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03-10-2010, 16:08
Hello fellows,

Valkia has inspired me to start a Warriors of Chaos army, as she has no doubt done with many others. I've got the beginnings of an army going (and Valkia herself is complete but unpainted), but before I fork over the dough, I'd like your advice on an army list. I'd like to hold my own in a tournament, and win my fair share of friendlies. If those are met then I'm happy with the army. Of course, I'd be thrilled to bring a tournament-winner to the table, but who wouldn't?

The general must be Valkia (duh). I want to take as much advantage of her EOTG special rule as I can. It's also a rule unique to WoC, so it just feels right. Lastly, the Mark of Khorne should be dominant in the army.

Here is a list I've been kicking around for your perusal:


Lv 2 Sorc, MoT, Spell Familiar

18 Warriors, MoK, Halbs, Standard
20 Warriors, MoT, Shields, Standard <--Sorc goes here

18 Chosen, MoK, Shields, Halbs, Standard, Champion with Favour of the Gods
5 Knights, MoK


And this comes out to be pretty much 2K. Do you have any suggestions on the competitiveness of this list? Also, do you have suggestions on how to expand this to 2.5 and 3K?

If anyone would like to see Valkia, she is in the Modelling and Painting forum at:


03-10-2010, 21:15
Cool Valkia model!

05-10-2010, 12:59
i would drop the knights and one tzeench warrior (so the tzeench block is a solid 20) and pick up a horde of GW marauders with the MoK. they have an incredible amount of damage output.

05-10-2010, 15:06
Looking to build a similar Valkia based Army. Can't really argue about competitiveness, but I'm running a full Khorne army at 1k atm, and coming out at about 50% win/loss, and really not hurting too badly for the lack of Magic.

I'm personally finding that Chosen aren't really worth the extra points as Chaos Warriors are usually so good at what they do against what I'm coming up with, though I can see their appeal with Valkia and EOTG.

I'm contemplating the following:

Valkia the Bloody - 410
Exhalted Hero, Handweapon+Shield, Chaos Steed, MoK, Axe of Khorne BSB - 216
40x Marauders, GW, MOK, Full Command - 250
12x Chaos Warriors, MOK, Halberds, Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flames - 262
12x Chaos Warriors, MoK, Halberds, Full Command, Banner of Swiftness - 267
HellCannon - 205
Warshrine - 130
5x Chaos Knights, MoK & Musician + Champion - 260

At 2.5K, I'd consider building up to:
Lord: Valkia the Bloody - 410
Hero: Wulfrik the Wanderer - 185
Exhalted Hero, Handweapon+Shield, Chaos Steed, MoK, Axe of Khorne, BSB - 216
20x Marauders,Flails, MOK, SB, Musician - 142
40x Marauders, GW, MOK, SB, Musician - 242
12x Chaos Warriors, MOK, Halberds, Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flames - 262
12x Chaos Warriors, MoK, Halberds, Full Command, Banner of Swiftness - 267
HellCannon - 205
5x Marauder Horsemen, Javelins - 70
5x Marauder Horsemen, Javelins - 70
Warshrine - 130
6x Chaos Knights, MoK & Musician + Champion - 300

If you're keen on sticking with your current set up, only problem I think you'll come across if you drop the Knights is your ability to move quickly along flanks. Yes your Marauder GW unit can put out a lot of attacks, but they'll also be getting shot up something awful, say against an Empire or Dwarf gunline.

The Knights with MoK remain killy enough to scare, and usually distract from your cheaper but more killy units (Chaos Warrior Halberds for example)

Don't see any issue with running your Sorc with your warriors as you can always run them 7x3 for 21 models in total.

05-10-2010, 15:17
Knights vs. Marauders is a really tough call. For 5 Knights with MoK I could get 40 GW Marauders with MoK....wow, 40 :P. The Marauder block is definitely more resilient, with 8 times the wounds, but the Knights are far more maneuverable. Although, if I absolutely need some maneuverability, I've got a flying Valkia.

