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01-10-2010, 20:46

I have a thread further down about the dwarves, so i figured since I am getting some great advice, I might as well pop in my skaven ideas because its going to be Dwarves or Skaven at the end of the day. I borrowed my friends Dwarf armybook to get a rough idea for 3000pts but I lack friends with the skaven book, so instead here is my rough worklist.

Isle of Blood
Plague Furnace

Which for just over 200 gives me

Skaven Lord
Warlock Engineer
Master Moulder
Plague Furnace
40 Plague monks
40 Stormvermin
40 Clanrats + Warpfire Thrower
40 Clanrats + Plague Mortar
40 Clanrats
12 Giant Rats
6 Rat Ogres

200 rats + 6 ogres + 12 rats + 2 weapon teams + plague furnace

Now this looks like alot of rats but i'm guessing it will be nowhere near the 3000 I am aiming for. Is it a good start?

I'm going plague furnace over screaming bell at the moment because I like the model (I have yet to actually read the army book, I just fancied a change from Empire) and this way I can flog off the Isle of Blood elves and/or convert the griffon with the help of a large rubber mouse toy to make me a HPA that everyone is raving about as being the best thing since sliced bread.

Advice urgently needed, especially as I will soon have the funding to get one of these armies and If I don't just go and get it, it will vanish in a cloud of smoke (also known as having a wife and 2 kids! I'm selling a load of old stuff to pay for this and if the money has the chance to sit down it will get "wifed"!)

01-10-2010, 22:10
It looks like a good list. I would use the skaven lord from the island of blood as a bsb and buy the queek model to use as a normal lord or convert something.

I'll have to guess at the points these costs as I don't have my book with me.

240 point Warlord on warlitter with the 4+ ward save heavy armor and great weapon. Can probably be coverted from some storm vermin.

340 points, Grey Seer skalm, 4+ ward and an extra warp token. Comes with the bell kit.

400 points, Plague Priest, level 2, 5+ ward, flail, plague furnace.

130 points, hero warrior, bsb, 2+ armor save, great weapon.

150 points, warlock enginer, lvl 2, doom rocket, warp energy condenser

370 points, stormvermin, unit of 40, full command, banner of eternal flame, shields, warpfire thrower.

102 points, skavenslaves, unit of 50, musician

230 points, clanrats, unit of 30, shields, spears, full command, plague mortar.

170 points, clanrats, unit of 30, shields, spears, full command

330 points, 6 rat ogres, 3 pack masters.

280 points, 30 plague monks, full command, storm banner.

225 points for the hellpit abombination you'll convert.

It adds up to about 3,000 points and mainly uses the models you've listed. Its a basis anyways which you could use to write up a list and then I'll do a better job cratiquing it. But what's you listed at buying should be fine for starting a skaven army.