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03-10-2010, 05:27
Yesterday I finally got another game of WHFB, after a furious couple of weeks of 40k gaming...

I get another crack at Jojo's Skaven, this time using my McDonald City Guard Empire Army. We shall be playing at 2000 points, in preparation for a local tourney which I unfortunately will not play in, as I am one of the organizers...still, a good chance to try out my list at 2000 pts...

My List

Arch Lector Fernando on a war altar, Heavy armor + shield, Hammer of might

Captain Sylvester - BSB with Armor of Meteoric Iron, Biting blade, Ironcurse Icon
Shawn the Magus - Level 2 Fire Mage, with Staff of Sorcery (Fireball, Fulminating Flame Cage)

30 Halberds of Sigmar - Halberdiers with Std and musician
detachment of 10 Swordsmen

30 Spears of Sigmar - Spearmen with Std and musician
detachment of 9 Free company militia

19 Bronze spearmen - spearmen with Std and musician
detachment of 5 archers

5 archer detachment for the Greatswords

22 Guards of Sigmar - 22 Greatswords with Std and musician
1 Great cannon
2 mortars
5 Youth of Sigmar - Pistoliers with outrider champion

"Big Mac" - Steam Tank

Jojo's 13th Legion of Plague

1 Grey seer on a Screaming Bell - dispel scroll, 1 warpstone token (Bless with Filth, Wither, Vermintide, Plague, 13th Spell)

1 Chieftain BSB - Heavy armor, shield, Warlock augmented weapon
1 Plague Priest - Plague censer (Pestilent breath, Cloud of corruption)

40 Clanrats - full command (pushes the bell)
poison wind mortar
20 Stormvermin - full command
poison wind mortar
20 slaves - slings
20 slaves - slings
4 Rat swarms

20 Plague monks - full command
4 Rat Ogres and 2 Packmasters
6 Plague censer bearers
5 Gutter runners - slings

1 Warp Lightning Cannon

Sparse terrain was rolled, with only 5 pieces on the board. The scenario was Meeting engagement, and Jojo got to deploy first.....his Plague priest, 1 slave unit, plus the censer bearers will come off board......with the gutter runners ambushing.......and he then sets up his units, making sure none are within 6" of the Sinister dragon statue....

My deployment sees the War altar, the cannon, plus the halberd unit walking in during my turn......I deploy 1 archer unit in the church building....and then vanguard move my pistoliers to his extreme left flank!!!

Deployment (including the pistolier's vanguard move)....

I try to steal the initiative, but fail....

Skaven turn 1

The slaves and censer bearers emerge from reserves and sandwich the pistoliers, while the Plague priest tries to catch up to the unit of plague monks...everything else moves forward, with the plague monks and rat ogres making strong moves to flank the empire left.....

Magic sees the bell ring "Unholy Clamour", and the entire unit moves forward an additional 4 inches, with the effect that the Bell now neatly blocks the Warp lightning cannon's LOS to the Steam Tank. Most spells are out of range, and the additional dispel dice from the AL ensures nothing is case effectively, with the exception of Vermin tide, which falls waaay short of the empire lines....

Shooting sees everything targetted at the archers in the church, as the rest of the empire units were out of range, and the church itself blocked the WL cannon's LOS to the other empire units (I purposedly set it up that way).....however, only 2 archers fall, and the BSB nearby causes them to stay put....

Empire turn 1

The Arch lector, halberdiers come in, with the swordsmen rushing to be close to it's parent unit. "Big Mac" finds out that 4 steam points is enough to make it charge the plague monks, and it crashes into the skaven unit. The sandwiched pistoliers have no choice but to charge the skaven slaves in front of it. The cannon joins the mortar battery, it's crew preparing the machine to fire the next turn. Besides that there is minimal movement as the empire machines and archers prepare to shoot....

Magic proves to be unenventful, with the exception that the Grey Seer was forced to use the dispel scroll in order to counter the Net of Amyntok cast with 5 dice on the Screaming Bell and it's unit....

