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02-10-2010, 07:13
High Elf: 2,130

Lords: 345

Archmage: Lvl 4, Life/Shadow Folarith's Robe, Tailsman of Sapherey, Jewel

of Dusk = 345

Heroes: 323

Mage: Lvl 2, Beasts, Seerstaff = 155

Noble Bsb: Armor of Caledor, Guardian Phoniex, Great Weapon = 168

Core: 377

38 Spearmen: F.C, BoEF = 377

Special: 985

22 Phoenix Guard: F.C, Armor Piercing Banner = 405

19 White Lions: F.C, Banner of Sorcery = 365

6 Dragon Princes: S.B: Elyrion Banner = 215

Rare: 100

Bob = 50 (Great Eagle)

Jeffy = 50 (Great Eagle)

Skaven: 1,822

*Possible Additions: Doom Rocket on Seer or 2nd Weapon Team on Stormvermin

Lords: 465

Grey Seer: Screaming Bell, Dispel Scroll = 465

Heroes: 361

Plague Priest: Lvl 2, Plague Censor, Foul Pendant = 181

Assassin: Weeping Blades, Crown of Command = 180

Core: 628

64 Clan Rats: F.C, Plague Wind Mortar = 415

19 Stormvermin: F.C, Storm Banner = 213

Special: 278

29 Plague Monks: F.C, Armor Piercing Banner = 313

Rare: 240

Warp Lightening Cannon = 90

Combined Total: 3,952

This tournament list is for a local doubles tournament in which the

winners receive their names on a plaque within the store for all time sake.

Not only do winners win the satisfaction of being the best general (in the

area), however there may be other prizes up for grabs (like store armies

that need to be updated and thus the old armies within the cases will be

redone or made completely new).

(Also, as the new IoB can out, (in my area anyway) H.E and Skaven are no

longer identity armies. Since staring last Jan., the first 5 months, I was one

of two H.E players in my area, and now I can count up to 8 last I checked. It

would be awesome to see the "vet" come up on top as well, that was our

identity. Well, at least I have my Bret army for character (and my friend and his T.K. :D)

However, unlike tournaments that divide the armies' points up specifically per

player, the only limits on army restriction is each player must have one unit

and one lord/hero, and the overall combined army (4,000 points) is at the Brb's restriction

percents. Henceforth, theoretically we (partner and I [H.e]) could run Teclis, Star

Dragon Lord, 3 furnaces, 4 or 3 Hpa's etc. . . as long as it stays under the 25%

rare, lord, hero cap and that we have 25% or more core.

*Personal thoughts and comments: Not too bad, we have been playing

around with some for awhile now. The only downside I see in the list is that

we have no missile interdiction (there all templates). Thus, we will be playing

a very aggressive smash-mouth style. Also besides this fact, is the fact that

we passed up on taking a big gribbley, although they could very well

serve us in our hunt to kill General's and Bsb's early. Also to add to this list, gutter

runners/night runners may also help a ton in the gunline metas that Empire/Dwarfs will present.

Our strengths are combat prowess and dominating the movement and

magic phase. Essentially every block we have (save for Clan Rats super

anvil) is either designed to or can be buffed to a killing machine. Magic will

play a key role, and after talking and ironing out the rules, BoS and JoD H.E

magic items may be activated whenever in the phase, as there is no

limitations on the items themselves. Game plan is to activate storm banner

get across to their lines take out machines and other pesky units and play a

defensive magic meta by having a powerful offense, casting Rip's ex:

Transformation of Kadon, and whole turn unit buffs, will quickly make one's

opponents decide on dispelling those or stopping Dwellers and Plague. That's

pretty much else for the moment.

Other facts that may be worth noting. I know an O&G player and another

Skaven player have teamed together and only have 7 units for their army.

A horde of R.O and roughly ~100-125 clan rats and bell~. Just an example of some of the oddities we will see.

02-10-2010, 08:37
now i dont know much about hih elves but i can help wiht skaven. it seems like the skaven list is pretty solid but instead or a warpfire thrower i would recommend a poison wind mortar, as they have greater range as well as move and fire and still a decent damage output. also i would increase the numbers of the storm vermin to about 30 if you can so you still get ranks and attacks after the inevitable shooting they will attract as a small, quality (for skaven) unit and likely not see combat.

02-10-2010, 08:41
Is the tournament using the official allies rules from the BRB? If so, the magic phases could be a bit of an issue.

This is because your power dice generation will have to be divided equally between your two armies with no crossover allowed. Which isn't all that bad but can be a slight issue tactically. However the main problem will come in your opponents magic phase as you split the dispel dice and cannot cross-dispel (e.g. you cannot use HE dispel dice to dispel a spel cast against a Skaven unit). This can be potentially huge as if your opponents are trusted allies they can use their entire dice pool casting against one of your two armies - e.g. 12 PD vs 3 dispel dice from the HEs.

02-10-2010, 21:13
Tae: Yes, the store is using all the scenarios, terrain generation and most importantly the allies' rules. I was tempted to change around my Lvl 2's setup? Or *shudders at this idea* I could bring Teclis :/ (not a fan of S.C's myself. Others can use them don't have a problem with that but, I like creating my own heroes that can K.B the legends that are GRIMGOR and others etc. . .) however, he would add D3 P.D and D.D a turn and would give us each a scroll and a chance to eliminate a particular nasty spell the enemy knows on a +4.

I could take the Annulian Crystal on the lvl 2, but I then I would have no use for the Mountain Chimera I just converted and would have to realign point vaules, but gaining extra +1/-1 d.d from the opponent could go along way.

Magic Monkey:

The mortar is what I mentioned also (great minds think alike) as it can move and shoot right?

We we're originally thinking the same thing with the Stormvermin unit, however, point wise and benefit wise, we thought that the Doom Rocket would serve us better as that on the first turn or so it would give us roughly 3 templates to fire off at the enemy, thus killing more than the extra rank or so of Stormvermin. The plan with them is to essentially hide them slightly off-center of the Bell unit which would provide cover or perhaps screen with a Great Eagle for the first couple of turns. We just need them to have 2 ranks left after combat as they would essentially just hammer for the Bell unit.

Can a Grey Seer even take the Doom Rocket? If not, then it would be better if we did add a couple of ranks to the Stormvermin and perhaps my spearmen.

*Also a side note, with the setup we have we are guranteed to win the Watchtower scenario if we get into -as long as a bell doesn't crumble it first :D.

04-10-2010, 05:24
Is it better to take a Bell and a Furnace both? Or is just a Bell fine?