, Standard, Musician
30x Marauders (Shields) - Mark of Tzeentch, Standard, Musician
Roadblocks and support units. Survivable, reasonable offensive options compared to other bulk units, highly flexible and cheap options for there points.

SPECIAL - ***pts

4x Dragon Ogres
Rank 2x2 and run as a support unit, fair amount of offensive power, a lot of wounds, and adds some much needed speed to the army.

RARE - ***pts

1x Hellcannon
Adds a shooting unit to pick at choice targets, and a support charger.

So what do you think?

01-10-2010, 10:08
That's a cool list! :D

I'm not completely sure about Dragon ogres...wouldnt Trolls be so much better for the points? :)

And...the BSB should either have a better armour or a bette Ward, if you can get it. Don't know how, and he is okay as he is if you can't.

Other than that, i really like it.


01-10-2010, 11:26
Thanks, I can swap the BSB's Talisman and charmed shield for the Opal amulet (which would be a 1 use 3+ ward) and a standard shield (for the 5+ Parry)

The Drogres are a bit of a test I wanted to try, since

a) I'm working on some conversions for them (Shelob with a Chosen's upper body in place of her head)

b) I wanted something fast and compact, in 2x2 formation, they've got 12 S5 attacks, plus stomps, 12 wounds, and can all attack no matter what the opponents frontage/ flank size. Could even use them for assassination if I thought the target (probably a hopped up sorcerer or the like) warranted it!

I love trolls, but I hate having to babysit them, especially with my list being quite sparce on characters...