Shooting proves to much more decisive. The archers miss everything, but 1 mortar lands spot on and kills 16 Clanrats, and causes 1 wound on the Bell! The other mortar scatters from the same unit, and the round lands right on the nearby slave unit, killing enough for a panic check, which the slaves pass.

Combat sees the pistoliers fluff spectacularly, as they only kill a slave with the loss of 1, and combat is a draw!!! Both units them do combat reforms. The steam tank rolls poorly for the impact hits, but kills some monks without suffering a wound, and the combat is a draw!!

End of turn 1 for both sides, with the Empire mortar crews proving to be extra sharp for the entire game....

Skaven turn 2

The Rat ogres gleefully charge into the flank of "Big Mac", while the frenzied plague censers charge the rear of the pistoliers....the gutter runners fail to ambush....

The other slave unit and rat swarms march forward, approaching the church. The Bell and Stormvermin move forward towards the massed empire center, and the Plague priest continues to huff and puff forward....

Magic sees a Wall of unholy sound rolled, although 1 rat dies due to the magical feedback. The Rat Ogres and Plague monks get an additional attack versus the Steam Tank!!! However, the rest of the magic phase sees nothing happening, as the low power dice roll enables the empire to dispel everything.

Shooting sees 1 poison wind mortar explode, and take out several stormvermin as well. The other mortar kills another archer in the church, while the WL cannon hits the War altar, but due to the Ward Saves no wounds were caused...

Combat sees the pistoliers wiped out, with the loss of 1 censer bearer...both the slaves and the PCB reform.....

More importantly, despite the extra attacks from the Bell, the Plague monks and Rat ogres do NO wounds to the Steam Tank, as T10 as well as the 1+ save proves equal to the task!!!

End of skaven turn 2....the pistoliers are neutralized, but the Steam Tank is scratched but not wounded!!!

Empire turn 2

The halberdiers and the swordsmen crash into the exposed Rat ogre's left flank, while the AL moves backwards away from the skaven center. In anticipation of the gutter runners, the militia and the bronze spears turn to face outwards on each side, while the greatswords slowly move towards the center.

Magic sees the Fire mage fluff his casting attempts, and everything is dispelled.

Shooting sees the empire war machines put in another round of sterling work. The cannon blows the Screaming Bell into pieces, as the grey seer scrambles down and joins the clanrat unit. The mortars then proceed to pound the unit accurately, and in the end only 2 ranks remain from what was a unit of 40 clanrats..the archers continue to miss the last poison wind mortar though...

Combat sees "Big Mac" grind more plague monks while it's paintwork continues to only get scratch marks from the Skaven units, while 1 packmaster dies for the loss of 3 swordsmen. The plague monks break and flee, frenzy beaten out of them, but the Rat Ogres roll a 3 on it's break test, and hold!!!

End of empire turn 2..The Skaven right flank and center are crippled due to the empire shooting and counterattack

Skaven turn 3

The gutter runners finally arrive and ambush from the empire table edge, but are daunted by the empire units facing the flanks and thus emerge some distance away.....

The plague monks rally, and receive a boost as the plague priest joins them. They lose 1 monk though as the dragon statue comes to life and breathes magical fire on them....

The rat swarms rush into the church and attempt to swamp the last archers inside. The Grey seer cowardly leaves the clanrats and joins the stormvermin unit, thus the clanrats are not able to charge into the swordsmen's flank.

The PCB and other slave unit march in order to join the main line...

The magic phase sees the Grey seer exact revenge as he successfully casts Plague on the Greatswords, reducing them in half!!! Luckily the spell ends and does not infect nearby units!!! The greatswords do not panic and continue to be ready to fight.

Shooting sees the poisoned mortar have it's shot scatter onto the rat swarms..luckily no wound was caused. The WL cannon only manages to get a s2 shot onto the empire spearmen, and only 1 falls.

Combat sees the rat swarms consuming the last archers in the church, and the unit reforms....the empire and rat ogres fail to hit/wound each other, and the Rat ogres roll 2 1's and refuse to break!!!

The Skaven regroup as the Grey seers finally manages to cast a spell, as the Rat Ogres refuse to quit fighting!!!!

