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03-10-2010, 14:13
I hope this list is allowed, do you have any suggestions to minor changes while keeping the focus on Wights and Wraiths?

1500 point Vampire count

Wight King(G) 117p
Skeletal steed with barding, ,luckstone,Lance,potion of speed

Wight King(BSB) 120p
Skeletal Steed with barding

Necromancer 95p
Dispel scroll, +1 spell(not rise dead)

Necromancer 70p
+1 spell(not rise dead)

20 Grave Guards(FC) 315p
Banner of the Barrows

5 Black Knights(standard,musician) 179p

4 Cairn Wraiths(inc Banshee) 225p

20 Skeleton Warriors(FC) 205p
War banner

19 Skeleton Warriors(FC) 172p

Army total 1498 p

If not possible to play without a vampire I suppose the Wight General could be replaced

Or how would you suggest a Wight wraith based army for 2000 points?

Personally if going by this list Id add this and some other stuff for the remaining points

Royal standard of strigos for black knights

4 Black Knights

1 Cairn Wraith

Some kind of standard for the skeletons

03-10-2010, 14:16
One thing that strikes me immediately is that you'll face some problems with your units being unable to march if they're more than 12'' away from your leading Wight King at the start of the turn. You'll either have to play it in a very compact way or risk having part of your army delayed. If you'll be sticking with your plan regardless, the Standard of Hellish Vigour can mitigate this for one of your units. Also make sure that your Necromancers are packing Vanhel's Danse Macabre to increase your movement rate.

03-10-2010, 14:46
Ah good so I'm not completely without movement(was considering if it only was vampires and wasn't to sure if i was allowed a king as G)

Might you know if for the additional spells the necromancers can get another spell than the 3 to chose from for the first?

like for instance Vanhel's Danse Macabre and Gaze of Nagash?

Else Vanhel's Danse Macabre and VN will be the choises for both of them(Zombies might have their use, but they're amoung the units i'd prefeer not to include which is why i'm not interested in raise the dead)

03-10-2010, 17:01
The army special rules page in the VC army book simply states that units within 12'' of the General will be able to march, with no importance in what kind of character it actually is. Naturally it'd be a Vampire of some kind under the 7th edition rules, but not so anymore. :)

Necromancers can only pick their spells from the ones that are labelled as Necromancy Spells unfortunately, and those spells are the old trio of Invocation of Nehek, Raise Dead and Vanhel's Danse Macabre.

04-10-2010, 00:50
Unfortunately for 1500 that list is over the 25% limit for heroes by 27 points. Dropping the steed & barding on one of the wights will get you close.

For 2000 I'd get more skeletons until you're at min core. Then make the knights 10 strong and add one wraith as you mentioned. For the skeletons take the war banner. That would leave you 200ish points which I'd use to bump up the GG unit by 10.

17-10-2010, 20:23
i'm pretty sure the vamp has to be the general, but if u want him wight-ish, then make him ethereal, and use the chaos lord in bone armour model

17-10-2010, 21:29
According to Army Builder a Wight King can't be the general. I don't play VC so I can't be sure tho.