View Full Version : 2,000pts Dark Elf Goodness. (Or is that Badness?)

02-10-2010, 12:41
Had a good discussion with some guys I know who are into the tournament scene, and we all came up with a list i'd quite like to try. The biggest thing you'll notice is NO cauldron. I honestly don't think the benefits it grants really match up to its 200pts cost sadly, and as a BSB it is quite stationary. Anyway, here goes:

Level 4 with Talismand of Pres. and the sacrificial dagger.

Master with Pendant of khaleth, full mundane kit, lance, BSB, Dark peg.

20 warriors with shields and command

3 x 10 crossbowmen with shields and Musicians

20 black guard with command and ASF banner

2 x Cold one Chariots

5 shades with AHW

2 x War hydras

Just a few musings on the list: I'll most probably use Dark lore on the sorceress. Even if the winds of magic are poor, I can probably still cast every single spell I roll. I'm also a BIG fan of peggy heroes in this edition, he's a great small unit hunter and character sniper, and can deliver the LD rerolls where he needs them with his fly move. Plenty of crossbows are also the key in this edition, and they also provide a good annoyance role, as the opponent if going to have to hunt down 3 separate units. I'm a bit undecided about the chariots, I could instead have 6 CoK with the flaming banner.

So what do you guys think?

02-10-2010, 17:40
The list looks pretty solid, but I would definitively make room for at least two units of five Harpies. While a bit slower these days, the new rules for skirmishers have made them a lot better for redirecting, as the enemy now have to align to them. Nothing is more annoying than having your deathstar chasing Harpies the whole game...