Empire turn 3

The AL decides to be an exterminator and the War Altar charges into the Rat swarms....

With the gutter runners in play the empire units guarding the war machines move up in order to reinforce the other units up front.

Magic sees the Skaven failing to dispel the Net of Amyntok, which is cast on the Grey seer/BSB/Stormvermin unit, and the AL also casts Hammer of Sigmar on himself.

Shooting sees the war machine crews tiring, as the cannon jams and will cost it's crew and extra turn to clear, 1 mortar misses the gutter runners, while the other scatter away from the clanrats, yet still managing to reduce the unit down to 5 models....

With shooting failing a bit, the McDonald City Guard get ready to do things the old fashioned way, in combat. The War altar and arch lector cause enough wounds to remove 2 full bases of rat swarms, while the steam tank and state troops kill off 3 rat ogres, with the swordsmen running down the unit after....

The empire baseline units move in order to reinforce the center and left flanks....while the job gets done in the close combat phase...

Skaven turn 4

Despite their losses the Skaven do not give up, as the Plague monks/priest charge "Big Mac", The last clanrats charge the flank of the WA, and the gutter runners charge the militia (who flee), then redirecting into the spearman unit. The rushing slave unit and censer bearer fail a long charge versus the bronze spears, while the other slave unit enters the church.

Magic phase is again successfull for the Skaven, as the Grey seer manages to overcome the Net of Amyntok and get the 13 spell off with irresistable force, and 11 halberdiers are slain by their unit mates as they transform into clanrats! The halberdiers do not panic and hold. And in our excitement we forgot to roll on the miscast table!!!

Shooting sees the last poison wind mortar explode. The WL cannon then starts a chain where it manages to get a successful shot out, only to roll a msifire for the bounce...this will occur all the way until the last turn...

Combat sees the plague priest finally causing a wound on the Steam Tank. The gutter runners kill 3 spearmen, and then are all skewered by 3 ranks of spears. The clanrats and rat swarms all focus versus the Arch Lector, and he takes 2 wounds!!!

The Skaven aren't finished yet, as they desperately counterattack while the Grey Seer summons the powers of the Horned rat and cast Magic to turn the tide!!!

Empire turn 4

The swordsmen charge into the plague monks, while the spearmen charge the flank of the clanrat unit. The greatswords assault the slaves in the church, as the militia rally.

Magic sees the skaven use up all it's dice dispelling the Net of Amyntok as well as Soulfire, and thus the AL was able to cast the Healing Hand and recover all his wounds!!!

Shooting sees the mortars fire on the Stormvermin, and the unit gets reduced to 1 rank, but continue to hold!!!

HTH sees the swordsmen succumbing to the fumes from the plague priest, and they get wiped out after the combat!! "Big Mac" however keeps the Skaven unit in place, and continues to grind down more monks...

The Greatswords cause horrendous casualties to the slaves inside the church, but due to being steadfast and within 12" of the Grey seer they do not break and thus repulse the empire elites!!!

In the final combat the Rat swarm is finally wiped out, and the clanrats break and flee successfully away from the spearmen and War Altar.

The Skaven center is crumbling apart

Skaven turn 5

The Stormvermin finally decide to get stuck in and charge the AL/WA, while the PCB and slaves again fail to charge the bronze spears. The clanrats rally and turn to face the spearmen...

The winds of magic blow poorly, and no Skaven spell gets through..

Shooting from now on is non existent for the skaven......as the WL cannon continues to go pfffttt....

In hth, the last few plague monks and the priest finally cause another wound on "Big Mac"...

Arch Lector Fernando challenges, and the Skaven BSB accepts.....the resulting combat sees the BSB take a wound, with none caused on the AL in return...

Empire turn 5

The Spearmen again charge the rallied clanrats, while the halberdiers charge into the Plague monks...the greatswords try again and charge into the church....

Magic sees Briona's Time Warp cast irresistably on the halberdiers, with no miscast roll since the spell came from the WA.

Shooting sees a mortar kill a plague censer bearer, while the other mortar kills off slaves (who hold). The cannon ball sends a dud round into another censer bearer, as I roll a 1 to wound....

