View Full Version : Potential Starter 1k Brettonian Army

02-10-2010, 15:02

I was wondering how good this list would be if I bought the following items:

1 brettonian battalion
1 box of pegasus knights
1 bsb hero
1 lord


duke - barded warhorse, shield, lance, wizarding hat
paladin - bsb, barded warhorse

20 men at arms - halberds, full command
16 peasant archers - fire arrows, musician

8 knights of the realm - full command

4 pegasus knights - standard, champion

02-10-2010, 18:01
wait for the new book, bretts got boned by 8th ed.

02-10-2010, 19:53
Yeah just wait for the army book, you will maybe start bret in 2013 :D, just look at the dark eldar codex since when do we say it's for next year (well ok now it is realy this year but .......).

@ dude: Oh you realy think that bret are so weak in 8th, I think your rigth after all they just maybe have the only cavalery left in the game that can have enough rank to cancel steadfast and so break a unit first turn, they have the trebuchet, pegasus are even better with stomp attack and can flee rally, fire arrow to cancel regen............ . Go get a look at once bitten batrep he is pretty good in 8th and is not bad general at all.

Don't take your opinion like a divine truth, at least should you explain why they have taken a little beaten with the charge rules to Friendly.

@ friendly: Your list just need a caster for protection. I would take the lord out and get a lv 2 and some more troops (maybe a trebuchet). There not much you can change in your list since at 1k point you already have like 25% points on the bsb and KOR.

Brett are still a great army to play and realy colorful have fun with it.