I already own the Knights, so that's what I'll be running for now. But that Marauder block sounds good enough to warrant a purchase.

I agree that Chosen are probably not worth the points upgrade from Warriors, but since this is an EOTG themed army, and I REALLY want a Chosen Retinue for Valkia, we should assume they're going to stay in.

How do those small units of marauder horsemen with javelins work out for you? It seems like they're too small to even reliably put one wound on something :)

05-10-2010, 15:29
I've yet to fully test the Marauder Horsemen, as it's a recent introduction based mainly of reacting to armies in my local gaming group. I find I regularly go up against Skirmishers/Fast Cavalry, and while I can pound for pound outkill any block unit without breaking a sweat, as soon as it comes to pinning units like those down, I struggle as they just skip out of my charge arcs. The Marauder Horsemen's role is to primarily shut those types of unit's down.

If you're not sure about how effective a horde would be, I'd also suggest dropping your 18xChaos Warriors with Halberds in favour of marauders. They'd be just as choppy, with slightly worse WS, but still Str 5. Thing to bear in mind is if you're running as a Horde, 10 wide, average enemy with would need to be at least 8 models wide to get all in combat, so often a lot of attacks will be wasted..

Benefit I find of running mixed Horde/Chaos Warriors/Knights is that all 3 of them are pretty brutal in CC, so my opponent often struggles with shooting priority, meaning that usually 2 of the 3 get into CC unscathed and then proceed to violate their enemy.

05-10-2010, 15:35
I'd add musicians in every unit that can get one. The free reform they may make with one alone is worth the points. Add a champion to the unit your sorcerer is in to protect him at least one round from challenges against nasty enemy characters. I'd give him the Enchanted Shield and the Biting Blade, too. Makes him more survivable and fightier which fits the Khorne theme. You could even try to squeeze in the Talisman of Protection to get a flat 5+ ward save for your sorcerer. You will have to drop a warrior or two to get the points for these changes.


05-10-2010, 19:25
I'm not worried about making the sorcerer more 'Khorne-y', since it is totally believable for a Tzeentch Sorcerer to join a Khornate warband to further his own inscrutable purposes. So long as he keeps killing things, I'm sure Valkia would be glad to have him. Can a Sorcerer take an Enchanted Shield? He does not have the option to take a normal shield, and I thought this stopped him from taking a magic shield as well.

It's really tough to make myself add anything more to Warrior units, since they're so damn expensive already, I'm always thinking "but they already cost 3XX points..." :P

I am considering dropping the Tzeentch Warriors for Marauders, just to go balls-out as killy as possible. But I already own an Empire army, so if I want lots of cheap troops in horde, then...I got it. One appeal of WoC is to play the best of the best infantry around.

06-10-2010, 08:53
Yes, you can give Chaos sorcerers a magic shield. It is in the army book and the FAQ.


06-10-2010, 14:34
I think it would be fluffy to take an unmarked caddy,lvl 1 dispel scroll,and simply not cast.
You could explain it in a similar way to 40k Null bubbles generated by untouchables and call something like "Anathemae," a magic sword is also nice but the enchanted shld gives him 2+ armour save,which is nice.

Warriors are much more points efficient than chosen and the FoTG can just go on an exalted.

Knights are poor and a points sink.

You really,really need a Bsb.Trust me on this one.

06-10-2010, 15:10
@eta: this is fantastic; my Sorcerer just improved his armour save by 2! :)

@dude: I know Warriors are more efficient than Chosen, but here I'm going to let my taste override efficiency. I want Chosen as a retinue for Valkia, and they're not TOO much more inefficient. Since I'm not going to a GT or anything like it, a little bit of inefficiency is OK.

Now that being said, I know I'm gonna regret not having a BSB. Now, is it worth dropping the sorcerer to get one? Where else could the points come from?