View Full Version : lizard men at 2k, what next?

02-10-2010, 09:45
now at the moment i have a strong 1500 list with a slaan, engine of the gods, 20 temple guard, 30 saurus and ten skinks who are for slaan mind razoring. but i need to get upto 2k soon and was wondering what to add?
so far for a 2k list i came up with:
slaan focused rumination, focus of mystery, bsb war banner (lore of life) 350
20 temple guard, full command, banner of discipline 370
24 skinks, 2 kroxigors (have to buy) full command 252
skink preist, engine of the gods acient stegadon 355
31 saurus full command 402
2 salamanders (have to buy) 150
total 1480

that leaves me 20 points for a magic item or a few extra skinks or something similar any suggetsions on what to improve on this list and should i get the skink krox unit and the sallies?

02-10-2010, 12:41
I think adding the 2 salamanders and the skrox unit is the right way to go for with the extra 500 points. You should also try to take the magic item that gives your priest a 2+ ward save versus the first wound he suffers. This should be quite useful for saving him form the first cannon he gets hit with. The second one will still kill him, but you bought him a turn.

Your unit of saurus warriors seems a bit large. I'd try to drop it down a few points and take a unit of chameleon skinks to help with warmachines.

02-10-2010, 19:22
which preistdo you mean? because slaan get a 2+ vs shooting item for 25 points i think, and i dont care about theskink much TBH.
not such a fan of chameleon skinks myself and i havent played many warmachines yet (altough i am still learning the rules atm) but if you think cham skinks are worth it i might try some, but how many do you reccomend.
also on the saurus, i had two blocks of 18 but they lost out on res and killing power so i was thinking a 6 by 5 block would have plenty of res, although 24 would give me some spare point tpo spend on an extra few skinks and krox or some chameleon skinkies.