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02-10-2010, 21:56
Zup :D. Planning on adding to my khorne armies in my collection. After I bought my Khorne daemons and world eaters, I went a bit khorne mad and was thinking of finishing off the set of khorne armies with WoC. Under the fluff restrictions, no sorcerers, and because Iím trying to mirror my World eaters as much as possible, no marauders. So, here it is;

Chaos lord w. Juggernaught, Sword of bloodshed, Helm of Many eyes, Stream of corruption = 380

Exalted Hero w. MOK, Juggernaught, Ether blade = 220
Exalted Hero w. MOK, Juggernaught, Obsidian Blade = 220
Exalted BSB w. Shield, Talisman of Preservation = 185

24 Chaos warriors w. Command, Rapturous standard, MOK, ADW, Shields (6x4 or 8x3, havenít decided yet :p) = 488
12 Chaos warriors w. Command, Halberds, MOK (6x2) = 252
12 Chaos warriors w. Command, Halberds, MOK (6x2) = 252

7 Chaos knights w. MON , Command, Banner of Rage = 445

Total = 2,402

Lord with the Knights, BSB with the big unit of warriors in the centre, 2 heroes in the 12 warrior flankers for charging out or lending some punch (or even reforming for 3 ranks)

Its not gonna be a game winner, but I think its alright for the restrictions Iíve set. And it wont cost a bomb either (converting the heroes and lord out of blood crushers and 3 knights and putting lances on flank warriors with others from friends knights sprues who opt for Ensorcelled weapons ever time) Besides, Iím bored of using daemons all the time.

So, whydah think?


02-10-2010, 22:02
Wether it will be powerful enough or not to ignore magic doesn't really matter. I love Jugg models enough to say I love it. I'm doing a more competitive khorne army (yes with socerors) but my bsb is going on a jugg just due to the amazing model. Love it :)

Evil Hypnotist
03-10-2010, 08:14
Wow, very powerful. The ADW and MoK combo on warriors is awesome. Kudos on sticking to the theme to, Karnath would be proud! :D

Personally though, I would drop the Heroes for another unit, perhaps Chosen, although I understand that would kinda defeat the object here lol. Also dropping their magic weapons for a unit of warhounds to take on war machine crews might be serve you better, your flank units with heroes will be too slow and won't get the points back if you end up using them to get round the back.

03-10-2010, 08:38
I could drop the magic weps on the exalteds, I just liked the idea of having identical armour negating charecters. And the only downside to ADW MOk is that i still only get one bloody supporting attack!!!. Thats still 25 attacks in the front rank, and then 6 in the second, so 31 attacks is pretty mean from WS5, S5 warriors

Fox Of 9
03-10-2010, 13:21
hey thesheriff. To be honest i dont see anything particularly wrong with the list. Well that you cant correct without uining the theme of the army. But The slow pace of it could occasionally be a problem but then you have got that nasty cav unit that will be tough to stop. So i Guess this post was pretty pointless. Any wau hope it works well. Good Luck.