View Full Version : High Elves 1250 Starter

03-10-2010, 15:48
Hey guys, since the new models are finally out I can pick some up relatively soon and continue to get my army going.

Just wanted to get your thoughts on a 1250 starter army I'm thinking of using as a base to learn the game and army. Here's what I'm going for.

Mage, lvl2, Silver Wand 145
Mage, lvl2, Seerstaff: 165

32 Spearmen, FC: 313
15 Phoenix Guard, FC, BoS: 305
10 White Lions, FC: 180
Lion Chariot: 140

Comes to 1248 points, Exactly 50% of 1250 on Special.

So obviously, the negatives to this army are: No standard bearer, No shooting units, and maybe it's just me, but not many models. I decided to take another Mage over the BsB, mainly because the regular setup costs 168 points, putting me literally 1 point over the 25% limit... Shooting units for High Elves I don't see the strength in. Archers? Meh, same with Sea Guard. Not fond of taking a Bolt Thrower either. Hoping my magic can augment my lack of shooting.

And yeah, doesn't seem like a whole ton of models. I originally thought of taking 20PG, but wanted to have some more flexibility and 15 seems fin to me in a lower point game.

With the Lion Chariot and White Lions, I feel that I've got somewhat of a punch where needed, as both can dish out a lot of S5 or 6 attacks, and the spearmen make a solid Anvil.

On the Mages, I think I wold take Life on the Seerstaff mage, Shadow on the Wand mage.

Now that I look at the list, I'm definitely not sure about the two mages, and would consider a noble instead of a mage, if anyone has suggestions. I also felt the LC would be a better option than 5 Dragon Princes.

I feel like I still need to find the right balance between large enough units but enough variety.

Thoughts, comments, tactical advice is appreciated.