Combat has the Stank and Halberdiers grind and hack down the last of the Plague monks, and the Plague priest breaks but evades capture by the halberdiers.

The spearmen cause the clanrats to again flee. but this time they reform and face the Stormvermin's flank instead of pursuing.

The Greatswords and BSB finally get the job done and kill the last of the slaves in the church, but not before losing 1 greatsword....they then proceed to occupy the building.

Finally the Arch lector hacks down the Skaven chieftain to bring the challenge to a close.

End of turn 5 The City Guard have broken through the center and the left flanks, and are proceeding to mop up...

Skaven turn 6

The Slaves charge the greatswords in the church, while the PCB attempt to charge the bronze spears and fail again!!! The Plague priest rallies, while the clanrats continue fleeing...

Magic sees the Grey seer again cast the 13th spell, and the militia unit is turned all into clanrats!!!

Combat has the slaves butchered by the entrenched Greatswords. We mistakenly let the slaves flee, as the correct rule was that they get repulsed only....

The AL again challenges, but this time the Skaven refuse, and the champion slinks off...however, the AL is wounded and another stormvermin falls, and combat continues...

Cornered Skaven are the most dangerous, as the Grey seer manages to transform the entire militia unit into clanrats!!

Empire turn 6

The Spearmen charge the flank of the Stormvermin, "Big Mac" chances it and successfully generates 4 SP, enough to charge into the Plague priest, while the Bronze spears finally oblige the PCB and charges into them.

The winds of magic are poor and no spells are successfully cast.

Shooting has the mortars and the archers reduce the cursed militia into half, and the cannon does not fire to avoid misfire.

Combat has Big Mac crush the Priest into pulp, and the Stormvermin cause another wound on the AL before breaking and avoiding being run down by the spearmen and War Altar. The Bronze spears regret their decision to charge the PCB as several succumb to the fumes and flails of the PCBs, who only lose 1, and then get run down by the frenzied Skaven....

Despite the loss of the Bronze spears the Empire clearly win the field from the Skaven

The scores are totalled and it is a clear Empire victory!!!!! (I just do not remember if I scored double that of Jojo's VP, but it was close to double at least....)...Great and bloody game Jo! Never say die!!

In the end Skaven deployment was his undoing, as I felt he spread his units too far apart for them to mutually support each other. As such I was able to deal with his army piecemeal.

My units of the match were definitely the Stank as well as the War machines. The Stank's resilience was amazing as it withstood all the attacks from the frenzied Plague monks and Rat Ogres with barely a scratch!!! The War machines were terrific early on, and they definitely removed the skaven numerical superiority. The State troops also performed well, and I have learned that it always pays to have some form of reserve unit behind in order to reinforce a key point of the battleline, something the empire can afford to do since the troops are cheap.

For Jojo's Skaven definitely it was the Grey Seer and the Plague and 13th Spell! His War machines/weapon teams sucked big time in this game, but then again the tables could be easily reversed the next time we play.

The McDonald City Guard thus successfully cleanse the lands of Talabecland of the Skaven Menace, this time....

04-10-2010, 17:50
I felt the skaven deployment wasn't too bad, but your army was certainly in a strong position.

"and the cannon does not fire to avoid miscast." Boo! Coward! ;)

Thanks for the report :)

04-10-2010, 22:54
I felt the skaven deployment wasn't too bad, but your army was certainly in a strong position.

"and the cannon does not fire to avoid miscast." Boo! Coward! ;)

Thanks for the report :)

oops...misfire I meant...wasn't worth it just to kill a couple of slaves, as the unit already passed it's panic check from the mortar shot...

05-10-2010, 07:22
Nice win, well played game :)

I love that church model, did you make it yourself or did you buy it?

05-10-2010, 07:29
Nice win, well played game :)

I love that church model, did you make it yourself or did you buy it?

Not far from where I live is a bargain mall that sells a lot of this stuff as christmas decor...dirt cheap around 4-5 USD per piece....I have a few other pieces but I like this particular church the best...

05-10-2010, 07:41
Cool, it looks great, nice buy :)